diet-application-development Diet App Development

We all know that modern world became much more intense than it used to be not so long ago. What that brings up is that there is a number of challenges, our current evolutionary state haven’t coped with yet. Some of them are health issues and today we’re going to look at an assistant, a… Read more »

how-many-hours-does-it-take-to-build-an-app How Long Does It Take to Make an App?

Probably this is the most common question: how long does it take to create an app? Or it’s another variation – how many hours does it take to build an app? But as much as this is a common question, so much it is difficult and complex. We often respond – what result do you… Read more »

music-streaming-app-like-spotify How to Make a Music Streaming App Like Spotify?

In this article, we want to talk about digital streaming music player and how to create a music app. Do you love listening to music? Most likely, the answer is yes, because who doesn’t like it, right? In our time, in all its diversity, probably everyone can find something to warm the soul and experience… Read more »

dedicated-project-team Dedicated Team Model: Is It the Right Choice?

Growing popularity of outsourced software development services leads to appearing of new business models. A dedicated team model was established by IT companies not long ago but immediately became popular in the world of outsourcing. In this article, we are going to analyze all aspects connected with this business model, especially pros and cons of… Read more »

mobile-apps-popular What Makes Mobile Apps Popular?

We often ask ourselves a question: what makes an app successful? And indeed, have you ever thought about the secret of the popularity of mobile applications? Let’s review the key points that lead to app success and what exactly makes users fall in love with your application.What makes mobile apps popular? That is today’s question…. Read more »

store-application-optimization-guide The Ultimate App Store Optimization (ASO) Guide

Digital technologies and mobile applications market today is one of the fastest growing and developing. To be successful, it is very important not only to create the high-quality and relevant product but also to closely monitor market trends. Very often it happens that a great mobile application, useful and necessary, the fruit of many months… Read more »

cost-to-market-an-app How Much Does It Cost to Market an App?

How much does it cost to promote an app, that is the question? The topic on the agenda – what expenses will be faced in the planning and promotion of your mobile application. We often hear such kind of questions, and as a company that loves its customers, we just could not pass our attention… Read more »

app-like-yelp How To Develop An App Like Yelp

So, the question on the agenda: how to build an app like yelp and how much does an app like yelp cost. In our blog we often love to confess, what is – to develop a particular application. More often than not, this category includes quite popular and powerful applications that could (to some extent,… Read more »

mobile-application-testing Mobile App Testing

In our articles, we often talk about the analysis and its priceless role in any project. And this the honest truth, almost 50% of the project’s success depends on the proper analysis and planning. Especially it concerns the timing and risks, which are calculated in advance and always laid at the very beginning of the… Read more »

crowdfunding Crowdfunding for Your App

Finally, we get to the one, perhaps the most discussed topic among startups and growing business – financing, or where to get the money. Specifically, today we would like to talk about not a quite standard method (especially for mobile development) – about crowdfunding. Some of our clients in their time have wondered about crowdfunding… Read more »

nda-for-mobile-applications-development Do You Need an NDA for Mobile App Development?

Protecting an intellectual property is a very important security measure, especially in such sphere of activities as the development of software. After all, in fact, an essential component of the application is not its code per se, but its idea as a whole. The idea of a new original mobile application can be a starting… Read more »

objective-c-vs-swift Epic Battle: Objective-C vs Swift

In modern days the objective с vs swift rivalry is growing quite savage. It is very understandable, since they both have their benefits and some developers grow confusion on how to choose a programming language for a project. First of all, there is no strict answer. There are factors and features, flaws and strong points,… Read more »