In 2011 Apple released an iOS 5.0 operating system for their devices. Among other programs, the new operating system included iMessage, the instant messaging platform.

iMessage gave iOS users the ability to send and receive text messages, videos, photos, exchange contacts and create group chats, as well as arrange mass mailings. However, a simple alternative to Android SMS messaging, had so many features that some developers began to consider possibilities of using iMessage as a platform for application development.

Finally, in iOS 10, Apple implemented a separate store of additional content and applications for the new iMessage. By the amount and variety of products and the pace of development, the iMessage store can already be compared with the App Store. In such a way, iMessage became an open development platform.

iMessage App Store?

One might wonder – what kind of applications can be created on the base of the platform, main feature of which is the simple exchange of files and messages? Is it possible to create a product that will interest the customers? As it turned out – quite so. In this article we strive to discuss how to build iMessage apps.


New interface designs

Of course, the standard iMessage interface design is very ergonomic and convenient. But often users do not want to limit themselves to standard features. The messenger interface is a great way to emphasize one’s personality or company’s corporate culture. Creation of new interfaces with custom designs and new features can be a real goldmine for designers and developers.

Graphic content

All in all, for designers and artists iMessage provides ample opportunities for creative and financial self-realization. New graphic content can be implemented in iMessage not only at interface details, but also in the form of additional message content: emoticons, iMessage sticker packs, etc. As the practice of large social networks shows, users willingly part with small amounts of money in exchange for new sets of funny stickers.


The app, which automatically translates foreign language messages, thus greatly simplifying the communication with residents of other countries, is a convenient and useful tool. The idea, of course, is already implemented in the form of the iTranslate application, which is able to translate phrases and whole sentences for more than 90 languages, but this does not mean that all the translation directions are exhausted. Moreover, there are other ways to make a translator app more popular than iTranslate, by providing it with a lot of additional functions and improving the quality of translations, for instance.

Useful communication services

Obviously, the invention and development of various additional features for messengers can be a very profitable direction. Among these are applications like Drafts and Evernote, which allow users to create notes and share them with friends without leaving the messenger, and services like Private, which make communication more secure with the help of self-destructing messages and channel encryption. For those who are used to developing useful and functional applications, the iMessage platform is a huge space for creativity and ideas.

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Games and Entertainment

The gaming industry will always be in demand, regardless of platforms and operating systems. What does iMessage offer in this respect? Already in the iMessage App Store, there are a lot of multiplayer games like chess or various board games. The main characteristic of such popular games is the possibility of playing together with several users. The opportunity to play a game of chess or poker with a friend without leaving the chat looks very interesting and tempting.

Amidst entertainment, applications are all sorts of audio and photo editors that allow editing audio messages or images. These include Chatterbird, which can change the user’s voice and add various sound effects to the recording of the message, or JibJab, which can create animated GIF pictures. The game and entertainment application sphere, perhaps, has the most potential for attracting the developers. Here lie a lot of opportunities for new ideas and projects.

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What else in the iMessage app development is attractive for developers?

Of course, first of all, the new platform is a novelty segment of the market, which means there is the chance to seize the leadership in some of its niches. An opportunity to re-implement the ideas already implemented on other platforms. iOS is a very popular operating system, and as iMessage goes along with it, the new platform gives developers the same amount of potential buyers as iOS itself. And what else can iMessage offer developers in addition to a new market segment?

New environment - new ideas

How to get started with iMessage applications? Like any other platform, iMessage provides a development environment with its own rules and limitations. And the new conditions always serve as inspirations for successful ideas. Who knows, maybe it’s the limitations of the iMessage platform that will help you develop an innovative, useful and interesting product, fated to success?

Several directions of development

The iMessage gives development companies a choice of three main areas of content and application development:

- Graphics (create stickers for iMessage, interface design, additional graphic content);

- Messenger interaction (various applications, useful for the process of correspondence: translators, notebooks, etc.);

- Additional content (video, audio, photos, various gaming applications).


Each development direction is unique in its own way and at the same time, no matter which you choose, you have a chance to create a truly interesting and profitable product.

Easy implementation of ideas

iMessage app development is done with a help of a simple framework, which greatly facilitates the process of product building. As a result, the opportunity to create uncomplicated and resource-efficient applications that generate a good profit appears. The abilities to quickly change the product, supplement and advance it, and to maximize the speed of new ideas implementation – that’s why creative developers will be attracted to the iMessage environment.

Final thoughts

Let us briefly summarize the above, evaluating the iMessage as an application platform.

The most obvious advantages of iMessage are:

- Several development directions (starting with simple designs and up to complex programs);

- New market segment with a preformed audience of potential buyers;

- Simple and fast development process;

- Huge space for creativity and new ideas.

The disadvantages include the simplicity of the platform and a number of limiting factors. Moreover, in spite of a lot of potential opportunities, iMessage is still just a chat application.

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How to make an app for iMessage? It’s actually very simple – just try. Hire designers and make your own sticker app, for example. Is the new platform worth attention? We think it does. Does iMessage have a future? Most likely yes. Will the investment of forces and resources be profitable, provided a good idea for the application and a good incarnation? Definitely a “yes” in capital letters.

iMessage as a Platform for Application Development
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