Our company provides a custom iOS app development services for business, we offer the iOS app developers for hire. Contact us if you’re in market for iOS app development services. Mobile applications today are a powerful marketing tool. They are a means of:

• the effective information publishing: you’ll easily inform your customers of the services you provide, events, and actions;

• strengthening the company’s reputation and prestige, as an interesting application urges the customers’ loyalty to the business;

• business processes automation;

• profits increase due to increase in sales efficacy.

iOS apps are often one of the key points in the enterprise strategy of companies that are interested in drawing attention to the wealthiest population part to their activities and, thus, expand their clientele. iOS platform devices are the embodiment of the unique Apple Corporation technologies. Software development for such class of devices requires great expertise. That’s why one of our company management’s leading drives and self-proclaimed challenges was an expert, exceptionally skilled professional team composition. As of today, with a humble pride, we can say that we did it – we assembled the terrific development team of creative artists, inspired and motivated.

Our main competitive advantages are these:

iOS application creation always begins with the research of existing similar applications and user reactions analysis. We pay close attention to the reviews, working to improve the user experience with the application. Careful approach to interface design. If the mobile application is a complement to the existing site or a separate product, the basic criterion for us is the convenience and utility of the user. We put a lot of emphasis on application’s design, as every iOS version has its specific demands to it.

Much time (up to the quarter of the whole development timeframe) is spent for the quality assurance. We release an application into the AppStore only if we are completely positive in its perfection. All of the AppStore’s requirements are meticulously accounted for. Your application will definitely be published. We provide technical support for the application. iOS platform is being constantly updated and to ensure the application’s correct operation in the new firmware environment, technical support is absolutely necessary.

Our iOS app development team consists of professional programmers and engineers. Based on the years of the development experience, our experts will study your needs and offer the best solutions within a reasonable time. We provide iOS application development services for iPhone and iPad.

Used technologies: Cocoa Touch, Core Foundation, Storyboards, Autolayout, iAd, Sprite Kit, Push Notification, iBeacon, SN libraries, CoreBluetooth, In-App Purchase, Stripe, MediaPlayer, parse.com, cocos2d-x, AppleTV.

iOS App Development Services

We are an American company with a development center in Ukraine, Eastern Europe. We provide IOS app development services. Thanks to our company’s HR standards, we hire iOS developers, we invest heavily into their development and we employ the most efficient practices to best solve our customer’s challenges.