Modern pace of life oftentimes encourages us being superheroes: while building our business, family, and social relations, we need to sharply concentrate and swiftly change our focus in order to stay relevant and effective everywhere. No marvel that all of us need some support and structuration of an informational avalanche that is faced by us sometimes.

Note taking and organizing services can be of great help here, and they are naturally very popular among all of us. Thus, if you are wondering how to build an app like Evernote, you are thinking in the right direction! Let’s take a closer look at the benefits of developing apps for notes management.

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What is Evernote and who needs it?

Evernote is a very handy service for managing notes, handwritings, screenshots, notifications, photos and other types of information that prove useful for working, studying, time management and personal effectiveness. You can download these files from the Internet, share them with other people and access them from your synchronized devices. Users are able to chat with each other within the app and receive notifications. Premium services include working with PDF files, extended search in Office and PDF documents, working in offline notepads, sending emails within the program, scanning and digitizing of electronic business cards, access to notes history etc.

What also makes Evernote so attractive is that you can access the data stored in it from any device and any platform.

Evernote App Development

Tips for startups: Evernote App Development Alternatives

If you decided to make a mobile app for notes, pay attention to the alternative applications that are also popular and can be stars to steer by in some way:


A reliable alternative to Evernote in terms of simplicity and intuitive user experience. Instant search and simple tags help to stay neatly organized, and note backup feature makes you feel you are guarded against a random deletion. Simplenote helps to synch the notes across all your devices regardless of a platform type they are located on. The program is free and works for iOS, Macintosh, Android and Kindle platforms.


This is an open source Evernote clone, which was specially made for working with Linux client. It’s a great choice for the people who support the idea of open source joint creation and are not afraid of testing something new. The application is naturally free and is supported by Linux, Windows, and Mac platforms.


DEVONthink’s options go beyond a digital notepad, giving users tools of a full-fledged personal assistant. The provider offers four types of premium accounts, one of which is designed for mobile usage – DEVONthink To Go. With it, users can create and manage documents, view images, make notes and bookmarks, etc. A range of professional features makes this program a decent alternative of Evernote. However, it is available for Mac devices only. The price for a mobile version equals $14.99.

As you can see, building a product of this kind may be quite a reasonable solution. The question arises:

How much does it cost to develop the Evernote app?

If you are new to iPhone and Android custom app design and development costs, check out our article, dedicated to general expenses on mobile app development.

As for the specific estimates on the cost to develop an Evernote app, we’ve prepared the estimated figures on this point.

Step 1. General preparations

It includes a project description, REST API implementation and setup of the required database model. Our developers can make a good job of it in about 30 hours of work.

Step 2. Estimating basic functionality.

You may wish to apply for a freemium product, offering additional options at extra charge, but any Evernote-like app should include the following key options:

• Registration via email;

• Sign in and sign out;

• Organization of notes at various platforms;

• Copying web pages and images;

• Search option;

• Tutorials and help pages;

• Notifications;

• Profile editing.

Estimated time for the accomplishment of this step is 40 hours.

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Evernote app

You may also wish to add some other options like:

• Geolocation;

• Password-based locking;

• Security settings;

• Offline mode of navigation;

• Extended search;

• Web clipping;

• Hand-written notes;

• Taking and uploading photos by smartphone camera;

• Social media integration;

• Shared access;

• Chats and discussions;

• Adding tags;

• Emails importing;

• Business cards scanning;

• Presentations in the full-screen mode.

All these extra functionalities may require much more time than the implementation of the basic ones. Each case should be discussed individually; each of them will take 8-40 hours depending on a case and complexity.

What does also influence the sum your app like Evernote cost?

• Synchronization options (about 25 hours). If you are planning to have your app working at not only a smartphone but also tablets and laptops, you should have this option implemented.

• Backend operations (about 400 hours). In order the application can start working as a full-fledged product, you need to put spirit into it by means of some backend work. Some features can be implemented on the server side only, which is essential for synchronization, storage, and structuration of information.

• Design (about 100 hours). It may not seem obvious, but design step is crucial for the successful creation of the best application and incarnation of your bright ideas. Your application should not only look nice but also be user-friendly. Thus, UI/UX design will take much time as well.

• Quality assurance (about 200 hours). Creation of applications implies testing and bug fixing among other things, which may take up to 100 hours of work.

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As you can see, the cost to develop an Evernote app may vary greatly, but we recommend sticking to 1100 hours while making your final calculations. Accordingly, you may figure the total cost, knowing our hourly rate.

Anyways, we are ready to discuss any details and assist you on the topic. Just contact us right now!

How Much Does It Cost to Develop the Evernote App?
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