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The first thing that the App Store user sees today is the app preview, which is displayed before any screenshots and descriptions. This gives a chance to make a presentation of your application more attractive and enticing for customers. The video sends more “message” and allows you to give an overview more definite.

The most interesting part of application promotion begins with the publication on the market because that’s how main audience comes to installation. And by making such obvious notes we want to convey that not all hidden rocks can lie on the surface. And here it is – app trailers. It might seem just like a video that helps a client to understand better the essence of the app but this is only one part of the truth, the other – it’s a tool for promotion and optimization. Please, note that this article is not about marketing, but more about creating an app promo video.

App promo videos

Speaking of videos for app previews, it’s better to see once than hear it twice. With the help of promo, you can show versatility and uniqueness of your application. And this will take no more than 30 seconds (you will understand why a bit later).

Through the video you can show main features of the application more clearly. Although you can do otherwise and demonstrate an interface and interesting ways of interaction with it. The main thing is that it should open as much details to the client as possible, so he could evaluate the product. It works well especially with paid applications, where it’s the way more important for the client to know “what’s inside the box”.

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Moreover, promo video is the first thing user sees, looking for an application in a store. So, this is the one of the factors that will affect engagement and first impression. Play store app videos can become an unexpendable assistant, a genie in the promotional bottle of your product.

• Video preview of the preferred application – first that appears in the search results in the App Store;

• “Internet traffic” and app visibility enhancement. To climb the TOP charts you need a large number of downloads. If you do not have huge budget on advertising, then attraction can be raised using App Store Optimization (ASO) techniques – SEO analog designed for mobile markets.

• The main purpose of the video is the same as screenshots and text in the description – involving users. With the help of commercials, you can interest the client by showing necessary information, thus incite him to download your application.


How to create your app preview

Running through the topic, we smoothly approached the question “how to create your app preview”. But there are things that you should know before creating a promotional video – some requirements. If Google play market’s rule are fairly simple – don’t violate copyrights and do not make a movie longer than 2 minutes, Apple’s ones are slightly strong. They are more about moderation and sometimes it’s hard to upload your movie. And if publishing rules differ, then the general concept remains the same both for Android and iOS.

App Store Rules

• To use music, photos or other third-party materials in your video, you must have appropriate rights or licenses;

• It is allowed to use infographics, music and voice-over (if this does not counter the case described above);

• You cannot deceive users, showing functions that are not presentin the real application;

• It is also not recommended to use hands in the frame – both painted or real. This is a slightly controversial point, if your application was designed specifically to manage unique gestures. In such a way users might be confused trying-on your program. Although this is more a recommendation but not the strong restriction;

And you can find more rules and specs here.


Preview resolutions


Preview Specifications

Play Market Rules

• Just stick to the rules above and your video will be on top. Also it’s worth remembering that Google does not impose such serious restrictions on video, as Apple does. Thus, you can slightly diversify video effects / animation from the application or design few infographics. But do not go far away from the original concept, users might think that you want to deceive them;

• Another cool feature is the possibility of uploading localized videos;

• Increased time. You can upload video long up to 2 minutes, but even in the original guideline is written that it is worth starting from about 30 seconds.

How to create App Store video preview

In order to create preview of the video for App Store, you need to consider following steps. Before writing a script, it’s worth knowing what specifically you want to show to your customer:

• interface;

• Complex moments in the interaction between the user and / or application;

• Or make a short story with infographics and voice acting;

Writing a script it’s worth considering the time when scenes appear in the frame and total length of the video. Also try to include titles, voice and music. For more accurate synchronization you can simply read the text to the music, even if your video is not done yet.

In the video itself you might tell about the most important features of your application (do not forget about the 30 second limitation), averagely, at this time you might contain 4-6 functions. If the style of your company allows, you can order an animated movie with a fascinating story narrative to tell how the application helps large number of users.

If you’re planning to voice your video, you should think about hiring professional speaker who can correctly read the text and keep within allotted time, doing this in the studio. In case if you’re making a video preview for iOS application, you should reduce the number of titles and voiceovers to minimum.

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Music can be simply selected on different stocks and either bought, or used in accordance with the license under which it is distributed.

Then you need to record a video of your screen. As in case of devices running iOS and Android this should not cause difficulties. Simply connect your device to the desktop or laptop, select a special tool to capture the screen and perform all the outlined  actions. For iOS screen capturing use the Quicktime, for Android – this instruction.

And then you need to perform some magic to bring all the footages into the video you would like to see. If you are planning to use complex animation, infographics or thinking to make a video with drawn interface, then you should contact a specialist. This solution requires a lot of time, because every single frame is animated separately.


Summing up the above, note that videos are much more often representative than screenshots and text descriptions. Through the video you can tell and show more about your application, especially if interaction between the user and program functions is carried out using non-standard gestures. In addition to product presentation, video preview can also attract new users, just explaining what application gives and why it’s better than others on the market.

How to Make a Perfect App Video Preview?
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