5-10 years ago, you were able to see smartphones only in that-time geeks’ hands, and now we all strive to be more mobile and “always online” 24/7/365. The big push to that factor was given by all sorts of instant messengers, which later evolved to become mobile applications (due to the widespread use of mobile devices, of course).

In today’s article, we would like to discuss chat app development and instant messaging app development. Within this text, we will try to parse this burning question, and maybe even touch a little the theme “how much does it cost to make a messenger.”

One of a kind

We divide messengers into several types, depending on the features or options they carry.

• Video chats. A good example is Skype. Giant and survivor among video messengers, which is constantly evolving and pleasing their users with new features and improved quality as a whole.

• Text chats. For example, Facebook Messenger. Probably one of the biggest proliferation of such applications to date. There is nothing to talk over because everyone knows about it.

Google Allo is a little more interesting because it offers not only the functions available in other chats (like in Telegram – chatbots, encryption, etc.), but also to chat with a personal Assistant, which can help you choose movies, cafes or find the right information. It can even play some simple and fun games with you.

• All-in-one. Such apps as Whatsapp, Viber and others. Allows you to write, make phone calls, and even video conferences (like Skype, though, but in a different way)

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Messenger App Development Cost

We are not ashamed to raise such topics. Just keep in mind that each individual application is unique for us because we do not work with templates. We create custom applications that delight our customers and bring pleasure to their clients. To develop a messenger app, you must take into account many factors such as:

• Functional and market analysis. To create a competitive app, we need to understand how, where and by whom your product will be used. To do this, our team of analysts uses proven and modern methods. We put a plus in their karma and one to the general treasury of time spent on the project.

• Which operating system the application is targeted to? The development is carried out under each OS separately and therefore may take more time than the development for a single platform.

• Required functionality. The more interesting features you want to implement, the longer the period for writing code and testing lasts. We do not produce a product of poor quality, we are fighting for the correctness, and code uniqueness. And our testers did not miss a single bug or small inappropriate things.

• Advertising and promotion. If you do not want to simply upload the completed application to the store but help people to find it and use it, then you need to spend a little extra time. After all, where users can learn about the new, but so convenient app like yours, right?

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Only a combination of these factors may result in a full picture of the funds required. If you are interested in a specific pricing for your future product, you can contact our experts and they will discuss the topic with you.


Resulting in all the above, it should be noted that going the path of the texting app development, you should not always follow the trends and the established “tradition”. However, it is worth noting that none of the best messengers can do without:

• Registration. No messenger can go without registration. Perhaps, excepting anonymous ones. What is it – you can just use the app for those moments when you need it and do not make unnecessary movements each time to type login and other things. Also, for your account can be secured server space, which you can use to store or transmit correspondence files, backups or contacts.

• To make a process easier and not to confuse people, causing them to remember the address of the mailbox, use authorization through social networks (like Facebook or something else), or tie your account to a phone number. Remember – time is money.

• Group chats. Perhaps, this is the fun part of the application, which allows to always be in touch with your friends and colleagues, “carrying” them into groups, share the latest news or appointments. A must-have functionality in the modern messenger. How can you show your cat’s photo to everybody, if you do not have group chats?

• User search. Why create a messenger if it’s impossible to find friends? That’s right, any. Just adding the ability to search for friends, you save users’ time and effort. And if you add a push notification of new registration of your friend, it can make people happy and to love your app more! The search can be organized throughout the contacts, social networks or email.


• Encryption. Never underestimate the security, particularly in cases when it comes to your personal data on the Internet. After all, you would not want for attackers know the number of your bank account, or where there is a key to your house, right?

• Stickers and more. In a fun and fascinating conversation, it’s impossible to express all your feelings without stickers or emoji. It is much easier and faster to show your mood, using only 2-3 emotions, rather than write a huge message. Communications become more affordable and faster.

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• File sharing. Speaking of cats. It would be wonderful if, in addition, you could share more, for example, a video on which the cat hides from you, or plays with different toys in the kitchen. Globally, under the “cat”, we mean not only the cat (because everyone loves it, right?), but different kinds of documents, spreadsheets and more. This can help in the daily work, allowing you to send files to a colleague, who is on a business trip or out of office. Thus, it all saves strength, time and nerves.

Note: not even one cat was injured or disturbed.

  • Cross-platform. If you think about serious business, then create an application that will run on at least iOS and Android – two most extended mobile operating systems. Thus you will be able to attract more audience and help even more people to be always connected. To realize this through a variety of mobile OS, you can use cloud API that instantly delivers your message to all the device that it is intended. Stay up to date!


If you want to know more about how to make a messaging app, you can always leave us a quote, on the following link and we promise to answer all your questions.

The last thing we want to add that in today’s dominance of various kind and character of messengers, yet no one carry everything before one to win the hearts of all men, to unite the necessary functions in one single application. Who knows, maybe you will?

How to Make a Messaging App?
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