Augmented reality apps to try

The iOS 11 apps brought us perhaps the most interesting and global innovation – the AR Kit, the framework developed by Apple to accelerate the development of augmented reality technology. For developers – this is a tool to simplify AR applications creation; for users – a thing that will inspire many advanced, innovative ideas. This technology can be considered as an additional dimension, which allows to look at old things differently and to change the interaction with them. On the other hand, AR features allow filling the real world with virtual objects without spending too many resources.

The AR approach may not be taken seriously as of yet, but the fact remains the same – the future is near. Not that much time ago, our imagination was stirred up by such films as “Back to the future,” and today, we can turn a regular coffee table into a fighting arena and make fun. The AR era is coming soon, so let’s look at the Augmented Reality apps to try, in order to be on the top of the modern technology mountain.

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Best augmented reality apps

In order for us to justify our words, and for you to find augmented reality apps for iPhone, we present a list of the most interesting projects. Hope that this article will be able to describe the technology in details and let you learn something new for yourself.

arkit app examples

Secret Screen

Sometimes, the developer’s fantasy can go beyond the common solutions and they decide to build something non-standard to build. The Secret Screen app is one of the best AR features examples. This program allows moving your Mac desktop almost anywhere in your home. Moreover, it projects not a static picture, but a real interactive model. To launch this utility you need to follow a few simple steps:

1. Install the application on your Mac and iPhone (with iOS11);

2. Connect to a single network;

3. …

4. Profit!

After these simple actions, you can observe the screen of your desktop anywhere within the wifi network coverage area. Truly a new analog of virtual desktops, but already in reality.

Complete Anatomy 2018 +Courses

We believe that Augmented Reality can be very useful in education and healthcare, as it allows us to visually display the various states of a person’s body and their organs. Just like the Complete Anatomy 2018 +Courses – an interactive anatomical guide, which new technologies made more visualized. Now, each person has an opportunity to view 3D anatomical models in the real environment, literally from all sides.

Textbooks with such a feature will allow students to expand their knowledge and also prepare them more qualitatively. Especially in thу industries where visualization of the study subject is extremely necessary. The developers claim that their application creates the most detailed 3d model with incredible anatomical accuracy and high-resolution textures.


Continuing the education topic, we cannot but mention such application as SolAR. This program is aimed at those users who are studying astronomy or are just interested in the space. With this app, you can choose the planet from the Solar System you like and move it directly in front of you. Moreover, you can also manipulate the objects in space in every possible way, without the slightest threat to your health (joke).

For greater realism, the developers made it possible to recognize the light sources, so everything that happens looks really amazing. Also, the creators added the ability to search the necessary information about the planets. This will turn your mobile phone into an electronic encyclopedia.

The Machines

Talking about augmented reality games, it is necessary to mention such project as The Machines – probably one the best ARKit app examples. This application turns any surface into a battlefield between you and your opponents, as this is a multiplayer game in real time. Among the cool features of this product, it is worth noting that in-game battles look really beautiful and fascinating, as they use the latest available game dev technologies. Also, this app made an impression on the Apple’s latest presentation’s audience.

AR Sports Basketball

If you love both new technologies and basketball, this application will certainly please you. AR Sports Basketball is an arcade basketball simulator, realized through augmented reality. Now, you do not need to go out to throw the ball into the basket, just get the smartphone. The app lets you play basketball during the stroll in the park and can create many exciting moments in life due to engaging but simple gameplay.

Thomas and Friends Minis

We are glad that the developers also do not forget about children and try to introduce new technologies to them, even in the form of games. Thomas and Friends Minis allow designing new quirky worlds on the floor of the living room. Adding buildings, water, rails and miniature trains from the aforementioned multiplication universe, the child will feel like a true architect. A mobile version of the application will free parents from the need to clean up the house from toys.

Ikea Place

Imagine that you want to make repair jobs in your house, but have not come up with the layout of furniture or the color of wallpapers yet and want to “try on” a new sofa in your interior. To implement this idea a short while ago, you had to either master the skill of drawing, photoshop or creating 3D models. Today, you only need a smartphone and the application from Ikea.

Using ARKit and Ikea Place, you can choose any virtual product and place it in your room, literally in full size. This will allow you to understand whether there is enough space for “over that couch” or whether the sheathing of the new chair is of the fitting color. And all this without leaving home, right on the phone screen.

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Try ARKit

In this article, we tried to find and describe the best augmented reality apps that are available on the market today to show how rapidly this technology is gaining popularity. A few years ago, no one took seriously talks about the imminent approach of the augmented reality era. Today, reality proves that the time of new technologies approaches faster than the analysts can predict. Is today the right time to create a new AR startup? The answer is – rather yes than no, because if such giants like Apple undertook to promote the technology, it is likely to have a long and successful future waiting.

For a developer, application development is a field with a new interesting experience. For the user – new opportunities to simplify routine tasks or entertainment. For companies – a new direction in development or investment, which promises further growth and development.

Today, the mobile AR market is presented both by the entertainment applications and programs for education in equal proportions. That is why we think that the market of augmented reality is exactly where it is worth to take a shotб we say – try ARKit.

Try These Apps to Check Out iOS 11 ARKit
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