Throughout its history, humanity strives to improve themselves and all that surrounds us. What does it give? For the most part, comfort, simplification of routine tasks, to increase the speed of complex and labor-intensive processes by replacing human work with machine one. Indeed, with the universal proliferation of mass computerization and the Internet of things, our life becomes much easier. And probably saturated – both in terms of events and technological development.

Remember what was 10-15 years ago. How could anyone think that after such a short period of time for the history we will able to carry entire computers and multimedia station – smartphones in our pocket. In fact, such a small device can already replace the computer for educational or “office” purposes. Same thing with entertainment: games, music, movies – all available suited to every fancy.

But humanity forges ahead  and comes up with more and more cunning things that quickly and quietly enter our lives, changing it so that even after a short period of time we cannot live without it. Smartphones (and therefore installed applications) are getting smarter, interfaces – more logical and user-friendly.


Mobile Development

We have a reason to talk about development. So we would like to gradually bring you mobile development in general and modern trends in particular. More specifically, we would like to talk about machine learning in mobile apps.

Today, this approach in the creation of such products have been used for quite a lot of companies, and developers are seeking to improve technologies and processes to implement more complex ideas. With the help of machine learning, it’s now possible to process or recognize images, conduct research or analysis, and more.

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Why do you have to do something for a long time and with the help of many experts if some of the work can be left to the machine, right? If it might make it much faster and with fewer resources.

What is Machine Learning?

Machine learning frees the programmers from explaining algorithms how to solve the problem to a computer in detail. Instead, a computer is taught to find a solution on its own. In fact, the machine learning is a very complex appliance of statistics to find patterns in data and create relevant forecasts on its basis.

Machine learning can be considered a subsection of artificial intelligence, which aims at studying and developing methods for training the program by itself. This discipline reports such sciences as mathematical statistics, analysis, and optimization techniques. In fact, machine learning app (like the method as a whole) relieves a person from having to explain the computer problem-solving algorithms, “forcing” it to find a decision itself.

Why Does Business Consider It Promising?

If even 5 years ago, the widespread use of this approach was difficult to imagine, now computers could be quite successfully used in previously inaccessible areas. The basic idea is that, at the present state of evolving  technology development, many believe that there is no limit to the development of machines. Of course, the technology is far from ideal but some machines have already passed the Turing test.

You can experience applications of these techniques in everyday life – intelligent handwriting data input, or Google keyboard on the Android system which implements the next word prediction in the application, taking into account the emotional nuance. However, this terms can be also applied to Siri on iOS.

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We must add that virtual assistants cannot only understand your speech, but also meet the “meaningful” offers, tell jokes, or remind you about important tasks.

What are the opportunities open for business? Primarily – routine analysis of a vast amount of information. For example, you are trying to gather statistics on the positive feedback to your service. Imagine that you are a hotel owner and want to soberly assess the situation and learn how to relate to your hotel customers. Previously, you would have to hire a team of analysts who would collect information from all sources around the clock, and now this case can be transfused to an application of machine learning. Even taking into account the context and the emotions the user can write, then build a detailed report.

Or another example – it is possible to use machine learning to identify users requests better. If you have your own online store, think you would not have given up the possibility of determining the 100% sales of necessary goods to people.


Machine Learning Applications

What could be machine learning applications? As you can imagine – there are no restrictions except for your imagination. Google uses this approach in their search algorithms and spam filtering. But if we talk about such tangible examples, we can come up with a short list of machine learning examples of the past time:

• Snapchat;

• Prisma;

• Facebook – with it’s “People You Might know”;

• as well as virtual assistants in various operational systems.

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What’s expected in the future

We want to believe that the opportunities that can provide machine learning are really endless and can cover so many aspects of our daily life as far as possible. Our life could gradually get rid of many routines that are needlessly consuming valuable time, thanks to technologies.

We think that in the future we can expect such instances as:

• Changes to the very essence of translation. And it’s a future that may come tomorrow, because of the Microsoft, we will be able to communicate with people from different countries in our own language. They want to integrate smart translation into Skype so people no longer feel difficulties in negotiating or scientific discussions. Imagine, with this technology, it will be possible to share knowledge and experience with people from all over the world, just by making one call.

• Cars that can drive without a driver. Although this technology is available in part, but at this point, it cannot completely do it without driver’s person. We hope that in the near future it will become the property of all.

• Improvement of healthcare system. Imagine that your home would be your personal “doctor” who could inspect, diagnose and make a personalized treatment, taking into account individual characteristics of your body!

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Thus, machine learning is gradually becoming a part of our lives, while remaining virtually unnoticed in everyday use. We believe that such technologies allow evolving, making everyday life easier, pushing technology progress forward.

The next stage is to ensure security on the network, by more accurately filtering unwanted or inappropriate content, and ensuring safety on the roads, at airports or other places.

Speaking about mobile development, you should consider more accurate geolocation, best recommendations of places to relax or companies providing different kinds of commodities and services. This will become increasingly important because even today many sites are inserting elements of machine learning into the code.

If you have questions – you can ask us, don’t hesitate. We will give precise and reasoned advice since we always strive to explore the development of new technologies and improve already utilized!

Will Machine Learning Revolutionize Mobile Apps?
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