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We believe that everyone get used to the fact that Apple is going its own way, participating in the technology and services race, but on its own terms. Their developers and marketers are not chasing gigahertz and number of processor cores or large amounts of RAM in devices. Although it is worth saying that their products are not inferior to competitors in performance. But today we will not talk about this because many users are worried not about how fast games on the smartphone will run, but how comfortable it ольwill be to use this device.

And in this respect, Apple is awesome – starting from its internal ecosystem, ending with interesting services and new inventions that are aimed at improving user’s lives. And Apple ResearchKit is quite something! It is a platform that was introduced in 2015 and aimed at helping in collecting the information about the physical state of a user by acquiring data from the sensors of “i-devices” (or others using this feature) and the subsequent transfer of these specific data to the medical researcher. Apple medical research kit is a new way of being healthy.

What is ResearchKit

So, what is ResearchKit particularly? Literally speaking, it is a platform for remote research and data collection in the field of health, which is a logical extension of another technology from Apple – the HealthKit. The main idea of this concept is to make the smartphone useful not only in the work tasks but also in the life of users as a whole, monitoring the owner’s condition and issuing the necessary recommendations when it worsens. That is the iPhone research kit.


To demonstrate the seriousness of this study, let’s look at the incomplete list of universities and companies that are involved in developing applications for this platform. Just to mention a few main participants let’s introduce the: University of Oxford, Massachusetts General Hospital, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai.

How does researchkit work

How does ResearchKit work – pretty simple: user can pass certain tests that are available in  iPhone applications connected to this platform. In this way, researchers can help doctors in the study of various problems and diseases as well as in gathering the necessary data for new researches. It is worth noting to say that the data sent is anonymous and Apple does not store it on their servers. Moreover, in addition to confidentiality (only those data will be shared which have user consent), ResearchKit is also an open source platform, i.e. Independent developers will also be able to get some data and do their own researches. In turn, this means that such approach will create many new applications for various diseases and not only for iOS but also for Windows and Android platforms.

For more detailed information on parental technology and how to build an App with HealthKit, you can read in our last article.

• MyHeart Counts. This application is aimed at measuring the activity of different groups of users and should help in collecting and studying the behavior of different people. Examining the surveys and data obtained with this application, scientists can identify risk factors and also the relationship between physical activity and the state of the cardiovascular system of patients. Thus, by analyzing a large amount of input data, researchers will be able to understand how a particular person can maintain own health.

• Parkinson mPower. This app was created by Sage Bionetworks in cooperation with the University of Rochester specifically to help people with Parkinson’s disease. It helps to track the symptoms of the patient’s illness simply by interactive and performing simple actions on their smartphones. For example, it can be such activities as speech recording, playing special games, or even walk tracking. As in the first case, obtained results can be sent to research centers for accurate analysis, allowing physicians to do new researches in this area.

• GlucoSuccess. This program is designed to detect the dependence of blood glucose level on various aspects of the patient’s activity, because taken drugs, physical activity or nutrition can influence the patient. With this application a person will be able to learn and choose the most optimal workload and diet to maintain own health in good condition.


• Share the Journey. By examining such parameters as patient fatigue, mood, sleep (or its disturbance) and physical stress, scientists will be able to determine why some patients are cured of breast cancer faster than others and how these parameters change with time.

• Asthma Health. Asthma is a big problem for many people and Asthma Health is a small step towards a normal life. This application can help to adhere the right treatment programs for asthma patients and also to adjust their behavior (or physical activity). Why is it necessary to collect a large amount of data from many patients? A great number of input data helps researchers analyze the symptoms and causes of worsening of the patients’ condition for the development of new treatment methods and individual programs.

How to use Apple Researchkit

And now let’s talk about how to use apple ResearchKit in custom development. We believe that the invention of this open platform (in fact, not really – only iPhone users can take part in research so far) is a big step towards improving provided services, devices and health. Not surprisingly it was developed by Apple, they can be considered as pioneers is worth to be equal on in the area of developing and health applications.

Will the Healthkit and ResearchKit be useful? We believe that will be, after all, with the cooperation with respected institutions and companies, one can not worry about the further development of technology. We need only the arrival of new players to the market, which, by the way, is not yet wide enough, especially outside the iOS. And since ResearchKit is an open source platform, it means that it can be adapted for other devices, for example, for smartphones that running Android. Thus, expanding the market and also attracting new users and extending the measurement range on an equal basis with the data received.

If you are interested in the mobile development, thinking about own application and want to know how to make a ResearchKit-based app, do not hesitate to contact us!

How to Develop ResearchKit Mobile Health Apps
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