Imagine that you are on a business trip, accidentally stuck in some remote place, where locals do not speak at least English. You need a place to spend the weekend and stay in a hotel. How to do it the easiest way?

Or consider another situation: you are the owner of a small (or large) hotel that provides a high level of service, often making themed discounts and other awesome things. But you want to go to the next level, and advertising does no longer cope? Here you come to the aid of an app for hotel reservation.

As you can guess, today we would like to talk about hotel reservation application development.

Building of Hotel Booking Apps

We believe that the digital distribution environment is the main engine of progress in the mobile development services in our time. In the course of its kind. Those, in the age of the Internet of things, all try to come to a quick and elegant, and most importantly a simple solution to everyday problems, both large and not.

This argument will be also relevant for the travel business, because this market directly contacts with a huge number of people. And in order to surprise customers, you need to provide high quality services and be always in the trend of recent progressions. For example, create a travel booking app.

If you planned your vacation at least once, you probably know how difficult it is to choose a good tour, which will meet your price and the level of comfort. But what if all hotels, restaurants and all kinds of entertainment places could be summed up in one place? You would not have to spend much time preparing time on your holidays, and it remains only to enjoy it now, swiping through a list of hotels that correspond to your personal settings. Choosing the distance from places of interest or even the view from the room window.

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On the screen of your smartphone on the way to work. If you are already thinking about it and want to provide this kind of service, it is time to develop a hotel reservation application!


Before we continue to discuss the topic, it is necessary to identify subject matter, so it was clear to everyone in this conversation and after – to solve global issues. So, what do you need to keep in mind be fit into the best application that allows to reserve a hotel?

Hotel Booking App Design

1. Simple registration. Since the application is focused on the social and active audience, it’s an extremely necessary procedure for new users. This is ensures that a person, just by running your application, can quickly register, for example by entering an account through any social network (whether it is Facebook or LinkedIn) and was able to exploit all the features available to him.

2. Also, this approach allows user rating and on this basis to give any assessment of the hotel or service in it. For example – a person who constantly has a large number of business trips and stays in many hotels writes reviews and compares the service. After a certain number of written notes, he can be rewarded with the title of “serious traveler” and a discount on the reservation. Thus increasing the activity of users, forcing out not to be lazy and write their experience, share information with friends, to raise interest in your application.

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3. Naturally, such an application should have the hotels, hostels, and any other habitable place database. With a brief but succinct description, which will be beneficial to distinguish the hotels from each other. Photographs of rooms and the hotel’s territory. So customers will be able to assess in advance the attractiveness of the place and will not spend any your or his time booking number, in vain.

4. Geolocation. This item will depend on the specific situation in which you are – sitting at home or trying to find the nearest hotel while traveling another country. In different words, it should be accessible as a normal search, and search for a location near you, to help customers conveniently locate the nearest hotel. This can be accomplished through the use of third-party Apis, such as Google Maps. Thus, the application can find your position and offer options for the next settlement.

Also, an important point is a proper and rapid optimal route mapping, with a choice of selected transport (eg hiking course, public transport, car, etc.). It attracts most of people and enhances comfort.

5. Apartment search. It is necessary to organize a valid room search, based on user-selected parameters. Such as:

• Lodging type;

• brand tier;

• number of rooms & showers;

• food;

• entertainments;

• length of stay;

• price.

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In this simple way, you categorize hotels in the database and gives customers the ability to select various options that are totally dependent on their preferences or circumstances. It is important to understand that the application without such a function is not interesting in the eyes of users, as this is the main feature of the program.


6. Reviews. We touched on this a little bit in paragraph #1 but still, we will continue. When developing an application for property reservation, it must be remembered that the following criteria come after the hotel price and place, the customer will want to know the opinion of other people who were already been there. And it’s absolutely fine, even wonderful – people will be able to exchange the necessary information, room photos etc, and warn people of the possible inconveniences they may encounter while settling in a specific hotel.

The second important point is to add the “reviews and user ratings” criteria into the search parameters to take this into account when ranking search results and information to the final consumer.

7. Before answering the question of “how to create a hotel booking application” we would rather advise you to think about customer support. Do not forget and take care of your customers, create a support service that will help to solve their problems, because they are ready to use your application and generate income, simultaneously spreading information about it. A happy client – is a satisfied client.


It does not matter for which particular platform you want to develop an application – iOS or Android, it does not matter if you are a startup, or a little bit more large company. All that matters is the level of user comfort, which achieves within continuous communication and offers that brings something new and alternative on the market.

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In this article, we have tried to reveal the main points of creating this kind of application, review possible situations and use cases. We hope that this article will be useful for you and you will be able to make a step towards the development of a hotel booking service.

If you want to know how much does it cost to make a hotel reservation app, you can feel free to leave a request and we will be happy to assist you in this concern!

How to Make a Hotel Booking Application?
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