If you think that Facebook and Twitter are the end alls and be alls of social media, think again. There is a whole new set of social apps rolling out, each targeting a very specific target demographic, and all collecting their fair share of users. A lot of app developers have declined to produce more social apps, believing the market to be overly saturated.

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While there are a lot of apps, apps that meet a specific need which is lacking in the industry are quick to garner users and put up impressive download numbers. The most popular apps, of course, are those that are available across platforms — such as on mobile (Android, Apple devices, etc.) and on the Apple TV, Apple Watch, and other IoT devices. Even apps that aren’t considered social platforms, such as Netflix and Airbnb, can gain additional market traction by adding social sharing features to their already hot products. Here are the hottest of the hot social apps to keep your eyes on in 2016.

Periscope Pummels Video Streaming Apps

Periscope exploded on the scene, and immediately blew away competitors that had been around longer, including Meerkat and YouNow (which are both worth keeping an eye on, as well). This live video streaming app collected an impressive 10 million users in just four short months, with an approximate 2 million active users per day. Every day, Periscope users consume 40 years worth of video. Periscope benefited from an association with Twitter, and stands in eighth place on Google Play and ninth place in the App Store at this time.

Snapchat Sneaks on the Scene With Tweens

Snapchat is a unique social platform that automatically deletes photos after ten seconds. It’s caught on big with the younger generation, sharing selfies that they don’t necessarily want to haunt them forever on Facebook or Twitter. With 100 million regular users and an estimated 400 million “snaps” sent per day, Snapchat is ranking impressively on a number of platforms and across markets around the world. It is available for both Apple and Android devices.

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What’s Up With WhatsApp

WhatsApp is also cross-platform, available for Android, Apple devices (support for Apple Watch coming soon), Windows phones, BlackBerry, and Nokia. It’s a messaging app that allows users to send and receive video, audio, and text messages, much like Facebook Messenger. This app has now surpassed 1 billion users, largely catapulted by its companion, Facebook Messenger.

Don’t Overlook the Up & Coming

kik app1

What special niche can you identify that doesn’t have a specific app yet? The most successful new social apps are designed to fill a void that isn’t covered by the existing social apps.

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Though far lesser known, there are a few social apps to keep your eyes on this coming year. Namely:

•  Secret

•  Tap Talk

•  Peach

•  Wanelo

•  Yik Yah

•  Kik

•  Shots

•  Hyper

•  Bebo

•  Dating apps like Hinge, OKCupid, Grindr, and Tindr

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