Note-taking app development

Today’s topic is related to the history of computer technologies in one way or another. What is meant: probably the very first problem that humanity faced after creation, and certainly after the widespread of personal computers in ordinary people everyday life, was typing or some other text-working routine. First of all, it concerned those people who had to work long hours with texts: for example, journalists, lawyers, writers or those whose tasks included writing various documents. Before the appearance of text editors, these people often had to redo the page entirely, without the possibility of making small edits in the already written text.

We believe that nowadays many workers will not remember how hard it was to type multi-page documents on typewriters, besides the convenience of this action was doubtful. Nevertheless, some writers may object to the romantic atmosphere of typing on noisy machines, which produced sounds that a person who worked with such equipment would never forget. But this is a topic for another conversation, and the abundance of mechanical keyboards for PCs and Macs in the market is quite high. But back to the present.

It does not matter if you are planning to run a personal blog, work as an editor or a popular writer, the modern market of apps for writers could offer you a lot of interesting products. And the ubiquitous availability of the Internet and smart devices (like smartphones with large screens, tablets or laptops) can help to save time and do your favorite things on the way to work. Or even on vacation, if an idea has overtaken you straight on the oceanfront.

Many of those applications that we want to talk about today are available like desktop, mobile and web applications. I.e. this article will be useful to those people who are looking for new tools to solve everyday problems and those who think about the development of a new product. Yes, in this article we will try to make a small comparison of the best writing apps and indicate their strengths and weaknesses to draw some conclusions.

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Note-taking apps

iA Writer

Returning to the typewriters topic, iA Writer can help you feel some similarity of feelings when working with this product. This application has a minimalistic design that allows you to work comfortably even on a smartphone, moreover, when you type something, everything disappears from the screen, including control elements. Only the text and virtual page remains.

Markdown is also supported for more advanced users as well as HTML structures and usual keyboard shortcuts like cmd-b, cmd-i etc. Ie, users have the opportunity to mark up the page using HTML-based syntax, which makes it possible to use markers, multi-level headers, and other features.

This product is good both for fans of minimalism (after all, initially the main controls are mostly hidden) and for advanced users – HTML features, markdown and so on.

Talking about cons is worth noting the lack of version for Windows and slightly reduced, in comparison with the iOS, version for Android.


If you liked iA Writer, but you need a tool that can show your project more clearly, then you should pay attention to Ulysses. This application has a number of significant advantages over its opponent.

This product uses a similar logic because it’s based on the usual text with Markdown, but with the proprietary file format. Although this is not a problem, because Ulysses allows you to export projects in almost all modern formats: PDF, Docx, HTML and even ePub. Moreover, it supports file synchronization within iCloud, so you can start writing text on the desktop, and continue on the iPad. Another nice plus is templates and themes support.

For more advanced users, developers offer integration with WordPress, so the application can publish notes directly to your site. As a plus, we should notice built-in file backup function at specified intervals of 1 hour, 12 hours, a week and the last half year, with a history of changes.

Unfortunately, this application is only presented for Mac OS and iOS users, and pricing is definitely high: $44.99 for the desktop version and $24.99 for the mobile one.


The most powerful multi-purpose editor we consider today, in our opinion, in the dispute between bear vs Ulysses, the last one would be the ultimate winner and that’s why:

1. Advanced markup editor support, which (according to developers) supports more than 20 programming languages;Cross-link notes support, to quickly move between related notes;

2. You can use hashtags to search for notes;

3. Automatic recognition of links, e-mail addresses, geographic addresses etc;

4. To-do lists and much more.

And this is not a complete list of what this software product allows you to do without listing those features which have been described earlier in previous products. If you want to create a modern application, create an app like Bear.

writing app ulysses bear iawriter

How to make a writing app

And now let’s find out how to make a writing app, or rather, what are key factors in the success of such software on the market. To create trendy application, you should always keep in mind the fact that the new product should always be user-centric.

Web Application

In this particular case, it means that the user should enjoy using your product, everywhere and always. As at work, so for example at home, so the first feature you should think about is the web version of the application.

In today’s world, probably only a closed enterprise-class product may not have an online version. Even such giants as Microsoft release Office-365 for collaborative online editing of texts, tables, presentations and other things. Apple supports the web version of Page, but what’s more, even open source solutions like LibreOffice are also moving toward cloud solutions for users and businesses.

Cross-platform app

Another key feature would be development of a cross-platform application. This applies to both desktop applications and mobile devices. It’s no secret that many users are increasingly using mobile devices to perform work tasks. Also, the texts editing could be performed on a tablet, for example during long business trips. If several years ago it was possible to work comfortably with text on laptops, now there are such devices as Ipad Pro, which can have a diagonal of 13 “, like a full-fledged laptop. And this is as much as 13” for working with text, pictures, and other things.


From the points above, you can draw a small conclusion: if you want to develop a new app like Ulysses, or an app like IA Writer, you should think about mobile users and the cloud-based model of the product. That’s right, when we talking about a mobile application, we mean comfortable working with text on small screens. Of course, the market has tablets with a diagonal of 10 “-13”, but there are also models with a diagonal of 7 “-9” or phablets with 5.5 “-6.4” and users of such devices also want to work.

Speaking about comfortable work, it is worth remembering why applications of this kind are created, namely – for writing and formatting the text. Of course, you can add many different features, for example, work with images inside text (and it will be wonderful), but do not forget that the main task of any text editor is text formatting.


If you are thinking about developing the best app for notes, then you definitely should pay close attention to the top applications already on the market. This will help to understand the general concept of this kind product development and give an idea of what the final product should be for the consumer.

In short, the app for prose should include following items:

1. Minimalistic and concise design as like in Bear;

2. Support the largest possible number of modern platforms, both desktop and mobile (Android, iOS, macOS, and Windows);

3. Web version of the application;

4. Convenient work with text formatting;

5. And it will also be important to introduce new and useful features like collaborative editing or adding pictures.

Of course, in order to work on such project, a team of professionals will be needed – both in the management structure and among the developers. If you are interested in how much such application will cost, do not hesitate to contact us – we are always ready for cooperation.