Digital technologies and mobile applications market today is one of the fastest growing and developing. To be successful, it is very important not only to create the high-quality and relevant product but also to closely monitor market trends.

Very often it happens that a great mobile application, useful and necessary, the fruit of many months of development, stays unnoticed among others, at times, lower quality products. Why is it happening? The answer is simple: even the best project, not having a marketing strategy, may fail and just get lost among the hundreds of other applications that are concealed to the user.

To make sure your product is appreciated the best solution would be to optimize its standing in the App Store.

What is the main goal of the App Store Optimization (ASO)?

What is App Store Optimization? The main objective of the App Store application optimization is to make the application more visible and accessible to potential users. Your product must be in the first lines of search engines, the application name should be renowned. Only through the App Store application optimization, there is a chance that among the hundreds and thousands of new applications, the user will find it and acknowledge your design.

Remember, the more users will see your application and read about it, the more likely that it will be bought.

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Being an approved mobile application for iOS and Android development company, at some point, we decided to conclude our experience into this App Store optimization guide. Below we propose some ASO tips to optimize the application in App Store, which will help your product become popular.


Search engine promotion

Research has shown that of the two similar in their properties applications the one placed higher in the search engine results would be downloaded more frequently. Applications that are at the top of the list are downloaded many times more often than the others. Thus, when working with application promotion in search engines or App Store SEO, your main task should be making sure that your product appears as high as possible on the list. To take the top search engines line, not only the product itself has to be truly unique and outstanding, but also its description.

That same application description, the text component of your app’s page in the App Store, is a decisive factor, which determines at which point in the search engines’ results the link to your product will be placed.

It is important that the text of the description was uncommon: one of the main factors by which search engines sort the results is the uniqueness of the page. If, say, a description of your application is similar to others, or your text contains structures and clauses repeating other applications’ descriptions, apps that appeared earlier would be placed higher on the list.

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Be sure to check the uniqueness of your product description before the App Store release.

Also, special attention should be paid to App Store keyword optimization. Keywords are language constructions that make a search engine find the right page faster. The higher is the percentage of words found in your text matching the user’s query, the closer to the top of the results list your page will be. Therefore, creating an application text description, you need to carefully consider which words a potential user’s query would be composed when searching for your mobile application.

Thus, to promote the mobile application in the search engines, you need to:

• Remember that the higher is your application placed in the search results, the greater are the chances of its purchase;

• Use a unique text to describe a product;

• Check the uniqueness of the description using special programs;

• Pay attention to the keywords in the text;

• Try to incorporate into the text as much keywords and phrases coinciding with the possible user queries, as possible.

Positive reviews

Positive reviews

Unlike search engines, online shopping spots such as Amazon or eBay, rank products in the search results based on their rating. Thus, the positive feedback on your application and its high customer rating can significantly raise future sales. Be open: allow users to comment on and evaluate your product, take care to respond to user comments as much as possible, and this certainly will improve its rating.

Ask your customers to evaluate your product after use and to leave feedback about it: this will not only help to increase sales but also give ideas for improvement so that the application would be more in line with user expectations.

Specify the amount of application downloads on its page: people trust numbers. “If so many people have downloaded it – probably it will suit me as well”, – thinks the average user. That is why a large number of your mobile application installs referred in its description or on the page will always work in your favor.

What else can be done to optimize the application’s placement in App Store?

As mentioned above, new ideas and high quality, at times, is not enough to ensure that the mobile application becomes popular and sold. More often than not, the product’s initial success depends on the brightness of its “wrap”. Being glittering and unusual is something that will help your application to stay afloat and not to get lost among the competition.

Engage in visualization. Make your product’s page intense and memorable. Add some screenshots showing the appearance of your application and how exactly it works besides its description and reviews.

Keep an eye on market tendencies – employ the ASO marketing. Be prepared to not only refine the product but also to change its description, as well as keywords, according to changes in trends. Keep in mind: the ones who first respond to the changes in the ever-growing digital market and manage to give the users exactly what they are looking for, usually achieve the maximum success.

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Final thoughts

Do not act at random. Although the ASO optimization tips provided above at first glance seem simple and obvious, it is necessary, however, not to underestimate the complexity of the task.

In order to successfully promote your product at least the clear optimization plan, so-called App Store optimization checklist, is needed. You must precisely understand how and what you will do, in what order, and also what result you want to achieve after the each action on the application optimization.

However, making a checklist and following it sharply is not always the key to success. Be prepared for the fact that due to changes in the market dynamics the optimization plan may need to be quickly adjusted, or even redirected to different objectives as a whole.

Sometimes, even for seemingly most simple tasks, it is better to employ the help of the experienced professionals. Do not overestimate your strength and risk your project, having no experience in the App Store application optimization. After all, the error at the stage of optimization can be so fatal, that the whole project may become a disaster.

The Ultimate App Store Optimization (ASO) Guide
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