Our company provides custom Android app development services for business, we offer Android app developers for hire.

Since its launch in October 2008, Android OS radically changed the situation in the applications market, opening up the new horizons for the promotion of goods and services. Right now, Android applications are a real necessity for almost every company, regardless of its scale. To the date, corporate mobile applications are the company’s ecosystem integral piece, as websites became in 1990th. Executives, homemakers and students - all are using the mobile applications.

We produce high-quality and well-thought Android smartphone and tablet applications for companies worldwide. Android applications are undoubtedly more flexible than mobile apps based on other platforms, as developers have more freedom when building applications.

At your request, we will create an application of any configuration for your needs:

• Native;

• Web;

• Hybrid.

We serve a complete design and development software cycle, including requirements gathering, architecture building, design, development, quality assurance (QA) and testing, up to deployment, maintenance, support, and update.

Android App Development Services

We develop stable and reliable applications with handy interfaces, easy to navigate and sleek. In addition, our company provides a possibility for the continued next application releases development after initial deployment.

An expert Android development team will create the design of any complexity, starting with simple games to complex business applications in full accordance with your needs. It consists of professional Android programmers and engineers. Based on the years of the development experience, our experts will study your needs and offer the best solutions within a reasonable time.

Used technologies: Retrofit, Realm, GreenDao, OrmLite, Integrated SIP Client, Gson, Google Volley, Picasso, Firebase, Google FCM, Joda Time, Android Annotation, Google Parse Geo data API, Google Fit API, XMPP (Smack), Parse SDK (deprecated), QuickBlox SDK, Backendless SDK, Unity 3D, SQLite, and more.

We are an American company providing the Android app development services. Thanks to our company’s highest HR standards, we hire Android developers, we invest heavily into their development, and we employ the most efficient practices to best solve our customer’s challenges. Contact us if you’re in market for Android application development or Android app development services. Let’ tame your wildest app idea.