We often ask ourselves a question: what makes an app successful? And indeed, have you ever thought about the secret of the popularity of mobile applications? Let’s review the key points that lead to app success and what exactly makes users fall in love with your application.What makes mobile apps popular? That is today’s question.

The progress does not stand still, and every day new technologies appear and, consequently, new software products support them. The question is - how to make your app successful? In mobile development, it is a little bit more difficult to achieve that because this is probably the fastest growing field today.

So, what makes a good app… good? This question we want to disclose, on par with some others. If you’re looking for some tips for creating successful apps, you are at the right place.

Work Hard, Play Hard. But First…

Any popular phenomenon has its origin since all things are born from little ideas. And in this case, we do not believe in exceptions.

Short fact: Did you know that the word “app” is a short version of “application software?” The term began to gain popularity rapidly, which led to the fact that it was listed in 2010 in the “Word of the Year“.

Speaking about the secret of successful apps, we are assuming that success is a changeable occurrence, and once successful companies today can be purchased or even not exist while others may continue to increase production and developing powers, turning the market and our daily lives upside down. More specifically, we would like to focus on three major players of the mobile market today. Specifically, Google with their Android, Apple with iOS, and Microsoft with Windows Phone or Windows Mobile. Some may disagree, but we would not discount the software giant - they, as shown, have a few aces up their sleeves, and they may arrange something unprecedented in the mobile market in the near future. Or not.

Reasons for mobile applications popularity

If something becomes popular, the market is always ready to support it. Business is committed to the development, but the development is made up of search and production. Many things are going to be simplified, especially it concerns mobile applications. What does such mobility offer?

• Action simplicity. To call someone, you only need to press a few times on the screen, or say the name of the desired contact. Previously, this required to manually search for the number in the phone book, or remember the number by heart, then typing it on the buttons.

To search for some information you need to occur in the same way. The Internet is now everywhere, and all the knowledge accumulated by mankind is always available in a convenient form.

• Ease of use. Mobile applications offer an unprecedented level of comfort than ever before - almost all popular services release their applications on popular platforms. And the application interface is becoming clearer and more user-friendly, allowing even a child to order a pizza.

• Mobility (Who would have ever guessed?). You are available to communicate everywhere and always (well, almost). You can run your business from anywhere, building great development plans, or looking for new ideas. And so on.

Things You Need To Know To Build A Popular Application

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We believe that there is not much difference in the set of rules for the creation of a specific trendy application. What we have in mind - creating a modern application is not a recipe for lasagna: take 1 Onion, 500 grams of meat, 7 sheets of puff pastry. It requires a creative approach. But at the same time, there is a common set of rules that will help you to understand the essence.

1. Idea.

Of course, the idea has to be stunning and brilliant. And nothing else. But most importantly, this is the correct and creative flow. Willing to create a new social network? Focus on a specific feature. Or perhaps you are aiming for a professional acquaintance, or amateur photographers or writers? Make the difference, do not make clones.

Create an information field around it. Try to attract a celebrity. Or contact close with the target audience or initiative group, which will be interested in your development. Think of where the Facebook started and what it became today;

2. Analysis.

Proper analysis of the development and market trends, the demand for your product or service, and the availability of competitors’ offers. All this plays an important role in the planning and development. Especially in the early stages of development and idea presentation. After all, if you selected the field with few competitors, or they do not exist at all, then breaking out and developing will be much easier. Perhaps not so exciting, but that is another story.

Analyze app stores, discharge various top-5-10-20 of the week or month. Make your predictions and see if they come true, study. Learn and try new and popular features of the application, watch for the platform evolvement - this will help you create a picture of the future buildup trends.

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3. Project conception and planning.

It is necessary to think of everything in advance. It is no secret that proper planning is almost always inevitably leads to high rates.

It is necessary to think in advance the basic strategy that will be seen on all the development process and even after. Describe the tasks and goals you want to achieve - remember that it is impossible to shove an elephant in a refrigerator contained in your kitchen. Try not to fit all your ideas in one place. Think, perhaps it would be better to make two different apps or add new features gradually.

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Think about promotion. The budget for this often plays at the beginning of development. If your startup is looking for funds, be prepared to ensure that the entire budget has been counted and verified. These are the market rules.

What Makes Mobile Apps Popular?
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