We are a company of enthusiasts. All our employees are passionate about their work. Thus, most of our projects are successful. Unfortunately, the specificity of our business is such that many of the applications are developed and released under the NDA. Therefore, we are glad for every opportunity to talk about our work,this time in Android app development.

Today we would like to tell you about one of the most successful cases - My Budget, already reviewed by sites all over the world.

When a customer came to the first joint meeting, we quickly found a common language, as they were just as enthusiastic. They had a bright idea - a custom application for personal finance accounting, simple and at the same time, powerful. For our part, we have offered the experience, technology, personnel and interest in the development of the innovations.

A team consisting of Android developer, QA engineer, designer and project manager has been allocated for the project. From the outset, the development process was smooth, since the idea was interesting, and the client actively collaborated with the team members and “infected” them with inspiration. Thus, MVP was done in no time, got a lot of attention from investors and sufficient funding. In total, the application design, development and testing took 680 hours (about 4 months).

Let us consider in more detail what is so interesting about this project.

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What Is My Budget?

My Budget is a personal finance manager, designed for budget planning and analysis of the individual KPIs. My Budget maximally facilitates the planning of a personal budget and allows visualizing the money flows.

Users can create the categories of costs and use the existing templates like Food, Transport, Entertainment, Housing, Health Care, Purchases, Children, Study, and others. With the help of this option, it is easy to track the expenses when spending money. As for the incomes, users are able to keep records in regards to their salaries, bonuses, freelance, investments, gifts, and other sources of income.

What technologies were used?

Server for user data storage is based on Java EE (Enterprise Edition), and the Spring framework. To ensure the persistence of the data, its preparation for storage and database connectivity, Hybernate ORM framework is used together with JDBC. User devices’ local data is stored in SQLite databases. All stored and transmitted data is encrypted for security.

To communicate with the server, Retrofit library is used.

Interface design is based on Material Design and implemented with the help of Android Support Design Library.

All other application functions are implemented by the standard Android means.

What are the key advantages of the application?

– Creating and managing Income and Expenses categories;

– Current balance and payment history display;

– Categories of expenses: using default and creating new ones of any kind;

– Detailed reports with exact time of performance of transactions;

– Custom descriptions of income and expenditure items;

– Colorful and intelligible interface;

– Easy navigation.

How the monetization is implemented?

The paid version of the app adds the ability to store backups of user data in the cloud storage. This allows to quickly and reliably recover data in case of device loss or change.

Final Thoughts

We live in interesting times. Technologies change and develop rapidly, every day there is something new in the market. To paraphrase a famous quote of Lewis Carroll, we have to run in order to stay in place, at least. With five years of experience in the design and development of websites and mobile applications, we, as a company, are proud to have not lost the desire to grow and interest in the vicissitude.

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If you have an interesting idea for an application, we would have the great pleasure to discuss it with you, to advise on the possible ways of implementation and “pitfalls”, monetization opportunities and requirements of mobile platforms and investors. Contact us today and let’s surprise the world with something new and unusual together.

Case Study: My Budget, Personal Finance Manager for Android
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