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Metropolitan residents often face problems with both public and private transport – traffic jams, accidents or road repairs. All this affects the choice of transport in one form or another. On the other hand, car owners also face parking problems, as parking spaces are often limited, and the number of vehicles is growing steadily. Such a problem is partly solved by taxis as well as services for renting or car sharing. If some time ago it might have seemed unimaginable, today the reality shows that it is possible to find a free car to rent in just 5 minutes. Not leaving the house, using only a smartphone.

The transport problem is especially acute when you travel abroad, for example, on a business trip. Renting a car, you can always be sure that you will get to the destination point at any time of the day and any location. Thus, you don’t have to look for another transport in case of a bus breakdown.

Thanks to the development of the transportation services market, today we have a number of services like Avis, Zipcar and others, which allows to get all the benefits of traveling on personal car. At the same time, you can not clog your head with such worries as maintenance, repair or parking. Today, the development of a mobile application for a company that provides transport rental services is the right thing to do on the road to expand the business. So today we would talk about how to make a car booking app for your startup.

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Car sharing vs car rental

To indicate the winner of the “car sharing vs car rental” contest, let’s find out some, maybe not so obvious, differences between these two approaches.

If you are making a business trip, car exchange programs can be a tempting way for day trips. Everything is simple as it is: the car can be rented for the necessary time (several hours or more) and you can pick it up at the nearest parking lot. Thus, you don’t need to think about insurance or the level of fuel in the tank. On the other hand, with such a transport you are not paying for rent at times when you don’t use this service. But can you really save money using the carsharing?

For example, Zipcar offers simple services for car exchange. All that needs to be done is to book a car on the Internet, find it in the nearest parking and return it on time. So it looks out from the user’s perspective, from the company’s side it has a slightly different look. Carrier service providers need to consider many factors that affect pricing and make offers affordable and competitive.

What is worth remembering: if the customers want to use the car for about one -two or three hours, then most likely they will choose the carsharring option. Often this case will be preferable because it really can be cheaper sometimes. On the other hand, if users are planning to travel over long distances (for example 250 miles and more) or the car is needed for a whole day (or a few days), then the rent option is most likely to be chosen. In this case, the fee will be less, and the usability will be much higher. Imagine if the client needs to make several trips with a break for meetings for several hours each. In case of carsharing, one would have to search for a new car every time. In conditions where the minimum travel time is important, it is a decisive factor, because it may turn out that there will not be free vehicles for the exchange in the district.

If we talk about insurance, the basic car rental rates don’t assume such a function, but the vast majority of credit cards have long supported a minimum rent insurance.

Now let’s talk about tricks and restrictions. Car exchange services say that the alleged fuel is included in the delivery, which is truth, but with a small caveat. The vehicle you will find for the trip is more likely to be tucked in and the tank will be full. It’s worth remembering that if you try to return a car which tank will be filled with less than a quarter of its capacity, you will be charged with the additional fee, which is determined by the provider.

On the other hand, car rental services have other limitations. Most often, they include the age limit. Although this may be just additional fees, which price may vary from the service provider. To speak globally, the average age line can be considered around 25 years. Carsharing companies often avoid such limitations.

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Car rental app development

Car rental app development globally implies a standard procedure for creating programs – analysis, design, development, testing, and so on. From the developer’s point of view, such an application is not something extraordinary. But it’s worth remembering that applications of this type are aimed not only at providing transportation services. Such app should have a high level of usability and provide some functions, described below.

1. Payment systems;

2. Registration;

3. Maps and geolocation;

4. Platform for development.

Payment systems

Speaking about payments, it is worth remembering that in order to build a successful business today, you should not only choose proven payment methods only but also move towards the future. In addition to the standard PayPal or credit card, you should also pay attention to Google Wallet and Apple Pay. These systems allow paying bills right through the application with just one finger touch thanks to the fingerprint sensors that are installed in most modern smartphones. To implement such services, you can use both standard services and third-party products like WorldPay. Such companies are often charged as a certain percentage of each transaction, or a monthly fee.

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In order to register new customers as simple and convenient as possible, many companies are focusing on entering the application through social networks. We would recommend using Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn as social networks with excellent API and huge numbers of users around the globe. But don’t forget about registration with the use of e-mail and linking the account to the customer’s phone number.

Maps and geolocation

In order to identificate the car and ordering location, GPS is used. Maps are used to visualize the location and also to build routes and analyze the approximate travel time. In most cases, it will be sufficient to use the services provided by the operating system developers. This approach helps reduce costs and time it takes to write code and integrate the service into an application.

If you planning on going to many markets, it is worthwhile to conduct an analysis and select the most popular and used services for geolocation in the required regions. In this way, you can not only expand the audience but also make it more loyal.

Platform for development

We believe that today the choice of the most common mobile operating systems is not so great, so there will be few recommendations on this matter. If you want to develop a program to cover the maximum number of users, then it’s worth making an application for both Android and iOS. If you want to enter the market with a slightly smaller budget, then you can use any one platform. You can make the app for another platform after it becomes popular and creates the user base.

How to develop a car rental app

Hope that this article would be useful and answers the “how to develop a car rental app” question. To summarize all the above, t is worth noting that in order to create an excellent mobile program is not enough to have experienced developers. Some pitfalls are really hidden, and some are not visible at all. In addition, today a huge number of applications for different categories and markets was created. Therefore, you need not only experienced but also creative professionals who follow the trends and are able to predict the market developments. And we have such specialists. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask them, because you can contact us any convenient time!

How to Develop a Car Rental Application
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