duolingo application Developing a Great Language Learning App Similar to Duolingo

Language learning app development Believe it or not, but globalization and boundary-spanning, both corporate and cultural, yield gains. Today, in the age of the Internet and information technologies, the world is opened more than ever and practically every person has the opportunity to get all the information needed. The Internet has opened for us all… Read more »

business_gamification Why Use Gamification in Software Development

Gamification in software development is a term, that was invented by the British programmer Nick Pelling. It stands for a method of implementation of game functionality (the systems of scoring, obtaining the statuses, achievements’ statistic creation etc.) in applications which originally have no connection with the entertainment sphere. Such method can help increase a user… Read more »

a stock trading app How Much Does It Cost to Make a Stock Trading App?

Stock exchanges have long since moved to online. All the most important transactions are now held sitting in front of computer screens. At the same time, it is surprising that the market of mobile applications for the game on the exchange has not enough many influential representatives so far. What is the reason for this… Read more »

best android frameworks 8 Best Frameworks for Android Development You Should Know About

Android is the most common operating system for various smart gadgets. In the first quarter of 2017, about 83% of all mobile devices sold were based on this platform. Naturally, the developers of mobile applications cannot ignore such a large market segment. Many enterprises, including well-known ones, develop Android products. In the process of the… Read more »

name for startup How to Choose a Name for Startup

At first glance, it’s hard to imagine what impact and what harm your startup name can cause. Looking at the names of companies well known to us, it’s hard to imagine that they could be called something else. The connection between the product of the company and its name is so strong that people are… Read more »

make a writing app How to Make a Great Writing App Like Ulysses, iA Writer, Bear

Note-taking app development Today’s topic is related to the history of computer technologies in one way or another. What is meant: probably the very first problem that humanity faced after creation, and certainly after the widespread of personal computers in ordinary people everyday life, was typing or some other text-working routine. First of all, it… Read more »

app for blog Why Do You Need an App for Personal Blog?

Suppose you have been working a long time on development and promotion of your blog. Eventually, you acquired a large, loyal fanbase regularly monitoring your new content. Everything should be fine and you should be happy with your viral success, but no. A rapidly increasing number of bloggers indicates incredible popularity of this kind of… Read more »

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It is hard to imagine a more fascinating occupation than communicating with interesting people. Dating applications help these people find each other, make friends, and start communication. And although there are quite a lot of such apps on the market, not all of them fully meet the requirements of users. For the most part, the… Read more »

development price Why the Cost of App Development Can Differ

Different cost of mobile development often causes confusion among clients who have not employed IT-company’s services before. Given article analyzes parameters which are able, in some way or another, to affect mobile app pricing. Different cost of mobile development why does that happen In order to implement your business-idea, you will need to find a… Read more »

preview audience How to Target Specific Audience in App Development

There are no applications for everyone, and the main reason is all people are different, and all have different tastes and needs. And even knowing this fact, you can not always determine accurately who will use your application. However, you can identify the characteristics of the largest group of users and try to make the… Read more »

mixed-reality_preview Is It the Time to Invest in Mixed Reality?

Before deciding how to invest in mixed reality apps, it is worthwhile to be acquainted with this technology in more detail. What is a mixed reality? How demanded are the products using this technology? In what areas are mixed reality applications relevant? Perhaps the main question would be – what are the chances that mixed… Read more »

outsourcing problems Top 7 Worst Outsourcing Pitfalls

In our time, outsourcing and outstaffing are often viewed as exceptionally advantageous forms of hiring employees, which allow to significantly reduce the cost of maintaining employees and get a product of high quality. But is it so? As practice shows, outsourcing is not a winning solution for every company and every project. In other matters,… Read more »