make your app go viral 5 Proven Ways to Make Your App Go Viral

An extremely wide field for distribution and implementation of any kinds of new applications opens to developers due to rapidly increasing popularity of social networks. Traditional advertising is far from being the most sustainable way of popularizing a product. Nowadays, users have adapted themselves to simply ignore ad banners and pop-ups, so formidable financial resources… Read more »

make an audio book app like audible How to Build A Great Audiobook App?

Progress and innovation are probably the most popular words of the 21st century. They determine our life bringing in the possibilities we have never had before and speed up our lives tremendously. The need to evolve urges us to absorb new information and books are its ultimate source. However reading is a time-consuming process which… Read more »

calculate project cost How to Estimate Mobile Projects?

Many believe that a preliminary project assessment is a waste of time and money. This is partly due to a lack of understanding of the evaluation procedure necessity, in part because in the process of mobile application development, many new ideas and details often arise that cannot be taken into account in the preliminary assessment…. Read more »

agriculture app development Agriculture / Farming App Development

It could be a surprise for most people that mobile technologies has reached even one of the most traditional spheres – farming. Forget about online games: we speak now about real farming, real crops and harvest, which represent an essential part of our lives. Still, the work in this area is very hard, yet extremely… Read more »

facetune aviary apps How to Make a Photo-editing App Like Facetune or Aviary?

Photo making is one of the most popular activities among mobile technologies customers. Just like people adore making pictures of themselves and things around them – like nature, cities and so forth – they wish all of that seem better than in real life. That is why tools for erasing little drawbacks became so essential… Read more »

java python php Java, Python, and PHP: Which is Better for Server Backends?

Today these three programming languages are to some extent the basis of software development. All three belong to the ten most popular high-level languages, with Java being the first for years, are supplied with lots of detailed documentation; have wide communities and extensive additional libraries. What made these languages so popular? What are the features of… Read more »

uber for private jets develop Uber for Private Jets: Industry in Need of Great Applications

For many reasons, private jet industry for a long time was quite a costly affair. Only very rich people could afford this type of transport, so the jet business developed in the way to meet their needs and expectations. Such a state of things become to seem so natural that even a technological development walked… Read more »

hire dedicated mobile developers The Best Place to Hire Dedicated Mobile Developers

Today as the mobile development industry prosper more and more, companies progressively decide to make mobile apps for their products. Being a rather complicated task, mobile application development requires experienced staff for its implementation. Considering all the difficulties of their search, the question about how to hire mobile app developers lies upon what way to… Read more »

why is nobody downloading my app Why is Nobody Downloading My App?

If you wonder about such things as ‘why is noone downloading my app?’, you probably already have one. The one you have put your heart and soul into, the one that had to make lives of all people better. So why they do not just download it? The lone fact of downloads absence upsets and… Read more »

amazon app store vs google play Google Play vs Amazon App Store

It is hardly enough to notice the alternatives beyond such “big behemoths” as Google Play and Apple App Store. Being preinstalled on the best selling gadgets, the giants continue dominate both in app amount and total revenue. However, today we will look at one of them – Google Play – from the other side, from… Read more »

develop apps with research kit How to Develop ResearchKit Mobile Health Apps

Apple medical research kit We believe that everyone get used to the fact that Apple is going its own way, participating in the technology and services race, but on its own terms. Their developers and marketers are not chasing gigahertz and number of processor cores or large amounts of RAM in devices. Although it is… Read more »

get your app featured by google and apple How to Get your App Featured by Apple and Google?

Everyone wants to be noticed by others. Especially when it comes to business. Companies and corporations spend million dollars on marketing and promotions. They are capable to do anything and everything to capture customers attention. Promotion is very important when it is referred to a new product on the market. To create an awesome product… Read more »