What do you usually do after an exhausting day at work? What do you discuss with your friends and family during a dinner or at leisure? How would you prefer to spend your time with a person you like? I bet at least one of the answers to this question is somehow connected with movie streaming services like Netflix. No wonder, that Netflix app became one of the most popular apps: wherever you are, no matter what you do, just go Netflix and chill out. Given the fact that modern technologies allow you to use Netflix app on almost any gadgets ranging from smartphones and ending with TVs, the success of the app was not long in coming. Many entrepreneurs now want to have such a business and ask themselves how much does Netflix cost. So, let us see how to make an app like Netflix, and what money it will require to invest in.

How to Start a Video Streaming Business?

Before you start, it is necessary to understand the simple truth: you will not be able to quickly make such a complex application, and it will take a lot of steps to achieve the result. Below there is a brief outline of what steps the app development consists of:

• Understand what kind of app you are going to work on, its specific features and purposes.

• Consider existing alternatives, including Netflix, and their functionality.

• Make a research and interview potential users about what functions such apps should have, what they lack in existing apps.

• Define a list of functions (here it’s important to think about unique functionality). Only after obtaining the list of the required functions, you can get an approximate estimate of how much does it cost to develop an app like Netflix.

• Create user stories.

• Formulate the UX requirements based on the results of the target audience study and/or with the help of a project manager and UX designer.

• Wireframing: build a clickable prototype and test it on the target audience.

Now we finally got to actually developing the app and its visual design, so the following steps are the next:

• Building an efficient and stylish visual design compliant with all modern trends.

• Development and testing, both along the way and beta- testing in the end.

make an app like netflix

Look at What You Are Going to Build

Before creating an app like Netflix, let’s talk about how this app works in the first place. Netflix is a subscription service that gives you an opportunity to use its enormous storage of various movies, TV shows, and cartoons. Although it isn’t free and you have to pay monthly to use this service, Netflix is considered to have the biggest database among rivals. It also can be used on any operating system (both mobile, desktop, and web, nothing is left behind). And, of course, Netflix is known for running its own TV series.

To begin with, you should study your customers in all possible ways by conducting a study research. It is an essential pillar of how to start a video streaming business or any other business on the Internet. Pay attention to each client separately, track statistics and create unique functions/content to see what tactics in your product monetization to choose. By the way, Netflix has achieved a huge success using this tactic. But even Netflix has a room for improvement. And it is up to you to find weak zones and unique features to make your app even stronger than its competitors. That is why it is a good idea to do some market research and find out what customers would want the most. On this stage of planning it would be good to hire a marketer or business analyst. Remember, that the research will also cost some money, but still, it is extremely necessary.

Netflix Alternatives to Consider

To analyze pros and cons of different possible solutions and know which similar apps already exist on the market, let us take a look at Netflix clones. By far, there are several services that are clamped to be worthy competitors for Netflix. Here they are:

• Acorn.tv

• Mubi.com

• Fandor

• Tubitv.com

• Crackle.com

• Pluto TV

• SeeSo.com

• Shudder.com

• Spuul.com

Now that you are aware of how Netflix works, you might already have some thoughts about creating an alternative app.

Netflix-Like App Development: List of Functions

The next step is to determine the application functionality. Of course, each person understands it differently what should be present in a streaming service like Netflix and what should not. Depending on your preferences, survey results, studies, or simply the budget, you need to determine which functions are to be in the app. Below we provide an example where you can get acquainted with three functional packages, where “Light” is the simplest and the most limited solution and will work well if your budget is tight, and “Premium” is the closest to the real Netflix.

Since your future app can be different in scope and features’ complexity, we’d better list all the mentioned packages’ functionality an app like Netflix can have:

1. Light version: user registration, social media integration, payment gateway, video gallery, basic video player, content search, settings

2. Medium version includes Light app’s functionality plus: localization to several languages, subtitles, choice of an audio track – therefore, a more advanced video player.

3. Premium version would also include: user profiles, ability to add friends, individual and group chats, push notifications, comments and reviews.

These three packages are given to provide an example and the real app can be different, but still, they can help us get an approximate app price.

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How Much Does Netflix Cost?

Now that we have a list of functions, we can finally answer the question about the Netflix cost. The development of each function will be spent a certain number of working hours, and a team should include experts of different profiles will work on the app. Therefore, the exact amount is calculated for a specific company and a package of services. Usually, a team that can create Netflix should consist of iOS, Android, backend developers, testers, UI/UX designers, business analyst, project manager, and DevOps specialists. While calculating a pricing, remember about the necessity of a prototype creation (we’ll talk about it later) as well.

What influences the price of development:

• functionality requirements;

• a number of team members;

• research complexity;

• type of an executing company.


Prototyping and Visual Design

Now that you have a list of functionality you want to integrate and a rough estimation, you can move on directly to the app visual design, development and testing. First of all, write user stories describing separate pieces of functionality. However, this step is required in any app, not only in a Netflix alternative creation. User stories will determine which functions will be developed and in what order, so their availability is necessary for the team’s work. Then the development phase of user experience follows, which needs a preliminary study of how users will work with the app. In this case, starters can make a research by themselves or ask designers and project managers for a help. For the validation of the UX created on the basis of the received data, it is necessary to create a clickable prototype, or a minimum viable product (MVP). Although this is a fairly time-consuming and expensive task, it will be even more expensive to skip it, since mistakes at this stage can result in an unclaimed product. The last step before the Netflix-like app development is the creation of the visual design of our clone. It should also be implemented with attention to detail and making sure all the existing trends in the market are observed since this is the face of your app.

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Summary: Creating Streaming Service Like Netflix

How to create something like Netflix? I hope that it is obvious for everyone that competing with Netflix will not be an easy thing to do. It will take several years to become close its success, not mentioning all this time and efforts, that you will put into the process of making your business profitable. But if you feel that you are ready for this challenge, here you will find enough information and inspiration to begin with.

Let’s Make an App Like Netflix: Cost Estimation and Functionality
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