AI app development How to Use Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Mobile Apps

What is Mobile Artificial Intelligence? We all are aware of the fact, that we are living in the time of technological revolution, where every day brings new developments from the tech world. Artificial intelligence is not something that suddenly emerged from nowhere. Its idea occurred in 1956 during the conference at Dartmouth University. At that… Read more »

Android Auto Carplay apps CarPlay and Android Auto App Development Tips

What are the newest infotainment developments for your car? Have you heard of CarPlay or Android Auto? Of course you have this two newest infotainment developments for your car are considered to be a real breakthrough in the field of motor vehicle management. Of course they can’t replace a live driver, such a development is… Read more »

Java vs Kotlin Java vs Kotlin: Basic Review for Android Development

Java is an object-oriented programming language, which has been in practice for more than 20 years. Particularly, since 2014 Java has been officially used in the development of mobile applications based on the most popular in the last 8 years mobile operating system – Android. Despite the fact that this programming language stood the test… Read more »

instant messaging protocols Instant Messaging Protocols: XMPP vs WebSockets vs MTProto

The message exchange is, perhaps, what started the Internet. The man is a social being and across the history, communication and fast message delivery were among the major problems of the humanity. It is the need to exchange information that has given rise to such habitual phenomena as social networks, the most important function of… Read more »

amp page for your website Google AMP Pages: Does Your Site Need Them?

As of today, over 11 exabytes of digital memory is dedicated to mobile traffic each month and the measures increase year by year. According to the established next year. That indicates that web-developers should consider the enhancement of software’s mobile versions as the quality of their practical use is, in most cases, far from perfect…. Read more »

anonymous apps Top Secrets of Building Anonymous Apps

What Are Anonymous Applications The desire to hide one’s identity or express any opinion without specifying authorship was born a long time ago. There was the site Just A Tip back in the 90s. There was a possibility to send anonymous tips to other users.The system was not perfect, of course – these tips were… Read more »

e3 mobile games E3 2017 Results for Mobile Developers

The famous and exciting event in the world of the video game market is the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3). Almost all major publishers and developers of the world are going to sunny Los Angeles to show their novelties, announce projects and sign new contracts. Among the participants of the conference, the publishers of mobile apps… Read more »

construction application development Why Build Apps for Construction Industry

One reason why technical progress is so intense nowadays is that it is no longer a privilege but a realm of our everyday routine. It is reaching out to every single area of our life and bringing new solutions to improve our performance and keep up with the pace of the modern life. The construction… Read more »

launch an app on product hunt How to Launch Your App on Product Hunt

Step by step strategy works even if it comes to “it just happened” events like winning a lottery or being first on the Top Hunt list. The key to success is just making the first step and then one more… until you reach your goal. If you wonder how to submit your app to Product… Read more »

google tango app ideas Awesome Ideas for Google Tango App Development

Do you think that realistic graphics on the screen of your mobile device is cool? And how about the graphics which interacts with the real world? As incredible as it sounds, we are already able to experience it with the help of Google Tango development. Google Tango is a platform, recently released by Google, which… Read more »

arkit musickit wwdc 2017 ARKit, MusicKit: WWDC17 Announcements for iOS

Apple Company held an annual conference for developers, WWDC (WorldWide Developers Conference) in San Jose, June 5. This annual event allows getting acquainted with the main vector of the Apple developments and future trends. This year the conference showed that in the nearest future Apple will work closely with machine learning, augmented reality and a… Read more »

top app design toolkit 7 Tools Our App Designers Cannot Live Without

Human imagination is a powerful force able to fancy whole imaginary worlds or design spacecraft. However, just like reasoning is impossible without language, the art needs special means of expression. As new means and tools appeared and evolved, people learned how to make the best use of them. So was with mobile app design tools…. Read more »