ar toolkit Augmented Reality Toolkit: AR Frameworks Comparison

Although the actual appearance of the “augmented reality” term dates back to 1990, it came into the habitual use relatively recently. In particular, one of the most memorable events for fans of high technology event was the release of Google Glass smart glasses in 2014, which is a kind of headset for smartphones based on… Read more »

validate app idea 7 Steps to Validate Your App Idea

Startup building is a complex problem with a plenty of work to be done, but first of all it requires sufficient durable preparation. It is essential because the app validation step is the most responsible moment in its creation, due to the seriousness of its possible consequences. The main rule of a project lifecycle states… Read more »

types of AR apps Types of Augmented Reality Apps

Augmented reality is a term, invented by the Boeing researcher Thomas Caudell back in 1990. Nevertheless, uses for augmented reality began appearing only recently. In particular, the most striking augmented reality examples include the fun game Pokemon GO, as well as futuristic Google Glasses. What does augmented reality mean? This concept is often confused with… Read more »

mobile app security How to Ensure Mobile App Security?

Mobile app security Mobile development is a rapidly developing area, which attracts more attention and users nowadays. Many companies develop or order applications for internal use to improve working processes and help employees be more efficient. And this entails some risks, but first, let’s look at the evolvement of the mobile market over the past… Read more »

perfect splash screen 5 Tips to Create a Perfect Splash Screen

As mobile development industry blooms much and much further, every day more developers face the problem of making their apps more attractive for users. There are many ways of doing so; one of them is, as many of us would probably guess, app design. Surely, it is one of the most important influencers that determine… Read more »

messaging app for business Does Your App Need to Have a Chat Feature?

Messaging app for business Messaging app for business – fact or fiction? Speaking globally, many successful projects have already developed their instant messengers, remember Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, Google, and others. Mobile messengers global audience As you can see from the global statistics, the most popular mobile messengers have practically passed the mark of 1,000 million… Read more »

programming languages 2017 Most Promising Programming Languages of 2017

Why do we need new programming languages? There are vast majority of those suited to every fancy. Many projects have been already developed in one of the most popular programming languages and a switch to the other one will require total code rewriting. So why do we need stay trendy and learn new languages? Let’s… Read more »

google play мы app store App Store vs Google Play

The mobile content industry is at the peak of popularity now; this fact cannot be disagreed. Mobile apps are core components of business development, actively affecting its success and profitability. Millions of users from around the world use mobile applications daily, and their number grows constantly. Consequently, the demand for mobile apps is also increasing…. Read more »

it outsourcing better than hiring developers Is IT Outsourcing Better Than Hiring Developers?

The issue of outsourcing is debated for years. For some companies, working with outsourcing software developers has become a common practice, for others, it is limited to single cases. Some companies have come to success constantly cooperating with outsourcers while creating applications and for others, such cooperation has ended with a sad experience. So what… Read more »

app-video-preview How to Make a Perfect App Video Preview?

App trailers The first thing that the App Store user sees today is the app preview, which is displayed before any screenshots and descriptions. This gives a chance to make a presentation of your application more attractive and enticing for customers. The video sends more “message” and allows you to give an overview more definite…. Read more »

imessage-application-development iMessage as a Platform for Application Development

In 2011 Apple released an iOS 5.0 operating system for their devices. Among other programs, the new operating system included iMessage, the instant messaging platform. iMessage gave iOS users the ability to send and receive text messages, videos, photos, exchange contacts and create group chats, as well as arrange mass mailings. However, a simple alternative… Read more »

app-development-for-the-smart-home HomeKit: App Development For The Smart Home

Apple home automation Have you heard anything about the concept of a smart home? Surely, after all, the development and improvement in this direction have been going on for a long time. Mankind is developing, striving to simplify routine tasks in order to gain a little more time for personal life. This is what many… Read more »