In this article, we want to talk about digital streaming music player and how to create a music app.

Do you love listening to music? Most likely, the answer is yes, because who doesn’t like it, right? In our time, in all its diversity, probably everyone can find something to warm the soul and experience certain emotions again and again.

But how did you listen? In this age of total proliferation of high-speed and low-cost Internet, many listen to music online. And indeed, why clog the device memory or limit yourself by listening to a dozen of tracks in your smartphone, if you can have access to thousands and millions of songs! Some services are even able to create your own playlists according to your preference or mood.

So, if you want to know about spotify clone development – this article would be useful to you.

Why Spotify?

Spotify is a video and music (mostly) broadcasting service both online and stored on your computer. It started back in 2008 in Sweden and began to gain popularity very rapidly. Thus, at the moment the product is available in the United States and most European countries.

This service is available in over 50 languages, its application is supported not only by Windows and Mac but even Linux platforms. And of course mobile OS.

The main features include music search by artist, album, genre or record company. The user can also create their own playlists, share them on social networks, interact with other users and their playlists.

Why we chose this service as a reference? Quite simply, because in 2016 this service is breaking all records of popularity. Judge for yourself: you have access to more than 30 million songs (not counting the tens of thousands added every day), the service has more than 100 million users and more than 40 million paid users. If this is not successful, then what?

What does it offer?

Spotify offers several subscription options, including some free plans. For example, free subscriptions provide access to online-based music listening and free, with little advertising insertions every 3-4 tracks. Not bad when you consider the amount of available music, right?

Like Spotify

Paid subscription offers listening to music without any restrictions on any device in the best quality, without advertising, and with the ability to download tracks on your devices. And it’s only about $10 a month! Excellent price for the unlimited access to almost all the music that has come up with humanity.

Spotify Alternatives

But we have not only Spotify in the field. Besides, there are still lots of other exciting services with their specific functions and features. Let’s look at the most popular ones. This service should be noted separately among other good options, And not just because the project was launched back in the distant 1999. The service was so popular that it was awarded the rank in the “50 Best Websites” list of the Time magazine. Although, in addition, the product has won not only the user’s love but also rave reviews from Business Insider, СNET, and Wired magazine.

Now mainly used by “music lovers for music lovers” – some people are creating their own playlists, while others are listening them. There are also social aspects – tracks can be added to favorites, and you can subscribe to the people you like not to miss the fresh playlist.

Deezer. Another giant, which contains probably one of the largest collections of audio tracks, something’s about 40+ million unique compositions. It’s even hard to imagine such a number, not to mention the time to listen to everything. Besides, that’s not all – more than 30,000 radio stations are available on the service.

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You can listen to all the tracks anytime, anywhere and on everything because the application is available on almost all platforms. When we say all, we mean that the audio streaming app have mobile client available on iOS, Android, Windows and web version. Just imagine the scope!

Created in 2006, today the site is visited by over 16 million users, as well as more than 5 million paid subscribers.

And this is not surprising because the service offers access to its entire collection as a free of charge (about a few hours per month), and the variant with a paid subscription ($4-10 per month). Service is constantly evolving and always pleases users with fresh ideas.

Music App Development

Soundcloud. We bet that you have moments in life when you were bored from your own playlist. Or, maybe, you are simply tired to switch to something more appropriate? That was before you try the Soundcloud. Once you are here, you would not choose anything else, drowning in tons of different kinds of music!

It’s truly an amazing service. Occupying a middle position between the free service for musicians who want to share their art with all the people around, to fully commercial basis. The secret is that you have limited time for your compositions (about 2-3 hours), you have to buy more time separately.

Currently, the service is used by more than 170 million users monthly. It is worth noting that the use of the service does not require registration, but gives its recent advantages in the other way. For example, you are able to create or edit your own playlists. The social component is also in the place: you can join different groups, subscribe to favorite artists, share music and more. The best in class alternative.

Apple Music. We believe that this service is well-known almost for everybody, but still, we could not pass it up. Let’s focus on the highlights only.

The first thing you will notice – a three-month trial period, during which you can use the service for free! It is a wonderful gift for music lovers and for those who like to try something first before actually paying. In addition, there is a family subscription available which can be a good deal. It is also possible to download your favorite tracks for offline listening, it will be automatically sorted by artist, album, etc. Users also enjoy personalized playlists based on your preferences and tastes.

Music Application Development

As usual, in our company any development begins with a deep analysis of the market and the requirements for future products. We do not make the template applications. Each order for as is a unique opportunity to create a custom application that will meet all the requirements of the client and please his customers.

If you have an idea of creating an app like Spotify – you can feel free to write us and our experts will tell you what to do in this particular case, as well as the estimated cost of the development.

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That was our opinion on how to make a music streaming app like spotify. Of course, there are many different approaches to make your own music app. After all, in any case, the programming and design of the application is a real creative process, which is different from team to team.

To fully understand the issue, it is not enough to understand the superficial in question, as each order for development is a unique case. It has its own peculiarities, its mission, goals and ways to achieve them. We just want to say that if you have decided to build your business in the field, we can help you, since we know how to build a music player. If you have specific or general questions, you can always ask them via a special form.

How to Make a Music Streaming App Like Spotify?
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