After long meditations on the subject of this article (to start it most interesting, clear and at the same time unusual) we came to the conclusion that instead of opening remarks, we can write “new Instagram features” or simply Instagram.

Today it will probably be hard to find someone who has never heard of Instagram. This social network is so popular that it is constantly buzzing word. It is so hot that even those people who have a negative attitude to any manifestations of social networks or exhibiting private life on the Internet, most likely also use Instagram, although not uploading photos. I personally know a few people like that.

Why is Instagram so popular around the world?

There are many reasons why we believe this statement is relevant. Primarily, its reason is the work with customers and timely updates. The guys from the development team know perfectly well what they are doing because a mobile application is present on all of the popular platforms and new features on Instagram are turning out quite often. The app works well even without it and it seems that there is nothing more to add. It is worth to pay the tribute - the service is constantly evolving and pleasing users with new features, making interaction with the application more interesting and much productive in the user experience point. Instagram developers seem to work 24/7.

But is it good enough?

Yes, this service works fine, but it is necessary to clearly understand that without the constant analysis of the market and the requirements, it would be difficult to attract new audiences and retain old users. And the company knows it well, so they are looking for new ideas which implementation would help increase the number of users and improve the network as a whole. Although it is worth noting to say that the iOS version develops slightly faster than Android one, and new functions released more often.

If you want to know what other new and surprising features developers will add in new releases, or you are looking for any Instagram features to use in your app, this article is written just for you. So let’s begin!

Instagram new update features

New filters
Perhaps, this is probably the most frequent cause for discussion among users. Although the application and has a good set of pre installed filters that you can use for free, but unfortunately, not so many as desired. But it seems the developers once again heard the demands of users and very soon will add 5 more new filters that will diversify your feed and will give a new motivation to creativity!

Just imagine how it would be nice if developers made it possible to combine multiple filters. Add them to the different layers of image and allow editing their fill, at the same time retaining the ability to edit each layer separately.

Instagram messaging features
We believe that many users would like to get a full-fledged implementation of chats in the application. Not something like “Direct”, but something closer to the Facebook Messenger. It’s really good because it would be much easier to use one application instead of running a few extra. Thus even more “socializing” mobile photo application, allowing users not only share pictures and videos but also messages.

Moreover, there are rumors that users soon will be able to send their publications straight to the Messenger! We do not undertake to judge how this function might be used and whether it will be useful or not but see the progress. Facebook is working hard to integrate their services into one system ( at least we hope, because this is logical -  Instagram belongs to this social network). But until now, these two applications were not linked. We hope that in future everything will be much more interesting.

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Functions which we waiting for
Newly introduced that Instagram will add features that we all have been waiting for. It features likes for individual comments, disables comments and subscribers delete function. In fact, the addition of these features was only a matter of time, because other “adult” social networks have such functionality for quite a long time. It’s logical because whenever going to promote your product as a platform to expand business opportunities, you need some orientation in this area.

Disabling comments is not only great for business, but also for celebrities. It often happens that the star deletes his\her account due to the fact of getting a lot of negative comments to their posts. Now you can simply disable comments on the certain post, or either hide the unpleasant one, simultaneously removing the subscriber.

Live video streaming in Instagram Stories
Of course, the introduction of this functionality was already a long time ago, but we still want to highlight it again, from the other side and updates.

“Stories” used by more than 100 million unique users per day, indicating its popularity. Even in comparison with Snapchat, which reaches a 150 million people audience, this figure still admires.

The meaning of this feature is to create posts separately from the main feed without clogging it. So, if you have some spontaneous idea, you can quickly take a photo or a video, upload it and make small notes or drawings. After 24 hours, this post will be automatically removed. With this function, you can not only entertain your subscribers, but also organize small competitions, attaching “easter eggs” or conduct some kind of sweepstakes.

But that’s not all. Soon the service is going to start the live broadcast! Twitch, Youtube, Periscope and now Instagram. This means that developers follow the trend and want to improve their product by adding new features. Just imagine, now those of your subscribers who do not have the opportunity to watch your broadcast in other services will be able to see you on Instagram. And does not have to make a few extra accounts.

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Do we think that the Instagram is the best photo sharing service for today? Definitely yes. This contributes to a number of factors: frequent major and minor updates, new ideas and features for a wide range of users, an excellent support service. And the fact that the company interacts with the community and possibly implements the required functionality is above all praise. If you are planning to develop a similar concept to Instagram? it’s definitely worth paying attention to - as one of the largest players in the market, and as an example to follow.

We believe that the future development of the above features will only increase the audience. But to our article did not seem too magnifying, we ask to note that not all the innovations are pure Instagram inventions. For example, the “Stories” - an allusion to Snapchat, and live broadcast is a reference to the Periscope. Do we think that this kind of stealing ideas? No, in our rapidly developing world, it is rather a reinterpretation and adaptation to market needs. After all, we do not know who had the idea before, and who - realization.

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Instagram Features You Might Need in Your App
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