Different cost of mobile development often causes confusion among clients who have not employed IT-company’s services before. Given article analyzes parameters which are able, in some way or another, to affect mobile app pricing.

Different cost of mobile development why does that happen

In order to implement your business-idea, you will need to find a proper team of developers that will write code for it. In the search process, you will probably be guided by such important parameter as pricing of team’s services. Search requests like: “How much will an app cost?”, in turn, are very unlikely to satisfy your question. As practice shows, the cost of the same project differs radically in accordance with the hired team of experts. Additionally, expensive man-hours do not always guarantee high quality of work. So, why cost of app development can differ? We would like to examine the main parameters that influence mobile app development cost below.

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Why cost of app development can differ: which parameters affect mobile app pricing

Amount of man-hours spent. First and foremost parameter that influences a price of implementation of a future project is a sum of man-hours spent (i.e. hours used by each software development expert during the work on task set by you). It is unlikely that there are two separate companies which correspond with each other in that aspect. That is due to different approaches to pricing of work and experience of certain IT-companies (obviously, more experienced teams of developers will give you more specific answer with consideration of all possible delays and circumstances of insuperable force).

UX development approach. Conception of some IT-organizations that develop mobile applications for mass consumption implies obligatory utilization of marketing researches in their developments. Their goal consists of market analysis and detection of common needs and desires of target users. At any rate, such researches can take up to a few months of extra time, which, in turn, directly influences project’s final cost. It would be reasonable to note that the developed application will most likely compensate its initial expenses invested by client due to its significant client-orientedness. However, in order to do that, the application must be expensive.

Business logic complexity. Direct functionality discussed on initial stages of conversation between IT-company’s representative and a client, can influence general cost of project’s implementation most significantly. Applications featuring complex business logic or requiring specific knowledge related to your scope of activity demand more developer’s effort and time expenses. This directly affects the cost of their services. On the other hand, mobile applications distributed among average consumers (for example, via Google Play or App Store) must feature attractive design and accessible interface. Such characteristics motivate more users to purchase the product. However, they cannot happen without designers’ significant effort (which would be much humbler in case of development of an ordinary specialized app). That directly affects total cost of a work on the project.

Capability of further scaling. Certain IT-companies deliberately provide your project with an utterly limited functionality. That is done in order to increase chances of your need to employ their services once again for scaling or customization of functionality of created earlier application. There is a practice, where all the insignificant fixes and extensions are determined beforehand in the frame of initially discussed budget. Such manipulation will save you from unexpected expenses and increase possibility of successful project’s outcome. In turn, if you did not think over compensation of this part of a budget on initial stage of contract establishment, be ready to pay a sum (defined by high pricing ratio per man-hour) for addition of extra functions or fixing of existing ones.

Location of team of developers. Cost of services of a desired IT-company can significantly vary according to where it is situated. Thus, developers from highly-developed countries will set much higher prices as compared with experts from, for example, Eastern Europe, India or China. According to practice, range of prices per man-hour varies, in average, between 15 u.c. and 200 u.c. Admittedly, such wide range implies a reason to look for a team of developers outside USA and Western Europe.

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Size and status of an IT-company. Services of IT-companies with reputation that stood the test of time and a numerous staff (with more than 50 people) and which make a lot of effort and financial investments into self-advertisement cannot be inexpensive. On one hand, you will receive the best possible variation of implementation of your idea with practically 100% guarantee. On the other hand, there is always a possibility to find younger and, therefore, less expensive organization which would realize your project as successfully. That is why, if you have time and want to save as much as possible on software development, you should look for good specialists among smaller IT-companies.

Quality of written code. We would like to notice, in opposition to the previous issue, that many inexperienced IT-companies tend to build badly scalable and practically unreadable code. On practice, this significantly complicates a process of customization of and connection of side developers’ team to work on existing application. Absence of distinctive structure and complexity of code constructions can, in some cases, make further software scaling impossible. Poorly written code can as well be a reason for repeated development of the same application, which causes extra expenses.

Team’s experience. In some cases, a team that consists of 5 experienced developers is able to finish your project in a month, whereas another, bigger but less experienced team would spend twice as much time. That is why initial high price for experienced developers’ services can be completely justified by the time spent on application’s development.


Let us summarize. As we can see, project’s total cost can be influenced by quite obvious factors as well as by those dictated strictly by IT-company’s public image. There are objective characteristics that guarantee high quality of project’s execution which should not be neglected. There are also secondary characteristics such as location and a “name” which can appear not as important for you. Thus, many outsourcing companies situated in Ukraine offer a high quality of service for relatively accessible prices. Prices significantly lower than those requested by the developers from USA and Europe. Only you can decide which option to choose. We believe that in the era of internet and advanced ways of communication between physically remote people, it is worth looking for optimal price and quality ratio of project’s implementation and hiring a team of developers outside your country.

Why the Cost of App Development Can Differ
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