Our company
Our mission is to push the limits of mobile capabilities by bringing the wildest ideas to life. We strive for growth and help our clients open new doors for their business development.
Our Main Values
We believe in professionalism and continuous learning above all.
We raise expectations and deliver the best performance to wow our customers
Perfectionism for us is finding the ultimate balance and harmony of design and code
Erminesoft founded
Erminesoft started out as a Drupal development company in Eastern Europe. It was the very beginning of our way, which promised to be thorny, but challenging and engaging. Being the web-development company, we provided clients with qualitative service and leathered away on the job. Small in size, we were full of ideas and plans. We aimed for the sky, but didn’t forget to develop our skills and refine ourselves. Rome wasn't built in a day, and we planned progressive growth, step by step coming close to our goal.
Setting our sights on
This was the year of rethinking. We focused our attention on mobile development, putting more emphasis on the role of mobile devices nowadays. Trying to get to the bottom of this sphere as high as possible, we participated in different IT-conferences and ran at full power. Gradually, we extended away from Drupal, getting the invaluable experience. By that time the number of workers grew as we started employing mobile developers. This was a small, but significant step forward.
Noticeable progress
We continued to move on. The life of company was in full swing. We actively grew both in size and opportunities, took up different projects, changed several offices, and, finally, we could identify ourselves as a prospective IT company. Our team had 12 workers at that time. It felt like we were on the right track and everything it took was to work with feeling as well as improve our professional skills.That was what we actually did.
New status
This period was marked by becoming the LLC. Our representative office is located in San-Francisco and now we are the US-owned company, which partner successfully with clients from the US, UK, Australia and Western Europe. What is more, that year we started developing on JavaScript, and that was an absolutely new field for us. As for now, the JavaScript development came to stay in our company and we successfully carry out projects of different complicacy.
There's more to come
Today Erminesoft is a dynamically developing company. We continue to open up new avenues. This year we start providing a new service of app marketing. What we have achieved by this time in brief: over 5 years of experience in IT-industry, over 30 workers and over 100 projects behind us. Our aim is to move forward providing good quality product and growing professionally.
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