How to make a fitness app

We use smartphones for hardly any activity, but behind entertainment, there is something much more important. Our well-being. A man too busy to take care of his health is like a mechanic too busy to take care of his tools. That’s why any fitness app development company that goes into health apps is sure to choose one of the best directions in software industry today.

Health and fitness app palette includes three groups, based on the type of information they deal with: fitness activity tracking apps, nutrition and diet apps, and workout apps.

And yes, today we will talk about health and fitness app development, slightly affecting the health and sports theme. And even a little mention about where to hire health app developers.

Fitness mobile app

This group covers applications that track various types of physical activity, such as steps taken, kilometers pedaled, hours slept, calories burned etc. These apps allow monitoring pulse, temperature, glycemic level and other physiological indices.

For instance, with Motion View – an app we made – you may establish the number of steps to be covered during the day, count the calories you burned, check the share of fulfilled motion plan in percents and accomplish your personal goal plans. The app keeps history of your daily, monthly, yearly motion activity, including walking, jogging, running and cycling.

motion view

There are some wearable devices that extend capabilities of fitness apps, which include armbands, wristbands, chest straps, smartwatches and other gadgets. Although they are designed to bring comfort into our lives and serve practical goals in the first place, it is easier to conquer fitness peaks with fun. So, desired user behavior may be implemented via gamification, nudges or rewards, which encourage and motivate users. It is easier to conquer fitness peaks with fun.

Nutrition and diet apps

Another aspect of a healthy life is healthy eating, and currently many former junk food lovers are switching from hamburgers and serials to celery with cereals.

Nutrition apps help keeping diets, track calories, interpret ingredients and keep a check on water and coffee intake. They help calculating your weight, lean body mass or body fat percentage protein, fat and carbohydrate balance. You may design a personal diet plan, and the system will help you stick to it, sending recommendations, rewards, motivational posts, warnings etc.

Since keeping diets may be even more challenging than spending evenings in gym, what is important for nutrition and diet apps is visualization. It brings joy, motivates and helps moving to their goals.

Workout apps

This type of mhealth applications includes personal trainer apps and logbook apps.

Personal trainer applications provide users with pre-set exercise routines in the form of text, video, illustrations etc. Just choose the workout that fits your goals and start building your body with no need to smell sweaty armpits in the gym (we know it’s just a fake excuse!).

Logbook apps allow planning and saving personal exercise routines, which is good for those who train in the gym and wish to take control over their progress.

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Health and fitness app development revenue

There are many ways how to make a health app work on your wallet. You may hire app developers to create a freemium product, and thus offer premium subscriptions to your customers, which would give them access to unlimited video trainings. You may charge your users a fixed price per day for the provision of personal coach and custom sport and nutrition recommendations. Some companies even charge their users for missed gym sessions. An iron discipline and invincible motivation! Like it or not, but the fitness app development today is a popular trend that is not only fashionable but also good for your health!

dwayne johnson

Those brands that sell various activity tracking devices, health and fitness apps serve as a marketing tool for boosting sales. Those applications that are not part of this industry make money on freemium options, in-app ads and in-app purchases.

Nutrition and diet apps are monetized similarly. Many health app development cost much, and the business they represent earns much more. They sell nutrition, medicaments and sportswear on their websites or in the app directly and do not ignore advertisement options.

Want to know how to make a fitness app? Contact us and we will tell you in details (because we have gym app developers)!

Below we’ve prepared some really good issue-related interesting and user-friendly apps that gained high rates in app stores:

Zombies, Run!

Thanks to combination of thrilling plot, fun and physical health benefit, this game dartingly rocketed to the crest of the popularity. A game and a run tracker rolled into one. The app is free to download, while offering some optional in-app purchases.


Fitnet offers to choose trainer and about 250 short ready-made workouts for people who can’t find time for attending gym. The app makes your webcam analyze your movements to assess their correctness as you are doing exercises.


This health tracker app helps people with diabetes keep all therapy information in one place and helps keeping balanced diet, tracking the reasons of possible sickliness.

Deep Sleep with Andrew Johnson

Busy days lead to restless nights. Many people find themselves tossing in beds sometimes. Help yourself fall into the arms of Morpheus while listening to calming and soothing voice of Andrew Johnson’s guided meditation.


Next time you feel queasy, do not address your woes to Google, wondering whether it is serious or not. Send your request to HealthTap instead. This application will send your question to their network of doctors, and within a few hours one of them will send you a reply with recommendations.

Health tracker app for smartwatches

Many people do not consider conventional watches to be relevant anymore, since their primary function – telling time – has been performed by cellphones. While the prestige function is satisfied by Audemars Piguet for its adepts, many proactive people choose all in one, buying smartwatches. What can we do with them in terms of sport activities and healthy lifestyle?

• Play music while training, shopping around sports products.

• Smartwatches serve as sport or fitness trackers, offering workout plans, tracking your cycling route, measuring your pulse, temperature and being your personal pedometer, accelerometer, compass and barometer if you decide to move beyond the four walls of habitual gym.

• They help us navigate and get directions, get and send messages and emails even if you are miles away from your phone, off to the Saturday cycle ride.

• Receive notifications while doing sports without the need to spend lots of time on the phone. Just peek to see if you received an important information or you can just ignore the message.

fitness trackers

Fitness app development “with Apple”

Apple never fails to amaze us and offer new products that were at the tip of our tongues to ask for. This time it is a new CareKit – software framework, created to help developers with involving people in actively managing their own medical states.

Using this kit, one may create a fitness app for IPhone that would cover any type of healthcare aspects.

CareKit has just been released as an open source framework, and our developers are already itching to build amazing fitness mobile app with it.

Why app development for health and fitness is a right direction?

With constant increase of society’s pace, wearables should be more than just gadgets, since health is a priority that should occupy the place above all other spheres and directions of our life.

Health app development has been evolving from geek’s wishes and gadgets to commonly used devices, needed by many people. It is worth investing into since:

• It is easier to keep everything in one place, being able to access it anytime. No headaches with piles of prescriptions, individual plans for diets and exercises.

• It provides the fastest possible access to physical state data. Now your temperature, blood pressure and electrocardiogram may be taken without need to go to doctor. Physician may obtain it within seconds and assign a therapy without the need for physical examination.

• Health apps are able to rattle up today’s lazy or busy consumer, who’s been sitting at his PC for many hours without a break, telling him to get off one’s butt and have a walk or do some exercise.

• Simply put, because a device on the wrist can literally save a life.

Where to find gym app developers and how to hire health app developers

If you turned on the heat to make this world healthier with a cool app for iOS or Android and now looking for fitness app developers for hire, we are here at your fingertips!

Health and Fitness App Development
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