So, we’re continuing our little series of articles that lightens such a wonderful and popular JavaScript framework like ReactJS. It’s time to speak about the cost of reactjs development.

In the previous article, we mentioned why this technology is in trend and gained a huge number of developers. But this time we would like to raise little other things that relate to a different aspect of development - time and funds. Reports about new technologies are wonderful and encouraging, but unfortunately or fortunately, the development does not end with just writing code.

Let us explain what we have in mind. When a person goes to the store, he or she sees all the goods and the price tag and is free to choose those products they can afford (or correspond to the expectations of its quality). Most often, none of us thinks about what is in the price of the final product. In the mobile and web development, some things have similar parameters and some none.

Here, in Erminesoft, we are trying to be as transparent as possible to our clients, and frequently publish articles that reveal many aspects of our work. Thus, we want to convey that ordering the application in the company, the customer pays not only for writing code but also for the work on the product as a whole. At the end, he gets the finished product, which had been made not only by developers but analysts, UX experts, designers, QAs, and managers, who led the project. And in addition, they had been communicating with customers, coordinating development cycles and following deadlines implementation.

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In this article the question is: “how much does it cost to develop an app with reactjs”?

But first, let’s remember why ReactJS is so popular?

• With the help of this library, you can create a responsive and quickly running user interface It is perfect for creating a front-end, which contains permanent static elements (eg GUI) and some dynamic, such as the content of the site. Unlike other technologies, React allows not to reload the same objects, but only to render new information as it becomes available. Сonsequently generating less traffic and wasting fewer resources.

• ReactJS development team may consist of one developer. This became possible due to the fact that the client part of the application is written separately from the server’s one, and only then “stretched” on the backend. Thus, we win a lot of time and effort, and in consequence, it will be possible to simply update the design of a site or application without rewriting the business logic.

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• What we have mentioned in passing in the previous article, but it is necessary to tell a little bit more - the compilation. Or rather a compilation of pages on the server and transfer completed page to the user that allows certain functions to remain working even if the client-side JS is not available. And if you do not need recompilation, the visualization process, how is not difficult to guess, works faster.

• Talking about the compilation, it’s impossible not to mention interesting opportunities of JSX. Somewhat it reminds of analog to code XML code but is essentially a hybrid of HTML and JavaScript, which also speeds up the process of writing and simplifies the implementation of many components. But the most interesting is the error handling.

If you use Javascript, for example, a consequence of errors in the Model-View-Controller (MVC) leads to application “fall” on the client side. It may cause a lot of time spent on the search and debugging. A “good-hearted” JSX merely refuses to compile the code in such case, kindly pointing at the error, simultaneously giving advice on other possible places of problems occurrence.

This is a review of some interesting features that we deliberately missed in the previous article (to bring you it this time). Now, let’s get a little closer to the main idea of the article.

Cost to hire a React Native development company

It’s hard to describe such a scrupulous subject without using any precise example. In this case, we want to share our development experience with “Real Estate”, an iOS mobile application.

It was a situation where our client has a fantastic idea and the key features that should be implemented in the application. The main goal was to create a quick and easy-to-use application which will help to find accommodation to buy or rent. Simple and elegant - the stuff but not the fluff plus a few interesting features that will simplify the search and highlight the application on the market. Forestall, we would like to note that the work with the customer was more than interesting and productive, and most importantly, we were able to create such an application that completely satisfy the customer and helped to grow his business.

And finally, we are moving from the question “how to develop an application” to exactly “how much it costs to develop an application,” if you order it in Erminesoft.

In fact, the development of ReactJS and React Native application can take anywhere from 2 weeks to a full 6 months, in case it’s needed to do make not only front-end but also backend. Speaking of the “Real Estate”, for the development of mobile application we have spent about 2 weeks (with details discussions, prototyping, and testing) since the app wasn’t complex.

Creating an average on the complexity web applications without the backend, we estimate an average of 2-3 months or 970 hours of operation. Managers can bring a full estimate after verification and approval of all the necessary issues. It’s important to understand that the development of custom applications implies a highly individual approach to each client. Thus, the final price will depend on the volume of work, while the average rate in our company (for this type of development) is $35 per hour.

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In this article, we looked at one more question from the cycle of ReaсtJS articles, namely - cost to hire a ReactJS development team. And also touched some of the advantages of this library, which we believe have the greatest advantage over similar frameworks. Simply because it allows to create a stunning product in a short time.

Aside from that, we have tried to describe the process of creating and evaluating applications from many sides and we hope that this text has helped you get a complete picture of the development. Or possible future applications intact. If so - please, share your expression with us, we try to take into account all suggestions our clients and friends.

If you are still interested in questions like “How much does it cost to develop a mobile app with React Native” or “reactjs developer salary”, feel free to ask us. Who knows, maybe it will lead us to a fruitful cooperation in the future.

How Much Does It Cost to Build an App with ReactJS / React Native?
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