increase-user-engagement 5 Best Ways to Increase User Engagement

Application engagement In our blog, we discussed a lot of different topics that concerned the technical side of development. Also, we wrote about non-technical aspects such as promotion, design creation, deep linking and so on. It is the time to talk about the application engagements and ways to increase app engagement. But first things first…. Read more »

process-from-idea-to-application App Development Process: From Idea to Application

Process of developing an application In our articles, we try to indoctrinate our readers and clients with different aspects of our work. Whether it is more technical issues or questions related to the organization of the workflow or management, we try to go into all the important topics to keep our processes transparent and clear… Read more »

make-an-app-like-healthkit How to Build an App with HealthKit?

iPhone health app development In our turbulent time of rapidly developing technologies and speedy rhythm of life, we sometimes forget about the most important thing – about our health. It’s not surprising, because many of us spend most of our time at work, in vanity and emotional experiences (sometimes even stress) of various projects, business… Read more »

specification-document Does Your Project Require a Specification Document?

Do you need software specification for your project In our articles, we spend a lot of time on technical issues, because this is one of the main points and stumbling blocks in any technically complex project. Although why only in a complex one – in any project. This is due to the fact that often… Read more »

what-is-the-difference Wireframes, Mockups, Prototypes: What is The Difference?

Difference between wireframe, mockup, and prototype How often have you had to deal with such concerns as wireframes and mockups or even prototype vs wireframe? If you have ever tried to make your own application or discussed its creation, then I believe, that you have heard these expressions more than once. If not, but thinking… Read more »

app-like-shazam How to Make an App Like Shazam?

Music identification app development Today I would like to talk about the phenomenon of services which allow to identify and search for music. And also to touch such a topic as music identification app development. This topic does not lose its popularity, even if we take into account the fact that Shazam was founded 18… Read more »

material-design-vs-flat-design What’s the Difference: Flat Design vs Material Design

This topic caused a lot of controversies even within Erminesoft UI/UX design team. Material Design can be considered a concept, or a kind of philosophy that created numerous discussions about: “material vs flat” and “skeuomorphic vs flat design”. Why? This question will be answered in our today’s article. A bit of history Looking ahead, we… Read more »

idea-for-an-app First Things to Do If You Have an App Idea

I have an idea for an app “I have an idea for an app” – this is the most common introduction we hear from our clients. In fact, many companies are faced with situations when the client comes to them and says that he has an idea, but he does not know how to start… Read more »

do-you-need-a-landing-page Reasons to Build a Landing Page for Your App

Mobile application landing page We often talk about mobile development and applications, but much less about their promotion and marketing. Well, today, we will speak about mobile application landing page and what are landing pages used for. Let’s be honest, in our time it is quite difficult to surprise the buyer or user with something… Read more »

deep-linking Deep Linking in Mobile Apps

What is a deep link So, today we would like to talk about such phenomenon in mobile development as Deep Linking. This technique is not pretty new, but is rather progressive and developing. Remember this because we’ll discuss it later. This article will be useful for those who are interested in the creation of Android… Read more »

xamarin-vs-native-app-development Xamarin vs Native App Development: What to Choose?

The release of a new mobile application always is the result of long and laborious work, which is paid quite highly. In addition, the production of mobile applications is, perhaps, one of the riskiest types of business: there is always a chance that after the release the application would not recoup development costs due to… Read more »

reactive The Magic of Reactive Programming with RxSwift

First of all, let’s start with some explanations. There are dozens of concepts in nowadays programming emerging each week, and every single one promises some salvation. They all have their prophets while profits aren’t clear sometimes. So what is reactive programming, what benefits its adoption can bring to developers and projects and how does rxswift… Read more »