The scope of mobile technology is growing every day. Today it allows you to simplify the work with a mobile device not only for the end user but also for organizations. The days when optimizing the work and increasing its productivity with the help of a smartphone was something beyond the bounds are gone. Today, many companies use the services of special platforms designed to improve the quality of the workflow for Android and iOS platforms. Moreover, such companies often resort to custom development of software products that fully meet their needs. Today we will talk in more detail about how to develop B2B apps. In particular, we will consider such questions as:

1. What is the B2B model?

2. What is useful to know before you start developing a B2B application?

3. How to develop a B2B ios app?

4. How to make a B2B app for android?

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What is the B2B model?

B2B is a scheme that literally means “business for business.” The essence of this scheme is that the services or products provided by the company are not designed for the client, as in the case of B2C (business to the consumer), but for another company or enterprise. Thus, B2B is the best solution for organizing the work of small structures that are not able to maintain long-term cooperation with larger companies and organizations operating within its internal system on the basis of Electronic Data Interchange, EDI.

What is useful to know before you start developing B2B apps?

1. First of all, it’s worth noting that at the moment the niche for B2B app development has just started to fill up. As they always do, people tend to accept new trends very badly, however, somehow new technological solutions appear and we must keep pace with the times.

2. Further, while creating an application keep in mind that you are not only bound to the end user, but to the platform that distributes your product. This means that you do not proceed from what the user of your application needs, but from who is the clients of the platform for which you are creating this application.

3. Finally, the platform for distributing the application (the application store, for example, the Google app store) is just a hosting, not a marketing solution.

How to develop a B2B iOS app?

So, if you ready for B2B application development let’s get down to business. It’s safe to say that many people thought about creating their own mobile applications for ios, so we’ll take a closer look at what is needed for this.


Xcode is a practical utility that provides everything you need to create applications designed for the iPhone and iPad. The Xcode user interface has a single working window in which the entire workflow directly flows from writing code, checking it and debugging bugs to developing a software interface and design. The iOS SDK set mentioned above, which extends the Xcode toolkit, does not require additional loading and is automatically installed with Xcode.
Next, register with the ios Developer Program to further promote your application in the AppStore.


Objective-C is an object-oriented programming language used to create iOS applications. This is a superset of C, which means that you can write code with both C and Objective-C.


Any application for iOS is created using Objective-C and Cocoa frameworks. In the frameworks developed by Apple, there is a library of functions that your application accesses. At the same time, several applications can have access to the library of the framework at once.

Apple creates frameworks already containing all the necessary functions, which saves time and is a kind of guarantor of the quality of your work.


The necessary templates for creating standard B2b apps for iOS are project templates. However, this does not mean that the templates solve all the problems: after acquaintance with the basic iOS Design Patterns, the developers will somehow have to “polish” its creation, in accordance with the existing needs.

Attractive shell

The visual component of the iOS application is given no less important than the functional one. Therefore, do not forget about the importance of the interface when developing software. The basic expectations of users from the application in the visual plan can be described in a few words: attractiveness, interactivity and the main intuitive interface.

Conclusion: B2B app for iOS

Now we are distracting a little from the technical component and turn to ideas. When creating apps for B2B company, make sure that you understand what functions it will have and what tasks it will solve. Decide whether the application will work only on the iPhone, or can the iPad or it will be universal. Spend some more time and decide on the type of data model, the interface style, and study the frameworks. All this will help you to better visualize the software architecture.

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How to make a B2B app for Android

Android OS has a much larger set of tools than its competitor released by Apple. They are so numerous that it is impolitic to describe here each of them. All you need to know is how to choose the ones that are best suited to the task and what should one consider to build such an app.

Conduct a thorough investigation. In the case of applications with individual users, it is easier to determine the needs of the client and ways to meet them. When we talk about B2B applications, our end user is a business. To cover its needs in one fell swoop is not an easy task, therefore it is worthwhile to attract specialists to the project able to select them competently. In view of the fact that any business is based on the interaction of people with each other, all possible features of this interaction should be taken into account when developing the application.

Qualitative testing of the product. Why does business need your application? To make the work more efficient, and to get more profit as a result. Thus, any inaccuracies in the application’s work, failures, and intricate design can cost customers dearly and negate the benefits of your application. Whichever development tool you choose, make sure that the quality of the product has been checked appropriately. It is very desirable to choose the development tool which already contains a built-in debugger or any other plugin for simple code testing. Remember: perfect work is a must in B2B applications.

Integration with local services. Quite often, companies already have some means to improve their efficiency. Also, clients already have a well-established workflow that will not change in order to make the app building easier. Therefore, your product should be maximally adapted to the order of work and tools that are already used in the company. If you are targeting a wide range of user companies, make the application is universal and well-integrated enough.

Summary: Custom B2B App Development

As you can see, there is nothing surprising in the fact that software development services undertook to work with companies as clients. The possibility of increasing the efficiency of work and the quality of the work process has been repeatedly proven by different tests and research. Despite there are some nuances in the development of such applications, often this business is more profitable in view of the lack of a competition as compared with applications for individual users. We hope that the article was useful to you, and was able to provide clear answers to your questions.

How to Develop a Custom B2B Application
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