If you're beginning the process of creating a mobile app for your business, there's a lot to consider. What functionality should you provide? What do you store on the device to power a solid experience when the connection is spotty? What features make the app better versus add unnecessary complexity? These questions aren't easy to answer. The best way to decide many things is to develop a demo version of the app. This gives you a powerful testing mechanism before you nail down the specifics of your app. Here are the reasons to consider having Erminesoft develop a demo version of your mobile app.

Demo Versions Help Keep Development Costs Down

Any iPhone developer will tell you, adding functionality and piling on features also runs up the price tag for your development project. That means that you need to be sure what works and what isn't necessary before the app is finalized. Demo versions are an excellent way to nail down what features to include at initial rollout, which can be eliminated, and what might wait until a later version. Pay only for what you know users will want, use, and benefit from.

Demo Versions Give You an Idea of the Demand for the App Before Full-Scale Production

Will the app become an instant success, or will momentum grow slowly and gradually? Will the users go haywire for this feature, or will another one be more popular? While solid market research can guide you in a general sense, there are some things that remain questions until the market gets hands on your app. Demo versions are excellent for this purpose.

Demo Versions Let You Play With Experimental Features (Such as Geotargeting)

For some business purposes, features like geotargeting help drive business and improve sales. For other business purposes, geotargeting isn't all that helpful. This might be readily obvious (such is in the case of a travel agency, retail chain, or weather app) but it might not be so apparent (such as the case of insurance brokerage firms, financial institutions, and Web-only e-commerce sites). Demo versions allow you to play with these experimental features, pick what you like, and pass on the rest.

Demo Versions Make for a Better Finished Product

Want to roll out an app that is a super success from the beginning? Demo versions of apps let you pick and choose the elements that make the most sense so that your final app is full of useful, popular features and isn't inhibited by features that aren't well liked or easily understood by users.

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As you can see, demo versions of apps can help steer those new to the mobile app environment into making better decisions, streamlining the development process, and keeping costs under control. In the end, you have a mobile app that's already proven its ability to succeed in the open marketplace.

Does your iPhone developer or Android developer give you the option to create a demo version of your new business app? If not, you need to visit Erminesoft, where we make it easy to get your app from concept through development and into the app market. Your success is our passion. Does a demo app sound like the perfect solution for you? Get started by [email protected] today.