In this article, we would like to raise up the question, which may disturb you (we know that globally interesting question), but you were afraid to ask – it outsourcing destinations. So, It outsourcing: Ukraine vs India – where to outsource.

For the best issues coverage, at first we will write some text specifically about the choice of mobile development outsourcing country, and then – few reasons why you should choose Ukraine to outsource our development.

Here in Erminesoft, we understand how important this topic is. Outsourcing today is a chance for the evolvement of small startups and the way to save funds for medium and some large companies. This can help your business to focus on specific tasks and objectives, reduce costs and improve productivity. So we know what the final product should be.

This article is not about how to outsource app development but about where would be better to find a mobile app developer.

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One or Another

India has been lasting for a considerable time the “main” outsourcing domain. The low cost and abundance of experienced workers have banded many worldwide companies to shuffle the part or all of their development operations to this country.

However, nowadays, Eastern Europe has emerged as a highly competitive market in IT outsourcing. Ukraine, in particular, has a fast evolving IT field, which, united with low living costs, makes the region ready for offshoring efforts.

Ukrainian vs Indian

And now let’s finally move on to the facts and will handle them, because this kind of thing we have gathered.



Working with Indian people can be quite not an easy task when it comes to the differences in the methods and the way they do their job and business. In India, it’s considered rude to argue with a man who is in a higher position, even if he is not right. If you are making mistakes or are doing something in a wrong way, most probably they will never tell you about it.

Notably, it may be difficult to establish a true and accurate communication – they are likely to depict things in a more favorable light, to get your acceptance. It turns out that, for example, if you have a month left until the project delivery and you ask if the project will be completed on time or not – in most cases you will hear a positive answer. Even if it is not true. That is why you need to ask to provide direct evidence and confirmation. Saving the face of the company plays a key role, so they can hide mistakes.

If you want to work with the Ukrainians – the situation will be different. You can expect that workers are often more honest, or a little more talkative. Most likely, this means that they can express their views on the issue, not depending on what you want to influence them. Workers will bring up more efficient ways of doing things if they bump into them.


Let’s take a look at hourly rate and some close questions.

Rely on some results of studies – estimated cost of a skilled developer who designs and operates the product in India will be approximate $ 27 – $ 39 per hour. While a developer in Ukraine will cost about $ 24 – $ 35 per hour. Although you can find cheaper developers in India (in most cases), but in this case, it increases the likelihood of getting a low quality job.

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It’s worth to remember that the abovementioned rates are describing freelance market, and hiring a freelancer can always be risky because a worker may not always get the job done on time and with high quality. If your startup needs a clear implementation of the timing and quality of the delivered product – you should think about a third party outsourcing (outsourcing app development company). But do not forget that such an option would be more expensive, the price would be higher, but the end product will justify the investment.


Working with people from India, it is worth remembering that the difference in time zones can be enormous. Of course, it depends on your location. For example, if you are in Washington, DC, and your local time 5:45, that at this time in Delhi is 15:45. Draw your own conclusions, but we only hint that the unassisted work in this mode is difficult. Perhaps you will have to outsource some of the work to another third party, to always have the necessary and latest information on the project

If we talk about Ukraine, this time zone (+2 UTC) will be more favorable. By the way, do not forget that Ukraine is located practically in the center of Europe, and the time difference between, for example, Kiev and other European capitals will be virtually invisible.

Therefore, Ukraine is the better option to outsource, because its time zone (+2 UTC) becomes preferable. Especially for the East Coast. And if we talk about the European companies, the difference is practically imperceptible.

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It was a little “Ukraine vs India” comparison, and now let’s move on to the few reasons why you should choose Ukraine to outsource mobile app development (both iOS and Android).

Outsource to Ukraine

Top 3 reasons to Outsource to Ukraine

1. Smart IT-market

If we talk about Eastern Europe, the Ukrainian IT market will stand apart, as it is one of the most advanced ones. A huge part of the country economy depends on the industry.

2. Certified Professionals

Ukraine continues to occupy leading positions in quality and quantity of certified specialists (3rd out of 50, just after US and India). Those, among European countries, Ukraine is a leader. And if we talk about other “categories”, like the “Most Master-Level Certified Nation,” this country is ranked 2nd, just after the United States.

3. Large number of outsourcing providers

There is a lot of development contractors and mobile app developers for hire in Ukraine. The number (1000+) is really amazing, and the quality remains at a consistently high-speed level. Ukraine has more than 100 research and development (R&D) centers of global high-tech companies such as Cisco, Oracle, Samsung, and others. Today there are about 100 thousand of IT-specialists in Ukraine, whose number could double over the next four years.

We took only the top 3 reasons to outsource to Ukraine. Benefits can be described for a long time, but we decided to halt on specific points because of their greater relevance, since describing the high level of education and educational system in this article does not really make sense. All of this information can be easily found on the Internet.

Until more recent times, India was considered the first country for software development, the first among the outsourcing countries. But time passes, the trend changed and new markets begin to rise. As you can see, Ukraine at the moment is the preferred option in choosing “India or Ukraine” because of its geopolitical location, time zone, and the level of development of IT in general.

But it’s just words. In Ukraine, people prefer to do business and not to talk. If you want to get the first-class product and the sane model of pricing – you should try the Ukrainian offshore developers.

Ukrainian vs Indian Developers: Where to Outsource?
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