law-firm Does a Law Firm Need a Mobile App?

Beginning of the twenty-first century certainly will go down in history as the twilight of the mobile technology. The development of digital sciences has made possible the introduction of mobile applications into all spheres and sectors of human life. Today it is hard to imagine anyone who would not use mobile devices, such as a… Read more »

android-app-stores Best Alternative Android App Stores

Today, we move away a bit from our usual narrative and will cover a particular topic on one side – best app stores for android. We are always trying to talk about the technology or hardware (including software) platforms, weighing many factors that may affect the spread of described technology or its usage. That is,… Read more »

how-much-does-it-cost-to-build-an-app-with-react-native How Much Does It Cost to Build an App with ReactJS / React Native?

So, we’re continuing our little series of articles that lightens such a wonderful and popular JavaScript framework like ReactJS. It’s time to speak about the cost of reactjs development. In the previous article, we mentioned why this technology is in trend and gained a huge number of developers. But this time we would like to… Read more »

chatbot-app-development ChatBot App Development Explained

This article we would like to start with a small retreat. Have you ever thought about the role of speech in the life and evolution of mankind? People are social and therefore predisposed to conversations from birth. And that’s great because this way we can pass on our thoughts and feelings to each other, share… Read more »

smartwatch-applications Should You Consider Smartwatch Applications Development?

The success secret in the mobile application business lies in quick response to new trends not only in the market itself but also in the field of electronic technology in general. Every year manufacturers release new models of smartphones, improving not only their technical characteristics but also the possibilities of the software, each time giving… Read more »

choose-reactjs-for-your-project Top Reasons to Choose ReactJS for Your Project

Have you ever noticed how often now technologies and development methods are changing? How quickly are new frameworks and libraries releasing and gaining popularity? Especially when talking about web development, because at the moment it is the most rapidly growing sector. We believe that you have heard about React JavaScript framework, a free library from… Read more »

raspberry-pi Raspberry Pi Smart Home Solution

When our developers Andrew and Nazar had ran into smart home topic, they’d decided to sort out the activation of various electric appliances with the use of a cellular phone. Their idea was to find an easy to use and a fun way, so they’ve chosen the Raspberry Pi. Paspberry Pi is a British developed credit… Read more »

hotel-booking-application How to Make a Hotel Booking Application?

Imagine that you are on a business trip, accidentally stuck in some remote place, where locals do not speak at least English. You need a place to spend the weekend and stay in a hotel. How to do it the easiest way? Or consider another situation: you are the owner of a small (or large)… Read more »

reactjs-or-vuejs ReactJS vs VueJS: Which Framework to Choose for Development?

For many software development companies, the question of choosing development environments for their products is very acute. The problem of selecting libraries and frameworks is generally a quite complicated subject. Often various suppliers offer products really similar in their properties and contents, and to make the more or less weighted decision, long and hard study… Read more »

instagram-features Instagram Features You Might Need in Your App

After long meditations on the subject of this article (to start it most interesting, clear and at the same time unusual) we came to the conclusion that instead of opening remarks, we can write “new Instagram features” or simply Instagram. Today it will probably be hard to find someone who has never heard of Instagram…. Read more »

messaging-app How to Make a Messaging App?

5-10 years ago, you were able to see smartphones only in that-time geeks’ hands, and now we all strive to be more mobile and “always online” 24/7/365. The big push to that factor was given by all sorts of instant messengers, which later evolved to become mobile applications (due to the widespread use of mobile… Read more »