If you wonder about such things as ‘why is noone downloading my app?’, you probably already have one. The one you have put your heart and soul into, the one that had to make lives of all people better. So why they do not just download it? The lone fact of downloads absence upsets and defeats many interesting and worthy projects. But do not dare to abandon your ideas only because of this trouble. It is only a problem that needs to be solved.

Moderate expectations

Starting with psychology we tend to highlight, that the question is more psychological and human-oriented rather than being a regular technical issue. Do not set too high goals. To create a mobile app is a complex multilevel task that requires to be divided into parts for better accomplishment. Even if your plans are global, choose one simple goal first, achieve it, then choose another one and repeat the sequence. Focus on small achievements to reach great results in future.

Nobody downloads my app. Does that mean it is useless?

This thought is the most common for app developers whose apps get much less sales that it was supposed. If your app is already done, make sure you have got through every step of idea validation:

• Try to discover and describe the idea of your app and compare that with the starting idea you used to formulate. What changed? Are the changes significant? Answer the questions from the user’s point of view.

• Make sure your main idea did not disappear among numerous insufficient details. Just design to the point and people will appreciate your app.

• So far as you discovered the differences between “What I thought the app should be” and “What people need”, modify your app according to what will be the answer to the last question.


Make sure people can find it with ASO

At this stage you should check whether your app is easy to find in an enormous number of other products. Your primary goal is to find such words at which the search will lead the user to your app. Use the differences of the stores search engine mechanisms to find the best match.

To dive in more deeply, let us consider that people usually use a limited range of different queries, among which are:

• transactional (when a user wants to do something: ‘read a book online’, ‘share a photo’),

• informational (when a user seeks information: ‘where to go this evening in [city]’),

• navigational (when a user wants to reach a particular online destination – not really our case, because for that the app should be very widely known).

The most common queries at app stores are different. They usually contain two-three word phrases tied to app features: ‘music player’, ‘books for free’ or one word app or brand name (which are also not our variant). However, to use the app title as a tag for search is possible.

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The most popular app markets – Google Play and Apple App Store – have such limitations for app titles: 30 characters for Google Play and 255 characters for Apple App Store. Remember the keywords you used to describe your app when it was only at the brainwork stage? They are also can be useful. Nevertheless, it does not means you should use all the keywords for your app in the title. Users would probably not tap it is the title will be spammed with different ‘magic words’.

• For Android apps, be as short and intriguing as it is possible: use 2-3 word phrases with the most relevant keys.

• For iOS apps, do not use more than 100 characters. Otherwise they can turn users off. Even the moderators can reject the submission of the app because of too spammy title.


Another thing to increase the visibility of the app at the stores is to apply ASO (application store optimization). Each store has its own ranking of the apps, so ways to influence their ranking order also differ. For example, at Google Play the keywords are indexed right from the app description, when Apple App Store has specialized ‘Keywords’ field. ASO is an essential tool to boost mobile app downloads, because it is both the part of search optimization and convincing users at the same time.

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Special emphasis here should be made on categories arranging. The research on the issue of downloads lack shows that the most significant impact on app visibility and search availability is produced by the app-category matching.

The downloads are bursting the most when the app finds a place in the charts. For that, your app should be the best in a particular niche/locality/among free proposals. Make your proposal unique, and the downloads will find you.

Attract and convince – copywriting and reviews

Try to recollect what influences your decision when you downloading the app from app stores? It is not the keywords that make your app attractive for users. It is crucial for the app the users liked using it. So, it should start from the very page of app description.

• The icon is the face of the app. It is the first thing the user sees in a list of search results. Make sure it is interesting enough for the user to tap to see the description.

• The screens are also important for making an impression of the app. The best practice is to ask an end user to make the screens of the app functionality. This will help to focus on the most wanted and valuable features for the users. Also check whether the screenshots have a short description (better in call-to-action phrases) in order not to confuse the user.

• The video is a powerful tool to stand out for the competitors. Make sure your video is professional and appropriate in your case. Such a preview video is the best way to show all the possibilities the app gives to the user in a quick and convenient way.

• Encourage users to leave reviews at the app page by using a reminder. ‘You’ve already spent 50 hours using the app. Could you share with others what do you think about it?’

• Good copywriting is able to be as impressive as images and video. It is especially important at Apple App Store, where the majority of the apps are paid and keywords stuffing does not matter. Make sure your app description is not resemble to plain citations of main functionalities.

• The localization is also essential when it comes to international spread. Where is your targeted audience located? Translate your promo materials into the language of your users and make it do well with their cultural peculiarities.

• Bloggers often create independent reviews of the apps they like. Contact them and invite their attention to your app. They can compose specific charts and comparisons of them, which can also attract new users. So do press releases and landing pages.


Experiment and observe – A/B test

Everyone having ‘nobody downloads my app’ problem probably has a unique set of reasons and, thus, a unique solutions. That is why it is impossible to list here all possible reasons and solutions. To face the problem one need a specialized tool to observe the traffic and its changes. There some of such tools:

• Google’s Universal Analytics – the most widespread analytics tools, which also provides mobile support.

• Flurry – the analysis tool used by Yahoo! and several other global companies.

• Countly – real-time mobile app analytics.

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Try consequently make changes in your promotion campaign and observe the effects using these or other services. It will help to find a powerful non-trivial influencers and to understand better the mechanism of the mobile app promotion.

More notes: What surely won’t help to boost mobile app downloads

Popularity and credibility are fragile enough, and several mistakes can cause a significant damage.

• Actually, paid advertising can not be called a mistake, but usually it does not make any sense, especially in case your app idea and description are poor. It makes sense only to increase stable downloads rate or to expand on the other markets.

• Paid reviews are dangerous thing to play with. Firstly, users will feel insincerity and this can take them off. Secondly, such measures are restricted by the stores and the app can be found banned because of that reason. Take care of your reputation.

• And at last, an incorrect order of recommendations appliance is also won’t do any good. it is useless to make a discount for the app that has no downloads because nobody would know about it. So will do untimely press releases and bloggers inquiries. Just arm yourself with patience and increase the downloads step by step.


In mobile development, to build an exciting app is not enough for success. Fortunately there are many ways to promote the app by optimizing its description and search acceptance. This article was dedicated to reveal how to get more downloads if it turned out to be a little more difficult than it was expected. Try and apply the tips, they are surely worth to venture.

Why is Nobody Downloading My App?
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