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We often talk about mobile development and applications, but much less about their promotion and marketing. Well, today, we will speak about mobile application landing page and what are landing pages used for.

Let’s be honest, in our time it is quite difficult to surprise the buyer or user with something new. Every day we can see how hundreds of different available applications and dozens of different services appear, which can be quite confusing. Is this good for business? I believe that you already know the answer. But what if you have a really worthwhile idea that could if not turn a familiar technology world upside down, but at least bring something to a higher level. And along the way to get nervous the competitors and make them improve their product.

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So, you got a crazy idea and you think about how to implement it. Excellent, but only a realization in our time, unfortunately, is not enough. You (maybe not you particularly) have to work to advance your service or application if you want to get a positive result. And the result, in fact, can be only one – to attract customers and to understand the target audience’s  desires \ needs more accurate. The landing page for apps is what helps us here.

What are landing pages used for

So we have an idea and a desire to create an application. Now, we have already learnt that the competition on the market is quite a mess, there is huge amount of competitors and we need to stand out. But how to, build a first-class application? Yes. Create a modern website or web application? Sure. But you need to understand that only the fact of existence of the above is not a panacea and will not bring your application to the top by itself. Neither the top of the app store (whether it be Android or iOS) nor the Google.


Generally speaking, promotion strategy begins long before the creation of the application itself. Why? We have decided, we want to create a premium app and even know what it takes, right? Not really. Success of the application can be judged on the based on the total number of users that have installed application . And the number of users who constantly use it. Do not be surprised, but it’s really different numbers. But roughly speaking, and not go into the finer details.

Well, there are nothing to do – to make an app that users will want to use. But how to do it? At first, you have to collect and compile a preliminary list of potential users, of course! Do you think that this is unrealistic? Certainly not, at least remember a list of crowdfunding platforms on which people even give their money for long-term development, as long as the end product lies “on the idea stage”.

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And best mobile app landing pages will help us here. On such page you can place the necessary information for the user to introduce him a product in advance. It is necessary for a user to see the feature he wants, because of which he would have wanted to use this app. Or you can tell about the application in such way, that the user shows his interest and leave you details (these can be e-mail or mobile number.). For example, not to miss the moment to run the application.

In this way a database of future customers arise. We do not have the application yet but have future users so far.

It’s important to assemble such database because in the number of interested persons it is possible to judge if the market demands this application in the form in which you expect. Also, if users want to participate in the development process, it is possible to collect the essential feedback from them. For example about features and functions they need. Or even run a closed beta test! Involving the customer in the process, we fueled his interest (of course, if we are not intrusive and do everything in moderation).

Mobile app landing page design

At what stages of development and the life cycle of the application we need Landing? Best mobile app landing pages practices show us that at all of them.

• Prior to the release. It is necessary to check the niche, “feel” the market and ensure the involvement of the target audience and its interest in the project.

• At the time of release. This is a period of very tight and aggressive advertising campaign, you do not want your application to remain without attention?

• After the release. Additional advertising still does not harm anyone, right? In addition, you need to indulge your audience with new information periodically and to warm up their interest. For example, you can make some of the information about the new features on this page. Or to help the user with navigation, in case of complex application.


Mobile app landing page design. What is it and how it should be? There are lots of articles on how and what to do to create a successful landing on the Internet. In these articles, authors can say things like: “write a bright and prompting call to action.” But they are unlikely will not be able to tell you which should be a call for you. We’re doing serious business here, right? Therefore, the approach should be individualized, no patterns and clichés, users are tired of slogans and similar repetitive pages. We need to stop this mess once and for all (in this case I’m talking about the “screaming” sites with a countdown timer at the top of the screen and a few sentences)!

The basic idea of a landing – a premise. The essence of the advertised product must be clear at a glance, few people will want to navigate through in search of right lines. The concept is to cover as many people as possible, to ensure that every visitor will see the information. Each picture or video should give an idea about the product or service.

If you, of course, are not AMD, which launched a massive advertising campaign on all fronts, and used some kind of landing as an additional resource for heating up the audience.

Why do you need a landing page for mobile app

So, why do you need a landing page for mobile app? In simple words, landing is needed to improve sales and increase conversion (most of the time, though). Simple. So, what have we learned today?

Summing up, we can say that the landing is used at all stages of the application or service development. Moreover, it is often essential to run such page before the start of the development. And, of course, do not forget about landing after development. Because you can start using it as a tool to further promotion or to stay in touch with the audience.

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Landing is often used to increase sales. Yes, but also they are used to gather information about the market and the target audience, which in the future can become your customers. Unless, of course, you will work with them properly, and perhaps adapt products to their needs and the needs of the market in time.

Want to know how to make a landing page for your app? Then muster up all courage and write us! We will be very happy to help you and understand your specific needs and how to implement it best!

Do You Need a Landing Page for Your App?
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