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So, the main topic is the question of enterprise mobile application development. In fact, today, this question is highly relevant, since it has no definite answer. Why? In this article, we will try to figure it out and deal with it. As to the question of enterprise application development cost.

A few years ago it was possible to say that the enterprise app development services will cost about $ 50,000, but today the price will vary. Not because the exchange rate or development price and the company level that you are ordering services from. The price more depends on the level of research and integration of services and its maintenance.

Today mobile devices (Android or iOS platforms frequently) are increasing popularity, so your services and business should focus precisely on the mobile segment globally. If 5 years ago the enterprise was aimed at desktops platform, now – at most on mobile devices (e.g. smartphones, tablets etc). Nowadays, mobile devices are becoming essential assets that allow and increase spectacular innovation for huge businesses. But as a result – your enterprise application can create you a serious challenge.

Build an app for enterprise

The fact that development of a custom application for your business or for startup takes a highly specialized course and requires special expertise (and experience) from developers and production teams. Because the positive outcome can cover any enterprise application development cost. Understanding the requirements and trends in the mobile segment and its importance is measurable in everyday business life.

If your business / startup / project can cope with cruel reality and follow through the development process (not causing damage to the company) and build an application, you will have a major asset that will show your strengths, efficiency, and profitability.

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So, if you want to hire enterprise application development company you should know some tips and tools, follow written below strategy to make an enterprise app.

app for enterprise

Give special consideration to

You should buy development services of enterprise applications from medium and large outsourcing companies only. Due to the fact that individual freelancers will never give you 100% guarantee. This includes such points as brainstorm on application architecture, its development, testing, and post-production plus support.

If a freelancer gets sick, no one can replace him because “Team” consists of one person. At that time, if you delegate responsibilities for application development to another company, you can get a complex team of professionals.

Under the “team” we mean not only Developers but: Sales Managers, Analysts, Project managers, Testers and others. In addition, hiring the company, you can always be sure that the project will be delivered on time, regardless of whether someone takes a vacation or gets sick. The outsourcing company has a person who can replace the absent one.

Benefits of hiring outsourcing company

The market of corporate mobile apps called twice to 2018 and will grow for about $ 61 billion, as more and more firms notice the advantages of mobile software for managing and organizing processes. But, finding hotshot service provider is still a problem.

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Here in Erminesoft, we are representing more than a 5-year experience in designing high-end mobile software and providing an implementation of projects, integration and mobile enterprise application service. We know the difference between consumer and enterprise applications. With this knowledge, we are able to find the right attitude. Our talented enterprise application developers quickly deliver safe and high-productivity solutions that meet the needs of your employees at all levels.

Enterprise Application Requirements

Like any other application, an enterprise software must be safe, high-performance, provide a user-friendly and brainy UI / UX, etc. But apart from these general characteristics, it can be determined by the following special properties.

A corporate application is (according to microsoft article):

• Large;

• Business-oriented;

• Mission critical;

These features really make the enterprise development challenging. The hotshot enhancement in computer hardware/software, associated with the worldwide economic competitive practices created such operating conditions in which business systems have to react quickly and provide an unprecedented level of performance. To keep these requirements, companies have to automate even more of their processes, design their applications faster, serve more customers, and handle the quickly enlarging mass of data.

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In addition to the above, delegation of authorities, complexity, and speed of change in technology used in the construction of these corporate decisions making the development of highly efficient enterprise systems more and more difficult and laborious.

Enterprise app

Enterprise mobile app cost

1. Application Definition.

Since you are hiring the third-party company, you do not need to define all of the application features to build a good evaluation. You should at least understand the purpose and the key components of this idea. Who is the target audience for your application, objectives, and scenarios?

2. Final price of the enterprise application will depend on:

• How many platforms will be supported?

• Native / Hybrid / Web (e.g. HTML5) application?

• Device support (e.g. iPhone or few Android smartphones)?

• Security (encryption, authentication etc);

• Future maintenance and support;

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Providing communication among the mobile application and your enterprise system, our experts combine applications with any solution you might have. Along with deployment, we will afford professional service, support and regular updates.

With rich experience in the development of cross-platform and native applications (check out our portfolio), we will help you to appoint the development technique that suits you best. Still, if your firm adheres to the BYOD policy, you should know that cross-platform application is the best choice for your business.

If you want to know more about cutting-edge technologies or our related projects, check out “Case study: NFC Application for Android” about NFC and RFID techs. It’s awesome, gorgeous and interesting to read!

We believe that collaboration is based on a solid foundation of linked respect and are ready to receive your blessing. After all, we start cooperation with free consultations and evidence of the correctness of our concepts. After the recognitions of our professional talents, you can use all the services that we’re providing. You can increase the performance of your business (through improvement of internal processes) and get more control over your services, with our help.

Enterprise Mobile Application Development
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