Every person thinks they are smart. Perhaps, even smarter than others. Quiz applications allow you to understand how smart you are in the game form and attract more and more users every day. However, does the genre determine the success of the game? Let’s figure out how to make an app like QuizUp and what is the key to its success.

A Few Words About Prospects

Traditionally, games in trivia genre remain very popular. Statistics for different countries and devices show that quizzes are consistently among the most downloaded apps, albeit inferior to arcades, puzzles, casuals, and other popular genres.

In support of trivia games, we can say that the demand for these games differs in enviable stability and constant demand of the audience, which is an indisputable advantage of trivia app development. In addition, the various topics of quiz questions allow you to refer these games not only to the genre of the quiz but also to other popular genres, such as, for example, puzzles. Still, in some countries, trivia is not less popular than other genres (statista.com, the most popular Android gaming app genres in the United Kingdom, June 2017):

What Is QuizUp?

QuizUp is not a new trivia app, but it’s undoubtedly one of the most popular and recognizable. It is an excellent example of how a successful technical solution can transform a beaten idea and give the world a wonderful application. The basis was laid down by a simple idea - to create an online quiz like “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?” The player is asked questions from different areas of knowledge with 4 options for an answer. Topics can be chosen by the user as there are many of them pre-installed in the app: famous brands, words, national flags, puzzles, movies, music, literature, etc. At the first entrance, you are offered to choose three topics while using the application these topics can be changed.

Social Element Value

Also, for the first time the application will require you to log in with such social networks as Google+ or Facebook (or create an account using the email address). This is necessary to realize the most important functions of the game - the social integration of players. The application allows you to make battles with friends and other players from all corners of the world in real time. And, of course, everyone can see your progress and achievements in the game as the app provides achievement badges for your avatar. The very search for the opponent is accompanied by a beautiful animation with the globe with the avatars of the players appearing, which further strengthens the users’ sense of “sociality” of the game. No wonder the creators of the application repeatedly called social integration the priority of the game.

How Did QuizUp Creators Manage It?

Another undeniable advantage of the game is the high response speed in comparison with other mobile apps similar to QuizUp. It would seem that the search for the opponent and the fight in real time should have left an imprint on the performance of the game, but everything works very smoothly and without failures. The QuizUp developers have acted very smartly: instead of organizing a battle with a real player, you will be shown the answers of your opponent, which they have given earlier in previous battles. Thus, the performance of the game does not suffer while players can enjoy the gameplay.

How to Develop Mobile Trivia App: Step-By-Step Guide

Step #1. Gameplay

While creating any game in any genre, it is very important to properly organize the gameplay. It determines the lion’s share of the app success because no matter how skillful the implementation of the game, without controlling the flow state, it will not become favorite among a large number of people. Game design is a kind of art, and if you want to learn more about it, we recommend to read the book “The Art of Game Design: A Book of Lenses” by Jesse Schell.

An example of the gameplay importance can be derived from the history of QuizUp. At the very beginning of the app existence, it was less popular than now, despite the fact it was based on the same questions and quizzes. The main difference between the original and the current version was the lack of a social element in the former, which was introduced with the upgrade in 2015. As a result, the game has gained considerable popularity, not least due to the fact that it was selected a top application by category in the iTunes store.

Step #2. Feature List

After you have decided on the gameplay, it is important to describe the functions of your future application and prioritize them. We can help by highlighting the main functions that are most often found in similar solutions. However, it is highly desirable that in your particular case, a professional, such as a business analyst, be involved in identifying requirements. This will help to avoid many mistakes (which, as is known, are the most expensive to correct) and additional costs in the initial stages of development and help to calculate a preliminary estimation of the cost to make an app like QuizUp.

What features you may need:

• Social media authorization

• User profile

• Statistics

• Quiz mode

• Search of opponent

• Topic selection

• Messaging

• Multiplayer mode

• Rankings, etc.

Don’t forget you need to prepare a base with questions for quizzes. The more diverse the subjects will be, the better.

Step #3. UI/UX Design

The design of the mobile startup in the case of games is particularly important. Your task is to make it appealing to users. Otherwise, the game can completely fail because the boring design will spoil the players’ feelings from the gameplay. When you build a design, it’s best not to make mistakes and invite professionals to help. This is exactly the stage that it is best to decide who will be involved in developing the design and functionality of the game: your own team or experienced developers from IT companies.

Step #4. Coding and Testing

It’s difficult to answer the question ‘how to develop mobile trivia app’ without knowing your unique list of functions. However, the features usually implemented in similar apps are not very difficult to code, especially for an experienced developer. Some difficulties can be caused by a multiplayer-game implementation and asynchronous search of opponents. Also, the complexity of the project’s business logic can affect the development difficulty and cost significantly.

It’s also should be noted that it’s best when coding and testing go hand in hand. Qualitatively tested app bring more value to the customer and, thus, is less tend to lose players.

Step #5. Launch and Marketing

Finally, your app is ready to launch, and your primary goal is to make sure that the end users know about the application. The market is oversaturated now, so use different ways to promote your product. As the QuizUp creator, Thor Fridriksson, says, it was his biggest mistake to think that if the product was good, it would get traction. The only things that helped him to finally reach the success were partnerships with strong marketing channels and viral mechanisms appliance (source: Mashable).

Summary: Trivia App Development

To sum up, trivia games are the promising genre to start a new app. The success fully depends on a viability of your unique idea. So, come up with a new breakthrough solution surefootedly and go right through the stages we outlined. Enjoy the ride!

How to Make an App Like QuizUp
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