Recent years, the services of foods delivery are becoming increasingly popular. Indeed, in our bustling world, it is sometimes the last chance to not miss, for example, the lunch. Many startups that provide such services decided to go ahead and hire delivery app developers to create custom smartphone applications to further provide their customers with quick and tasty meals.

Imagine how convenient it is if your service’s menu is always on hand for the client, wherever they are at the moment: in the office, car or at a party. Colorful pictures arouse the appetite, the ability to reach the desired over the single click is giddy, and the whole world opens for the user, where they can easily order different dishes, find the nearest restaurant and book a table. All the caterings are on his palm. Can you imagine this? Then feel free to use innovative technology to develop a mobile app for food delivery for Android and iOS (iPhone), further your business and earn extra revenue.

Restaurant applications conquer the top rankings along with photo editors, social networks and games. Experienced restaurateurs already use the online services actively for their and their consumers’ benefit – organize food delivery, publish news, communicate with subscribers. Do not miss you chance to bring your company to a new level. Most probably you already have everything needed – experienced staff, reliable kitchen and trade equipment for bars and restaurants, the necessary knowledge. The only thing left to master now is the fashionable, no, even obligatory, platform. The mobile restaurant app will help create the effect of a permanent presence to your customers. Let’s discuss how to build a mobile app for food delivery and food delivery app development cost.

popular food delivery applications

Types of deliveries to acquire mobile applications:

• сafes, fast foods and restaurants (have a look in your spare time our reflections there);

• food delivery of retail supermarkets that have their own cooking;
Despite the abundance of universal proposals, many retailers are already using special applications developed for them individually. Through such solutions, one can keep track of the bonuses, receive notifications or updates.

• food delivery services without dedicated catering institutions.
This may be sushi or pizza, for example; such services are only for ordered deliveries.

• grocery delivery services not limited to dishes like pizza or sushi, it can be any kind of grocery goods like flour, apples or washing agents.

How does it work?

The scheme of work with a mobile application is quite simple: after the current application version is uploaded to the AppStore or Play Market, the user can download the app to their phone, and get acquainted with its features. The simplest menu offerings include a description of dishes, where one can drag those with their finger into the basket and tap “send” to transfer the order to the restaurant. After that, more often than not, the operator calls back to clarify the order left with the use of food delivery mobile app.

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Mobile app for food delivery has to be as convenient as possible. So that users can form the order in a few simple steps, enter their address information and receive confirmation. The app should not be overloaded with different functions, because its main function is to provide the food delivery. Let this be a minimalistic UX/UI design with access to the menu, addresses and phone numbers, and colorful photos of the dishes.

The most popular food delivery applications

According to TechCrunch, in 2014-2015 food delivery industry was the most attractive for venture capital. More than $1 billion of investments were allocated in 2014 and more than 4 – in 2015. A huge number of existing players in 2015 have turned to food delivery app development, either hybrid or cross platform, and every week there are news about dozens of new start-ups in this area. However, despite the tough competition, the market is not yet saturated and there’s place for fresh players.

The Best Food Delivery Apps

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In March 2016 in this class of applications appeared and develops rapidly the serious leadership contender – UberEATS.

What is Uber and what should it be eaten with?

Uber popularity has grown so much that a huge number of their imitators appeared – even the whole “Uber for X” concept. Such are called the applications that claim to be a repetition of Uber’s success in various fields of activity. Quora quotes a whole list of such applications.

Uber itself does not stand still and continues to develop its services, gradually opening up new directions while maintaining the same business model – delivery of high quality services at reasonable prices within the concept of “single tap”. Such is UberEATS – restaurants’ and other catering establishments’ local food delivery app.

food delivery

How much does it cost to develop a food delivery app?

One of the main advantages of the most popular applications in this segment are the navigation ease, colorful interface and dish presentations. The development of such simple, but balanced application, according to our estimates takes from two to four months and costs between $30000 – $40000.

What are the main “selling” features of food delivery app? Ease of use, user-friendly interface and experience, bank cards integration for quick payment, low server response times, high productivity, designed for extreme loads in rush hours, and scalability.

Let’s review some of the food delivery market statistics, shall we?

Statista’s and National Restaurant Association’s researches show that mobile applications gradually penetrate into the daily use of even the elderly persons. And food ordering applications play part in it.

According to another study, over the last 45 years the food delivery market in the US grew more than 16 times – from $40 billion in 1970, up to 700+ in 2015. Even in the times of crisis, this market has not ceased to grow.

As you can see, the food delivery market is mature enough, does not lose the growth pace and is able to feed many. The delivery app development company, as a rule, knows a lot of tricks of trade and can put their knowledge to your service, when you decide to hire them.

Final Thoughts

Regardless of whether you are managing a sushi delivery service, a small family cafe or a restaurant chain, targeted delivery of food can give a powerful impetus to the development of your business, and mobile app will boost it to the escape velocity! Build the best food delivery app for business, be uber, become better thфn Uber, become a shining success example everyone would want to repeat. Don’t put off your success possibilities until tomorrow, contact us today.

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