It is hard to imagine a more fascinating occupation than communicating with interesting people. Dating applications help these people find each other, make friends, and start communication. And although there are quite a lot of such apps on the market, not all of them fully meet the requirements of users. For the most part, the task of providing security for dating applications and validation of profile data remains an unsolvable problem.

However, where there are growth zones, there are opportunities for business. The analysis of the successes and failures of existing dating solutions will help to understand in which direction to apply efforts to bring your application to the peak of popularity. In this article, we will analyze one of the most popular dating apps, namely how to make an app like Badoo.

How Does Badoo Work?

First of all, it should be said that Badoo is one of the few applications that win not due to ingenious algorithms but due to its simplicity. In truth, users most often do not take applications for dating seriously, so the excessive abundance of functions can harm its popularity.

What features does Badoo clone should offer to its users?

• Registering users/logging in via Facebook

• Real-time messages

• Filling profile data

• Geolocation/nearby search

• Encounters (hot-or-not game)

• Bookmarks and favorites

• Guests

• Mutual sympathy list

• Your likes

• People who like you

• Black list

One may take a notice that social networks and applications for dating have a lot in common: they offer chat, profile browsing, search for users by interest, and much more. You might think that the dating application is a social network with a cut-down functionality for people who have a specific goal. In reality, it’s not entirely true. Users do not like when dating applications have obligations. Therefore, it is impossible to say that they use them to achieve a specific goal. Make it be more fun because a too serious attitude can even scare them away.

In the same way, dating applications differ from social networks by specific algorithms that determine which profiles to show and in what order one should begin communication. There is an example. Some applications, such as Bumble, forbid men to write first forcing women to be more active. Hinge shows the user only those people with whom his friends are already acquainted, thus enhancing the safety of such communication. And what is about how does Badoo work, it finds people using the geolocation algorithm, which makes it possible to find people nearby.

What is Badoo Chat?

Another important feature of any dating application is a chat. If you ask what is Badoo chat, we shall answer that it allows you to correspond with people traveling near you in the transport, standing at a stop, living on the same street. This is not just an application for meet-and-choose games but also a great tool for finding new friends. This approach allows users to take it easy when starting a new acquaintance since the people offered by the application probably have met you in life. Constant communication with friends in the app causes users more confidence and a sense of comfort, which makes it easier to make new acquaintances and maintain informal relations.

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How Do Dating Apps Make Money?

You can ask, how does one earn money on such an application if users do not take it seriously? Users are likely to pay in the app only for something really necessary. And you will prove to be right: apps for dating are complex in monetization. It is difficult to create an app that will attract the user with something other than finding sympathy. It is necessary to think over how to make the app work in such a way that causes the user to move to a paid account or buy additional features. In the case of Badoo mobile app, the application’s work is built according to the freemium scheme: need more functions, then pay. Other applications practice advertising and the ability to disable it for a fee, work with network cafes or restaurants, flower shops, organize dating events and sell tickets via the app, etc. So, the monetization is possible, however, it is up to you to choose in what way to charge the users.

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How to Make an App Like Badoo?

As in the development of any other iOS and/or Android application, the creation process of a Badoo-like app consists of several stages, namely:

Market Research

It’s hard for a single person to understand how to attract customers and what functions will bring success, where there are growth zones in this niche, and what should be avoided. In order to choose the most appropriate product promotion strategy, you need to research the target audience and find out if your app will be popular before the development begins. As it is known, the biggest problem of such applications is user safety. At this stage, you should also decide how to make the application secure.

Features & Requirements

In order to develop an action plan, it is necessary to have a clear idea of what should happen in the end. Write down all the functions that should be in your application as detailed as possible. At this step, it is extremely important that the analysis of functionality is carried out by experienced analysts since the cost of correcting the error made at this stage is unacceptably high and can endanger the existence of the product.

Designing UX/UI

Simplicity and entertainment are the best characteristics of a dating app. The quality of the work done during the designing stage will determine the attractiveness of your product for the user, and it plays an important role. Eliminate the application from everything superfluous: leave only useful functions and create conditions for comfortable communication.

Development & Testing

Now each function described in the requirements should be programmed and integrated into the resulting application. It is important that all functionality is implemented without errors since users spend a lot of time in such applications. Even rare failures can forever repel the desire to use your product. Therefore, testing should be given a maximum attention too.

Launch and Marketing

In the case of dating applications, promotion methods should be thought out long before the product is released to the market. To attract users, you need to have a certain profile database, otherwise, the users will simply have nothing to do with the application. Take care that users do not get bored for the first time downloading your app beforehand. Create landings, register users in advance, integrate it with social networks, etc.

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How Much Does an App Like Badoo Cost?

It is always difficult to calculate how much does an app like Badoo cost without clear definitions of what it should be and what functionality should be implemented.

• The simplest way is to make a list of functions, break each item into subtasks and give an estimate of each task in man-hours. For example, synchronization of data with social networks takes about 20-30 man hours, geolocation – 15-30, and the chat is about 60-80. Also, it should be noted that testing of these functions also takes time.

• Next, you should consider which platform to choose for the application (iOS, Android, the web). The pricing of the development can be very different for each of them.

• Also, experts recommend making a minimum viable product (MVP) before developing a fully functional version of the product to protect themselves from the project collapse. To develop such a prototype, additional costs are also required.

According to average estimates, to build a Badoo alternative will take about 1400-2000 hours, which will be from $70,000 to $100,000 at an average hourly rate of $50.

Summary: Building a Badoo Alternative

In summing up the results, we can say that the dating applications market is already full of various solutions for all sorts of problems. Nevertheless, copying of the other people’s ideas is not the best strategy. In order to win your place in the sun of the dating industry, one should surprise users with new and exciting features. If you feel that you have something to show the world, go for it! The world is waiting for new discoveries.

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How to Make an App Like Badoo
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