Project skiils: Objective-C, Social Integration
Login Screen
Registration can be done via Facebook and Twitter
Main Screen
Unified stream combining feeds from all the connected accounts with lots of filter options
Add Post Screen
Cross posting to/reposting between different networks
Unlimited amount of the accounts from any social media can be connected.e menu
Allows the user to see all of their social networks feeds combined into a single stripe formatted to the single style. Also gives the user an ability to cross post information into many social networks at the same time and to repost messages from their feed in one service into others. Another helpful feature is the scheduled posting
Challenge:The original idea was to aggregate feeds of only four services – Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Google+.
Solution:In the process of the development, with the customer’s approval, we decided to enhance the list of feasible social networks to a practical maximum. Currently the aggregator allows to tie-in the user’s accounts in Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, LinkedIn, Instagram, Google+, Foursquare and many other services.
Benefits:Social media tool useful for marketers, brand managers, small business owners and end-users. It helps the user to save time dealing with multiple social network accounts.
Technologies:Facebook integration, Tumblr integration, Twitter integration, Facebook SDK/API, Tumblr SDK/API, Twitter SDK/API, parse.com API, custom server API.