Step by step strategy works even if it comes to “it just happened” events like winning a lottery or being first on the Top Hunt list. The key to success is just making the first step and then one more… until you reach your goal. If you wonder how to submit your app to Product Hunt this article will provide you with a detailed instruction and tips how (and why) to do it easily and with a grace elegance. This article for those who are brave enough to get on Product Hunt their mobile applications. Let’s start!

Make sure your application is ready to get featured on Product Hunt

At first, estimate your mobile application, which you want to submit on product hunt, think on what can be improved, take a fresh look and make sure it’s enough helpful, attractive, beautiful, gorgeous etc.

Then answer the questions “does the wide audience ready for my development?” and “does it meet users’ demands?” and make sure you see the real situation on the market today. The thing is that our app could be compared to Leonardo da Vinci’s pictures – too good for this century or vice versa – it might be fabulous but already out-of-date. In both cases be honest with yourself and in case you’re sure that the application is good enough – it’s time to move forward.

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Get acquainted with the system of trending on Product Hunt

Now move on and study the structure and principles of the Product Hunt to be able to get the most out of it. It was primarily created as a newsletter aimed to help its subscribers to enjoy the best of the best developments of the modern mobile development market. Now Product Hunt is a site and a mobile application for iOS where users vote for the best services and applications.

On the main site, products are sorted according to the number of votes they got. Every person who is subscribed to the Product Hunt or Twitter page can vote. But votes are counted not by quantity but rather by quality (so, if you ask your 9-year-old nephew to tweet your application from a new account, probably, your app reputation won’t benefit from that).

Influential people such as investors, developers, and tech enthusiasts can estimate your app and help it to get on top of the Product Hunt. Your friends can also help you, but in a different way. They can share your product’s page within social networks, so there will be a chance that your app to be noticed and appraised. Both the interface of the site and mobile app of this non-profit ad-free service are quite easy in usage.

product hunt site

There are two types of products on this site – Upcoming and Featured. When your app is submitted and approved it goes to the Upcoming field and when it gets enough votes (“upvotes” if we use Product Hunt slang) it comes to the Featured field, which appears on the homepage of the site. As you may already guess everyone want to get to the last field because there are more chances to your product will be noticed. Now let’s see how you can get there.

Get on Product Hunt

Face the reality, smile to it and proceed to the implementation your idea. Trending on Product Hunt is not like cooking a pie following a recipe. There is no secret key to success. But there are some pieces of advice which will help you to go through this puzzles and tempting task. Here you have a step-by-step guidance aimed to make it clear for you how to launch an app on product hunt.

1. Keep track on your opponents

Create a new Product Hunt account. It is better to do it in advance – a week or even month before you plan to launch your app. Find similar to yours successful apps and follow them. It is useful to know how other promote their projects, what pictures they use, what they write in the description. After you have found your successful opponents make a list of who have submitted apps similar to yours and put them into “Collections” (you will need that list later – be patient and the explanation will come).

2. Create an attractive tagline for your app

Brevity is the soul of wit, but for sure, you should avoid words like “beautiful”, “nice”, “cool” etc. So all is up to you, it depends on the app, if you kept track on apps similar to yours, looked at their description and design you probably will have more or less a good idea what you should write in the tagline.

3. Create a custom landing page

It is a place for you to keep track how many people have found your app using the Product Hunt site. You may also make some discounts for your clients and offer them freebies. If you are ready to make such a selfless step you should fill out this form.

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4. Find a person who will launch an app on Product Hunt

Life is not a bed of roses, you may already guessed that there will be some trick in all the trending on Product Hunt process. The thing is, that not all the Product Hunter users can submit products. This number is limited so you have to find a person (who is already in the community of the submission privileges) to launch an app on Product Hunt.

Stay in contact with people who submitted similar projects and hope for their response. Of course, you may find an influential person using your contacts, or your friend contacts, just be creative and purposeful, email your potential submitters and ask to post your product.

5. How to get featured on Product Hunt

• After the 4th stage is done, sign up for the Product Hunt Alert service and start interacting with people.

• Make sure you answer all their comments, you are friendly and polite enough to make them draw attention to you and your app.

• Share your page on social networks and you may also ask some popular Instagram users to comment your app. Be simple and honest.

• This is probably the last stage of how to submit your app to Product Hunt instruction. But here are some useful tips and common mistakes to understand how to submit and also how to get featured on Product Hunt.

how to get featured on product hunt

How to submit your app to Product Hunt in the right way

To learn on own mistakes not always productively and correctly, especially in the case of publishing your product – you’d better cash in while you can. To understand what kind of mistakes you should avoid, let’s take a quick brief on the most common of it.

• Don’t submit the product on your own

If our account is new you don’t have followers and you probably will be lost among tens of submissions languishing. It is better to find an influencer who will like your application and who will be ready to support it. Here is the list of most followed users you may find it useful.

• Don’t submit the product in the evening

The best time to launch your app is early morning. First hours are important. If you got more votes during the first hours after launching your app will have higher rates. If your priority is more traffic – than you should launch the product after midnight. It will enable you to attract some of the European Hunter’s early birds.

And after all that you’ve been through It’s time to try until you have your app here, on the top of the Product Hunt list. Good luck!

How to Launch Your App on Product Hunt
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