The simplicity and prevalence of mobile devices have made applications a constant attribute of our lives. Today we can already observe thousands of mobile applications are changing the world into a high-tech society. And while science fiction writers glorify the exploration of outer space, black holes, parallel worlds, a portable device with great possibilities has already embodied ideas that were previously possible only on paper.

Location Based Application Problems

By the way, some of the features that the modern smartphone opens to us have not yet revealed all the functionality due to the limited technology application. This fate also awaited the location-determining function of the device: for reasons of privacy, users try to minimize its use in every possible way. And, we should confess, the problem with privacy is still there: as legal harassment on the Internet is extremely limited, it is almost impossible to control where the personal data of the user are sent. That’s why some users disable geolocation modules unwilling to transfer the place of their stay to third parties. However, in this respect, it should be said that the transmission of such data alone can not harm the user due to high anonymity on the Internet. There are other ways to track the location of the device, and they are very successfully used in law enforcement agencies, for example, IMEI. Also, there is a set of rules which will allow you to freely use the device’s GPS module without any risk. Therefore, it is worth throwing away all the baseless fears about the geolocation module and stop limiting yourself in the possibilities.

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In the meantime, we picked up a small list of location based app ideas for your startup that clearly demonstrate the undisclosed potential of applications based on geolocation in smartphones.

Ideas for Location-Based App

1. Applications tied to specific locations (Pokemon GO, SnapChat)

Despite the existence of successful incarnations, the potential of this idea is far from being exhausted. Its main strength lies in the fact that it does not open the door to yet another location for virtuality, but it complements the already existing true reality location. The term “Augmented Reality” has gained wide popularity thanks to Pokemon GO, but its meaning in this context is broader. In combination with the use of geolocation data, this technology can give the world more. How do you feel about such a location-based social app: SnapChat, which messages have a longer expiration time. Imagine that you can leave messages for a friend in a specific place on earth, which he or she can only read at this location. And it doesn’t matter how long it takes until they open it; the important thing is what emotions you would like to capture and transfer them.

2. Daily tasks automation

The means of routine automation are stably popular in the market. People tend to shift more and more of the tasks to devices and devote more time to tasks requiring an intellectual approach. In addition to timer-based automation tools, the geolocation module can be put at the basis for such an application. For example, imagine a location based application that automatically changes the settings depending on the location of the device owner. For example, on your arrival to European countries, prices on websites start to be displayed in local currency.

3. On-demand applications

The popularity of on-demand applications did not bypass our list. It’s enough just to look at Uber’s success in order to understand the potential of applications with such a set of functions. In fact, the geolocation module can become a significant advantage of almost any application of that kind: tracking taxis, couriers in real time adds credibility and confidence to users. Surely, at least once in a lifetime many of you wanted to have an application that shows how long one needs to wait for the bus, how many seats there are in it, and how quickly you can reach the point you need. All this becomes possible due to the GPS navigation.

4. Search nearby goods and services

Today there is no acute shortage of goods, really. It is much more difficult to find exactly what you need in the stores. The storefronts cannot accommodate the full quantity of goods that are sold in the stores, which often causes difficulties both for buyers and retailers. To solve this problem, business people began to create location based services app solutions that allow applying filters to the search for goods and services. However, this solution is only possible for online ordering, and what is about offline sales points? Our top idea is an application that notifies the users about discounts and the best offers of the store when they are directly located near it. In addition, the users can quickly find what they need by applying a filter to the search. In addition, you can configure such an app to offer the users the goods of their greatest interest, use it for successful marketing of products, etc.

5. Hazard warnings application

The abundance of information in news channels has led to the fact that modern people practically do not read newspapers and do not watch the news. Then how can they learn about the dangers and protect themselves from them, for example, from natural disasters? One of our ideas for location-based app on iOS or Android will be particularly useful in regions with increased seismic activity or in places where terrorism is widespread. Based on the data of the GPS module, the application makes the user aware of possible hazards in the area and suggests the necessary precautions.

6. Location-based tourism apps

Perhaps the coolest features opened by the GPS module are dedicated to tourist applications. Imagine a guide application: when the users enter a new city, they can learn about what happened thousands of years ago on the place where they stand at the moment. Such an application could become a good guide to interesting places close to the users, and thus brighten up their leisure. The vacation planning function, which will help you choose the places that you would like to visit and also make up a suitable route for visiting them, will also be of a great use.

7. Integration of GPS into an existing application

There is a huge number of ideas on using geolocation in applications, whether it be dating, location -based chat apps, healthy lifestyle project solutions or something else. However, all of them are based in one way or another on ready-made solutions, which are based on something more than the GPS module alone. Therefore, the best solution for an application will be to upgrade it using a geolocation instead of writing all the functionality from scratch. As you have already seen, almost any application will benefit from the application of this technology; your task is just to think out how it is best used in your particular case.

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Summary: Location-Based App Ideas

Anyway, applications based on location are still capable of much. The solutions presented on the market reflect only a small part of what this technology is capable of, so the GPS is still too early to write off. The list of ideas given in this article is only a small part of what the GPS module can offer us at the moment, and therefore any of your ideas can cause dizzying success. We sincerely hope that have managed to inspire you for something more than another Tinder, and wish you success in all your endeavors.

7 Location-Based App Ideas for Startups
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