About us
"The sense of any occupation lies in the joy that it brings to you,
and the benefits it brings to others."

Serzh H.
Erminesoft is a company engaged in the art. Or, at least, we treat our favorite business as an art. Moreover, we help others in the process a little.

How it all began

Erminesoft was founded on August 15, 2012, but it all started much earlier. The founders of Erminesoft are two brothers - Serzh and Max Hornostaiev, who upheld the traditions of the friendship, support and partnership throughout the years. Therefore, the current corporate principles have a very solid base.
“First, there was the idea. We wanted to create a startup. We created it, we have started the promotion. Naturally, to make the idea work, it was necessary to explore all the ins and outs. And it turned out great! Those to whom we have shown our work were enamored by it; they even asked us to associate them with the contractor. When we explained that we did it ourselves, we were asked to create something similar for them. We helped the first one, then the next one and the next one... Faster, better, harder! Thus, we got absorbed in the process and here we are today...” - Max Hornostaiev.
Erminesoft in its activity looks like it really adopted the best qualities of ermine - the animal from which the family name of the founders was derived (in Russian ermine is “hornostaii”) - agility, swiftness, joy of movement. And the ability to adapt to any circumstances - like an ermine, again.

Who we are

The work of our company is an orchestra and the customer is its conductor. Everything big starts small, everything new start with the idea. We take pride in being the part of progress, we love creating novelties.
Erminesoft is not limited to traditions, first of all, we are a team of professionals who love their work and strive to perform at highest level. We understand the needs of our customers and aim to meet them in the best possible way. Yes, we are human beings, we have families, and we need to rest sometimes. We won’t promise you to work on your order 24 hours a day, but we WILL execute it exactly within the accorded timeframe. And we are sterling because creation is our favorite work. This is the goal that drives us forward.
Freedom starts where people learn the new things, overcome their boundaries, resound to the fullest and get famous! The world is variable, alive, it’s mutability brings the change, the world desires the change! The society of free men is a society of innovators, who set their own rules to the game, instead of following the others. It is time to take a hold of the mobile technologies that can help you set yourself free, feel alive, be the game maker, not the idle player.
Any creative idea, project, the pattern that our clients wish to improve and implement is taken into account, processed and brought to life by our team of dedicated professionals. We like dealing with complex cases because we successfully cope with them! To help the client repeat and overcome, replace the technological giant and eclipse them to oblivion! Guess we know what kind of feels you are looking for.
Every day tens and hundreds of thousands of startups engage the battle for the customers, every second ten of startups conquer the market, receive investments, increase their ROI. Time is ticking, tick-tock, tick-tock! Success equals to profits, whoever got their bearings first, received profits first, invested less and reduced their risks is closer to success. Even the smallest profit means a bit of success, lots of little successes make for one great success, small revenues collect into the big one, robust and growing.

Future plans 

We use the ABH principle in our work – Always Be Helping. And we insatiately look for the ways of implementing it into everything we live for, our passion, the whole of our lives – our artworks. Movement is life. Erminesoft’s activities are a constant forward movement, development, search of new ways and solutions, pursuit of excellence in our pet trade. And we are sterling because our favorite work is inventing. This is the goal that drives us forward.
If our experience sounds ideal for your next project, please, contact us for consultation with us [email protected] or call us +1 (805) 364-5433.
Max Hornostaiev
Max H.
Being a CTO of Erminesoft now I always keep in memories my first programming experience at school and university to keep the same devotion. In 2015th it's my 10th year working in IT - now I'm sure the key for the growth is knowledge sharing. That is why I lead our tech team with this in mind, helping them, giving advice and teaching.
Serg Hornostaiev
Serzh H.
My main background is in business and marketing. I always remind our team how important these aspects are not only for Erminesoft, but for every our customer. One question I ask them every time they do something - which problem or pain are we solving now? It helps to focus on important features only.