Well, hello there! We suppose you are interested in app development or decided that you need an app. Guess you are looking for best mobile app development company with best mobile app developers? Here, in Erminesoft we got some and even more! We will try to help you with this question!

So, your business is growing extremely fast and reaching the point where an application or web service can bring you more, take you to a higher level. You’re seeking the potential that a complex mobile app can provide you with. It could be a startup, small company, or big enterprise, but the purpose remains the same - a product which will bring you to the market.

Still, you don’t have the right in-house development team for such a task. Right application development process is a challenge and requires top mobile app developers. Nowadays, it would be the right choice to find an established top mobile app development company to make what you want. The reason for that is difficulties with finding full-time developers, especially for your first project. Best mobile app companies, unlike freelancers, has already determined working processes and can afford a wider range of maintaining and support.

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More specifically, today we want to talk about the basic criteria of how to find mobile app developers, that can make you a great project and not a headache. Best app development company can guide you through all the stages of design and development unnoticed, but at the same time meet all your needs in the product. So, how to find mobile app developers? Let’s take a look!

Why can’t I make an order in any company?

Designing custom digital product is no picnic. Choosing the improper partner could be a fatal flaw: the constant postponement of deadlines, delays, bad code and a huge number of bugs. And when the work is done you still can face the problem of poor user experience, and the worst - tens of thousands of money spent.

Choosing the right mobile development firm could be the difference between a juicy mobile niche, and wasting funds on useless junk for dying a slow commercial death. It’s strongly recommended to fully investigate, assess, and check any partner you’re planning to work with.

mobile app development companies

How to start searching the top mobile app development companies?

1. Estimated shipping time.

Let’s start with the basics. First (and probably the most important thing) you have to worry about is: can your partner meet the deadlines, constantly? Out-of-time delivery, perhaps, is the most painful thing in cases of wasted fund and opportunities. You have to be sure that the company you are working with is going to keep their promises.

Here at Erminesoft, we have an entire team assigned to making sure that all apps are delivered on time. Our CTO guarantees that the clients’ expectations are fully met, and the project results are of highest quality.

2. Portfolio.

Searching the best mobile app development companies, you should firstly look at the portfolio. It’s important to see with whom (other companies, brands) company worked before, what kind of problems they’ve defined and solved; this is how you can get a good statement of what you might receive.

From the height of our experience we can tell that many of our customers contact us for additional work. Our clients live in clover working with us, and we, in turn, enjoy making quality product. Can you imagine more?

3. Does it really matter, where development and design done?

Sure, you get a low-priced application if you outsource all the development to freelancers or places like India or Southeast Asia. Don’t let the price influence your decision and always remember that:

• Freelancers work when it suits them; mobile app development companies - when it suits you;

• Freelancers can’t cover all the development process, so you might get bad UX, UI, or poor performance in general;

• Development company’s primary business is enterprise scale applications, which freelancers are not able to produce.

• Working with a trusted partner you get a guarantee and subsequent support of the product;

4. Pros vs noobies.

Just like in the statement above: it’s always important who designed and developed your applications or services.

Many companies and agencies will require lesser payments due to the fact they might have inexperienced or junior developers. Someone will say ok, when the others expect a specific level of skills that can only come with fulfilled, experienced, superb introducer.

We believe that we should not talk about the possible risks in the recruitment of inexperienced agencies (such as the project will not be delivered on time, or may be any other production difficulties associated with staff or their qualifications). This will not happen if you’ll hire a good team of pros.

In our company, we’ve got more than 5 years of experience in software, mobile, web development and some great talents in UI/UX design. Our company have done more than 200 projects. Here you can read more about the services we provide.

5. White label app vs custom app.

Some development firms are making money on reworking ready apps from the templates to suit your needs. This may be absolutely acceptable for some customers depending on their needs – many apps for conferences and trade shows can likely just be redesigned due to almost the same functionality.

label app vs custom app

This may cause happiness for any business because it saves on funds, but to tell the truth, it may not match your individual needs. Guess that 99.9% of all companies want a custom app. Choosing the uncostly white label award can be harmful and end up with more financial losses. There ain’t no such thing as a free lunch.

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Still, only you should decide which variant is perfect for your business. Sometimes a white label application is exactly what you need. But more often this is not the “happy camper” option and many firms want a custom app designed for their certain needs.

6. Development process

Only two words: Be Sure. If you want your complete application delivered on time, you have to be sure that all the processes are established and working fine. This is especially important when you are mid-project. A reliable company will have some calculations to see whether your project meets by the deadline or not.

For the company that provides software development services is also necessary that project will be delivered on time, but has been made correctly. Before designing mockups, we have a brainstorm session where we specify the product and its characteristics. Only after this point we are starting development.


Answering the question of “how to find app developers” we know that it is not an easy task and you certainly want to be sure in your decision. A mistake may cause a financial and time losses, so make your business only with reputable development companies.

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The most significant thing to do is evaluate development firms on their submissions, their works, and to make some client references (top mobile development companies often have some). This will give you the full picture of the app developer’s abilities, process, and possibility to ship on time.

Erminesoft is a company engaged in the art. Or, at least, we treat our favorite business as an art. Moreover, we help others in the process a little. Making mobile apps is our life and passion, so if you’re interested - please feel free to contact us. If we can’t help, we’ll be pleased to point you the right way.

How to Find Best Mobile Development Company?
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