Social Event App

Main Screen
The list of activities filtered by the user’s interests.
Notebook Screens
Shows the user’s friend list, followings list and block list.
Media screen
Take a picture with the camera, download a photo or a video from a gallery.
List of Interests
Allows the user to check two types of interests.
User profile
Information about the user, their interests, their activities and their media.
Activity detail
Displays the activity’s detailed description, media, interests, date and time, map and participants.
List of activities
Lists of the activities – user’s own, followings’ and accepted ones.
Main screen
Showing users by cross interests with current user
Main screen
Show cross interest of the activity.
A social network event-oriented application for the California startup. The initial idea was to organize a social network of pro-active lifestyle. Supplies a user with push notifications about all the events happening near his current geolocation containing the profiles of all the participants.
Challenge:It all started with our customer’s bright idea. They needed no less bright developers to epitomize it. After the long and arduous search, having being denied repeatedly, they came to us.
Solution:We were extremely captivated by the idea. After the long, heated and inspired discussion the UI/UX for the app was created in no time that customer took to the investors together with a design concept. We also created the unique API – both for the Android and iOS phones – which makes it flexible and convenient. Symfony framework allowed us to construct a fast high-grade admin panel for the back-end server part.
Benefits:One of the possible monetization methods are the paid events. After being repaid, the event would become relevant and undisposable. Other methods include a paid pro accounts, selling a virtual goods and decorations, displaying a media and context adverts, a partnership programs and a product placements.
Technologies:Facebook integration, YouTube integration, Twitter integration, Instagram integration, map services integration, geolocation services integration, Symfony2 framework, NSRequest (server interaction), MapKit/CoreLocation (maps), UIKIT, NSFoundation, Facebook SDK/API, Twitter SDK/API, Scrum (project methodology).