One of the services our company renders is a custom back end development for business, we offer the backend developers for hire.

“Backend” term can have multiple meanings. However, in general, it is related to what is happening outside the normal user visibility and is usually intended for the use by the system developers. For instance, at the internet portal, we can see convenient and colorful user interface on the user side and complex business logic processes on the server side. The internal architecture of the application remains hidden from the user.

The backend system may include functionality for the information processing and analysis, databases, content management systems, as well as many other necessities, critical for the application’s health, including external systems communication.

To create an efficient and, most importantly, secure server system, developers must be excessively tech-savvy and be versed in technologies, such as:

• mobile and web-based applications backend development;

• CMS-systems (content management);

• ERP-systems (enterprise resource planning);

• BPM-systems (business performance management);

• CRM-systems (customer relationship management);

• document management software;

• tracking and version control systems.

Because the software applications are ubiquitous and become more complex by the day, it is extremely important for the server system to remain at the peak of innovative tech to ensure the task performance. If you are thinking of outsourcing back-end development services, we might be on of your top picks of back end web development company.

For years, we develop the server solutions. From the elementary attendance analysis instruments for a small personal site to a heavily loaded system for a multi-user application, with high-performance requirements and disconnection proofing (offline caching), we guarantee that in the result, our customer receives an effective and safe tool provided within the planned timeframe and claimed budget.

Our expert specialists will provide an individualized solution for your every system and requirement, be it local or remote, and take care of all the development and support stages, beginning with the requirements analysis and ending with the record keeping. Our backend development team consists of professional programmers and engineers.

We are an American company with a development center in Ukraine, Eastern Europe. Thanks to our company’s HR standards, we hire back end web developers, we invest heavily into their development and we employ the most efficient practices to best solve our customer’s challenges.