Our team propositions UX design, web design and UI design services.

To explain a bit about the UI and UX design services, let’s dip a little into terminology.

UX design is the interaction experience development operation, which includes such components of the user experience: graphical design, content management, interplay layout, information architecture. In other words, the UX design can be imagined as an integrated way to look at user interaction with the interface, regardless of whether it is a custom web interface, a mobile application, browser-based game, or any other software product.

In the UX-design principles based interface development, an expert should take into the account maximally all the details of the algorithm construction – from the user environment and the software type to the input method and a visual information display to the usability.

UX design stages:

• Design strategy definition

Formulation of the targeted recommendations based on the constructive consultation, brand analysis, and task audit.

• Information planning

Audience and expansion goals analysis for the magnificent design style, simple and clear in the structure, creation.

• Interface design

Detailed conceptualization of all the key project elements to develop the purposeful intelligent interfaces.

• Interaction experience development

Proposition of the solutions to the user interaction promotion through responsive, intuitive and exciting interfaces for all the devices.

• Prototyping

Creation of the multiple types of the mockups and prototypes for the customer’s needs accurate determination.

• Interaction

User behavior on the site studying for the further design improvement.

UI design is a concept that includes a sufficient set of graphically rendered elements (buttons, checkboxes, selectors, etc.), designed to help the user by organizing the most convenient and practical way of the interaction with the website, mobile application or software.

Finished app can be ideal technically and have a high-quality visual content. However, the main task to solve which the app was initially created - the business improvement, won’t be settled. Therefore, even at the early development stage, paramount is to understand the nature of result the client expects and, based on this knowledge, consider the elements that will achieve this - all of this is the responsibility of developers, especially the ones versed in UX design.

In short, the UI design is tactics and UX design is strategy.

Used technologies:

• Storyboards;

• Autolayout;

• Sprite Kit;

• ReactJS;

• Angular2;

• HTML5;

• CSS.

We are an American company with a development center in Ukraine, Eastern Europe. Our UI/UX designers are experienced professionals. Thanks to our company’s HR standards, we hire only the best, we invest heavily into their development and we employ the most efficient practices to best solve our customer’s challenges.