Not so long ago it was difficult to find a really popular and useful application for fitness in the application stores. It seemed that this niche will never be in demand since smartphones and a healthy lifestyle are incompatible things. However, smartphones have become so firmly integrated into our everyday life that in one day we had to find a way to combine fitness and smart device. Quite quickly, a healthy lifestyle, diet, and exercises became nearly a cult, and due to this, apps like 7 minute workout began to appear one by one.


In truth, today they also have a lot of banal and not too multifunctional applications, however, as practice shows, complex programs do not always bring real success. People associate a healthy lifestyle with ease brought by exercises, confidence, and simplicity, so easy-to-use and understandable applications often win more users. Among them, it is difficult not to mention such an amazing application as 7 Minute Workout. The interesting story of creating this startup shows that sometimes you do not need to overload your applications with complex functions and intricate design, but simply give people a stimulus and a simple helper tool. In this article, we will talk about how many different types of fitness applications can be created today, what is needed for this, and how to help users become more confident and win their favor.

The Best 7 Minute Workout App Classification

All the variety of fitness applications both for Android and iOS can be divided into three parts according to their basic functionality. Some of them aimed to track your activity, other are workout planning and personal trainer app, and do not forget about nutrition apps, as they are also very essential to keep your body healthy. There are several slight differences in their UI/UX, however, the major rule is the same – KISS (keep it simple, stupid.)

Daily Activity Log Books

It is very difficult to call uncontrolled exercises doing fitness without monitoring the amount of work done, as well as without growth indication. However, making a pause each time during the training to keep a diary can significantly reduce the desire to continue studies. That is why an app like seven minutes workout should record everything that the user does at a training: steps made in a day, calories spent, the route of a walk, and the distance traveled. Examples: Runtastic, Google Fit, various steps tellers, etc. Their task is to:

• Help evenly distribute the workload

• Help you choose the best training plan

• Show user’s progress

• Save the results for analysis

• Promote regular fitness training.

Nutrition Control


For people who are fond of fitness, it is particularly important to control what they eat, as well as when, and what workloads can then be performed. In this category, you can find applications to maintain water balance, weight, counting calories. An example: MyFitnessPal. As before, you need to constantly support and motivate users. For this you may need:

• Shopping list advisor (on a basis of your goal and/or personal data)

• Barcode scanner (to check goods immediately)

• Nutrition handbook, etc.

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Personal Trainer Apps

In this category, the KISS principle is joined by another one: do as I do. To ensure that the user does not have difficulty in sports, explain what and how to do as clearly as possible. For this, use video, visual images, animations, or voice control. In the best 7 minute workout app everything has to be for a person does not get distracted by anything during the training, including incorrect movements performing. Examples: Sworkit, FitBit, Jefit, Codyapp, 7 Minute Workout and similar. The functions of determining the purpose of the classes, in relation to which the exercises will be selected, and the database of the exercises themselves, supported by video and visual materials, are special for this type of application.

A List of Functions to Develop a Quick Workout App

The specifics of the application could not fail to touch on its functions, so now we will dive in more detail on the functions necessary for their development.

Authorizing, account creation. With the increasing number of smart devices, it is necessary to provide a synchronization of all the recorded data.

Data tracking and storage. Everything that could be of interest for fitness lovers should be tracked and stored in a cloud and/or a device. For this, such useful APIs as Healthkit and Google Fit are created. Thanks to them, there is no need in connecting smartphone sensors manually. These APIs were created especially for 7 minute workout app development and successfully work with different data types, including weight history, favorite activities, exercise duration, heartbeat rate, calories burnt and distance traveled (in steps or kilometers).

Geolocation and mapping. Give users an opportunity not only to save raw numbers but also to save routes on a map. This will help them understand the influence of a workload and make the process of doing sports, even more, fun.

Social networking connection. The essence of a healthy lifestyle is that more people join this rhythm of life, so your users should not lose motivation and the feeling of people around support them. Give users an opportunity to share their achievements, compare them with the achievements of other fitness fans (perhaps, in an exciting way, such as infographics, medals, badges for achievements). This will increase the popularity of the application, as well as motivate users to engage regularly.

Notifications for motivation. Constantly inform users about their achievements, to motivate and control them. Here, in order to not disturb them from doing fitness, voice control can be of a service.

Wearables integration. In part, fitness applications have gained popularity after the emergence of specialized devices for training (wristbands and armbands, chest straps, smartwatches), and were created to facilitate interaction with them. To understand what is meant, here’s a short list of them: Apple Watch, FitBit, Nike+. It’s easy to guess that the more such devices are compatible with your application, the wider will be the circle of potential users. To develop a quick workout app and ensure the integration of the application with these devices, such useful technologies as Garmin (for wearables from Garmin’s ecosystem), the FitBit API (the same, integration with FitBit), and Jawbone UP (an open source platform for wide range of fitness apps) exist.

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How Can My App Motivate Users?


We just discussed a lot of how to create a fitness app like 7 minute workout, but nothing about how to make it viral. Fitness applications are tempting in their simplicity and popularity. Needless to say, that a wide audience of users who choose such applications makes it necessary to simplify the design and make it as clear as possible to everyone, with bright, life-affirming colors used in UI. What else can help your application acquire popularity?

Social aspect. The philosophy of a healthy lifestyle is based on a personal example of each user. Allow people to share their achievements with each other, but also to compete, as Strava Running & Cycling does, for example.

Game process. Another way to make your application liked by many is to design the learning process so that it becomes resemble a game. Badges, medals, daily tasks – all this contributes to the rapid getting used to doing sports every day. As an example, the Zombies, Run! app provides game missions to be completed in a real world to advance through the storyline. And, Pocket Yoga enables new environments for completing tasks.

Bring inspiration. For those who do not see the point in fitness classes for themselves, some companies have given an opportunity to help other people. Such app, Charity Miles, donates from 10 to 25 cents to a charitable organization of choice for each mile covered.

Summary: How to Create a Fitness App like 7 Minute Workout?

There are lots of pros and cons of fitness app mobile development as a startup. The combination of simple design and a comparatively short list of functions makes them attractive to developers. However, do not forget about the difficulties associated with wearable devices integration. But in spite everything, you can always be sure that what you are doing undoubtedly helps people to be more healthy, beautiful and self-confident.

How to Make a Fitness App like 7 Minute Workout
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