Music identification app development

Today I would like to talk about the phenomenon of services which allow to identify and search for music. And also to touch such a topic as music identification app development. This topic does not lose its popularity, even if we take into account the fact that Shazam was founded 18 years ago, in 1999.

Before proceeding to the main subject of the article and comparison of popular services of music identification search, I would like to point out some interesting functions and features possessed by Shazam. I believe that you are more likely agree with the fact that it is very difficult in our time to stay afloat and remain the most popular service. And Shazam not only shows great results, but it is constantly and rapidly evolving, keeping the mountain king status in a fierce confrontation.

What makes services like Shazam or Soundhound popular? We do – common users and music lovers. Do you ever think about how much time you spend a day listening to music? Whether it happens on the way to work or just for fun. How many of your friends are constantly listening to music, no matter where they are at the moment?

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But what to do in those moments when we listen to the radio\watching TV and suddenly hear a great song, but do not know how it’s called, or do not know the artist? I believe that the same thought was in Shazam creators’ minds. After all, why should you forget the song, if you can find it?!

What is so exciting about Shazam?

• The basic feature of this service is still music identification, but its algorithms are used to do it relatively quick and with virtually 100% match;

• Great design. From the application icon to search animation composition. Attention to small details often impresses users;

• A huge list of available information about the artist: song lyrics, music videos, other works of the artist and much more;

• An interesting social aspect. In Shazam, there are available playlists / searches of celebrities.


Shazam alternative

We believe that it is not a secret that Shazam is not “one-of-a-kind” application in its way. There are also good alternatives, which differ not only in design, but also with built-in features that make them popular, and sometimes even more functional than Shazam. So, let’s look at what is a shazam alternative:


One of the most popular services for searching music on par with Shazam. Truly a great service that allows you to find virtually any song that you can hear in your everyday life. Among the main features are:

• Fast speed of work. The program streams music immediately on the server after the start of recording. Thus you get the result almost instantly, with proper operation of the search algorithm;

• Ability to display lyrics and links to the clip on YouTube (if any);

• The possibility of voice search for the information about composer or song;

• Charts, artist tour dates, ringtones download, a list of similar artists and much more. This is what awaits you if will use the service;

• Also, this service provides another great feature for those who like to sing or karaoke – you can sing a part from the song and the program will try to find the original one. But you should consider that the result will depend on how well the song was sung, which may impose some restrictions.


If you want to know more about how to make an app like shazam, you certainly might need to pay your attention to this service. Its story begins in the distant 2006 when the company named Gracenote introduced the service to then-existing Sony Ericsson. The principle of operation remains the same for this type of application – all you need to do is bring your smartphone to your sound source, press the button and wait while the app give the answer.

Does this app have distinctive features which set it apart from the competition? Yes, many:

• The possibility of offline songs recording and its subsequent search when you will have a connection. And this is an extremely convenient feature that allows you to store your favorite songs, even if you were out of the coverage area of your service provider;

• Trackid songs hit-parade from around the world;

• The possibility to Display information about the artist, his biography, videos, and much more.

• The possibility to add detected songs to Spotify playlist.

Sound Search for Google Play

Perhaps few people have ever heard about this app similar to shazam. Its release has passed unnoticed for many users, and even avid audiophiles. We do not fully understand why Google is so shy to boldly announce its new developments or extremely useful functions but leaves it at the mercy of users who are interested in delving into the undocumented features of their devices. Probably not in vain that Android is a considered choice of geeks and young people. Such users love to customize their own smartphones and search for new functions.


But let’s get closer to the subject. So, this application is available as a widget that can be placed on the main screen and allows with a touch of a button get the title of the song. Not impressed? And if I say that this widget offers to buy the track immediately and saves your search history? This is really convenient because in this way you can create an entire playlist of songs that you hear for example in a video on YouTube. With the subsequent purchase and download without interruption of playback (if you watch the video for example on your laptop or desktop).


And as a special treat – yet another music recognition service, but this time more suitable for video services like YouTube or Vimeo. It works as a web service and also has a native Android application. Unfortunately, there is no app for iOS yet, but we hope that it will be developed soon because developers cannot long ignore such a huge audience, right?

So, the desktop version of this service works by copying the video link with the song which you like. Next, you need to specify a particular track time of playing, wait a while and voila – profit. You can run to buy the desired song! The mobile version works in a similar way – all you have to do is only share the link with the application. And that’s it, so simple.

Develop a shazam-like application

To develop a shazam-like application you need to seriously analyze the market in order to identify pros and cons of this kind of application. Music identification market is quite extensive, but to come up with additional features of your application is always possible. For example, a great feature would be an extension of the library of artists to cover as many countries as possible. For the start you can build the country charts, you want to add, it will be trendy and always updated a list of music.

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Shazam clone development implies the creation of something new that would bore the improvement of existing functions and add new ones. It does not have to be a revolution, but at least some rethinking of the already achieved results.

Still want to know how to build an app like Soundhound? Do not hesitate, contact us and we will tell you more!

How to Make an App Like Shazam?
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