Today as the mobile development industry prosper more and more, companies progressively decide to make mobile apps for their products. Being a rather complicated task, mobile application development requires experienced staff for its implementation. Considering all the difficulties of their search, the question about how to hire mobile app developers lies upon what way to find dedicated specialists.

Unfortunately, people often underestimate the complexness of the problem and start searching for the developers the last minute. But the reality is implacable: they fail to find an experienced specialists and hire newcomers or other disputable candidates that will inevitably be incapable to create a qualitative app and will interfere with the development process and project duration. Today we seek to help to cope with the problem of how to find dedicated mobile developers and not to run completely out of money.

Dedicated Developers: Who Are They?

Before conducting any search activities it is essential to picture a person one seek to hire as clearly as it is possible. So, what characteristics do we usually expect a successful candidate should possess to match perfectly our needs?

• Expertise in certain technologies – the most essential characteristic. There are many talented and proficient specialists in mobile development, but you should find the one that specializes with the tools your project uses.

• Experience – can be expressed by portfolio or the reviews/references from the previous employers.

• Responsible worker: you wish your startup would be finished and launched on time and all the promises were kept.

That is how one trivially thinks about what people they are going to hire. Don’t you see, what is wrong with these criteria? The way it goes, to hire a mobile developer is like to hire any other specialist. So, why does this task causes so much problems? The answer is:

• Everybody lists the same set of preferences, so such candidates are usually busy for months.

• It is complex enough and bitterly time-consuming to test and ensure the technical expertise of the candidates having no necessary proficiency.

• People always forget that the work is always done not by a person alone but in collaboration, and ignore this factor when choosing a candidate to hire. As a result, no teamwork and no result.

Combining the preferences from both lists and taking into account your project peculiarities, you should picture out your own perfect candidate portrait. Depending on this, a search strategy should be designed.


The Place to Hire Mobile Developers

Internet provides a wide range of possibilities for hiring professionals of different subjects, let alone the mobile development. Here are some basic options where to find developers:

Mobile development teams

It is the most common way of how to hire mobile app developers quickly and without the necessity to build the whole team from scratch. People in such teams are experienced and used to work in collaboration with each other, they know each other’s strengths and weaknesses, so it is much less chances to hire just a wrap-up.


• Experienced cohesive team

• No need to waste time on recruitment

• The ability to hire local team


• Additional costs on management

There are plenty of such companies, so the only thing that rests for you is to choose the one that will succeed to persuade you. Remember: the main criterion should be an expertise in your set of technological solutions.

Freelancer marketplaces

The ability to build virtual teams opens wide possibilities to find a perfect match on freelance markets. The basic traits of working and hiring at freelance are the same as in other activities:

• More requirements to the candidate’s soft skills: strong time management, virtual collaboration skills, multitasking (freelancers often work on several projects simultaneously just because they could not influence with the time a new project comes).

• The ability to cope with the interruptions while working at home.

• The rankings and experiences listed in profiles are not always true (requires more sufficient• candidates testing and interview activities).


The best place to hire mobile developers for stable long-term projects. It provides an ability to hire remote workers pay them directly. Such a peculiarity attracts many professional workers, so this is for sure a site where you can find dedicated app developers. One can either post there a job with a project description and requirements to get a list of candidates wishing to participate, or searching the candidates directly and inviting them to participate in real instant private chat.

Upwork (oDesk+Elance)

One of the most popular freelancing platforms, providing a wide range of specialists of all kinds. The other peculiarity it provides is a project history documentation. You can easily get acquainted with the candidate’s creative portfolio, reviews and contact his/her previous employer for recommendation. This saves time on testing applicants’ qualifications.


It is the largest platform for freelancing, working since 2001 and having users across all of the world. The peculiar payment system allows to release payment only when the client is entirely satisfied by the work.

There were only three of them listed, the most influential and popular ones, but you might probably suggest to conduct a search elsewhere. We also recommend to look at Guru, Hubstaff Talent, AngelList, Remote OK and Authentic Jobs.

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LinkedIn and social media

It is difficult to overestimate the abilities LinkedIn could provide to your startup. It is not only a good place where to hire app developers, but also a platform for collaboration networking. There are few pros of this site:

• Working history of each participant

• Recommendations, portfolios, skills are listed

• Mutual connections and higher credibility

• Direct access to chat with outstanding professionals

Moreover, one can successfully reach interesting candidates via social networks or find them in pertinent communities.

Teaching or collaboration platforms

Usually those who can not only code the way ‘because it always works’ but also explain difficult things to other specialists possess a higher level of expertise. There is where you can look for them:

StackOverflow Careers

As a community where coders usually ask questions and help to solve them to each other, it can be also useful for dedicated specialists search. Look who is writing answers on the questions concerning your project issues and invite the most skilled on a interview.


This largest social coding site for sharing open source code is the place where both skilled teachers and newcomers meet and share thoughts. There one can find names, current employer, location, email, number of followers, links, contributions to the site and repositories. For example, the number of followers may indicate the expertise in a particular area and links with the repositories may include something to be treated as portfolio.

Referral programs

One can also ask their current colleagues for recommendations. It is also a winning strategy because people usually work more efficiently with their own acquaintances.


More Tips About Where to Hire App Developers

• Look at meetups and hackathons for a rising talent

It is natural to look for dedicated developers where they usually hang out and exchange thoughts and experiences. There is also where one can meet teachers and strong experts, but in addition, it is a popular places among hard-working and teachable young talents sucker for new knowledge and experience. Look more closely at those who show keen interest to the subject of your project.

• Busy candidates should also be considered

Do not leave the search of the developers too late. There is a very high demand on a skilled and hard-working professionals, so often they are already busy or work on several projects at a time. But it is not the reason not to hire best of the best, all these problems are manageable.

• The necessity to share the project’s values and hire a team player

When people are interested, they work better. When people work together, they reach better results. According to this, personal preferences to the subject and ability for collaboration (especially via Internet) should also be tested carefully.

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To summarize all that was said above, the best place to hire dedicated mobile developers depends on the needs of your project. One should decide how many resources they are going to put into the search of right candidates and then choose the form of collaboration – remote/on-site, a team/an individual freelancer. Also he/she should detect the technologies to be used and find the right professional – a teacher/mentor or a rising talent. These are the questions to be answered before conducting a search and places where one can start it.

The Best Place to Hire Dedicated Mobile Developers
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