Real Estate App

Free login
Entering the app without need to log in
Add property
Contribute places free Each user may add information of one accommodation
Search options
Вy price, location, property type, zoning
Main screen
Displaying such sections as Profile, Feed, My Listing, Add Property, Contact Us, Settings
Property details
With photo gallery, description and map
Sharing in social media
Google+, Twitter, Facebook
Searching dwellings all around the globe
An application for searching accommodations and apartments for sale and rent. It provides a smooth and customized experience tailored to your needs. While using the app, one may swiftly connect the owner of the apartment you’ve had an eye for, with the help of handy navigation. All features of the app help both users and agents gain cooperation that would be as simple and quick as possible.
Challenge:The idea was about creating an app that would help find rentals quickly and effortlessly.
Solution:We approved the design and created UI/UX for the application. PHP with Symfony framework were used in the work under back-end server part. Dynamic pace and successful A and B testing were indicators of our successful strategy.
Benefits:And we did it! We created an app where finding a snug place is as easy and comfortable as it could be. The application is easy to navigate and is deprived of advertising and unnecessary high-pressure features. It demonstrates elegant design and comprehensible structure.
Technologies:The project was written in objective C for iOS 6+ versions with PHP and Symfony2 used. The application is supplied with Facebook integration, Google+ integration and Twitter integration. Geolocation feature is implemented.