Recall email

Login Screen
Supporting services: gmail, yahoo, aol, hotmail
Inbox Screen
Read/Unread, deleting feature, create new email
Spam Screen
Users could their spam folder
Schedule Screen
List of email that should be sent in some time.
Settings screen
Contact list, set default sending time
Sent List Screen
This is a list of sent emails
New Email Screen
To, CC/Bcc field, Subject, Body, Time to send fields
Reply Screen
User could reply the letter.
Menu of the app
Detail Screen
User could see detail of the letter
History Screen
User could see history of the sent emails
A complete email client for iOS 6/7 with a magic twist - mail sending can be delayed or scheduled. Complete compatibility with Google, Yahoo, Hotmail and AOL mail services.
Challenge:Our customer wanted to have a personal email client with added functionality – possibility to delay mail send. Main challenge was to develop a fully qualified email client from a scratch in the shortest possible term.
Solution:We managed to finish the complete design/development/test cycle in two months. The interface is one of our designer’s little masterpieces – a true people’s mail client: simple, easily comprehensible, all the features are obvious and clear. The designers strived to make writing the every new letter quick, transparent and pleasurable, and with the great pride, we assert that they managed it with an over 100% certainty.
Benefits:Ads-free personal email client for an achievement-oriented people that appreciate their time and make money for themselves, not for the advertising companies.
Technologies:Afnetworking (server interaction), UIKIT, NSFoundation, Database, CoreData, CoreMail 2.